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    Audi Q3 Tent by Heimplanet: High Performance Camping
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Audi Q3 Tent by Heimplanet: High Performance Camping

Audi has teamed up with high-tech tent manufacturer Heimplanet to produce a high-impact tent for their most adventurous Audi Q3 drivers.  The Audi Q3 is one of the brand’s most flexible, performance-minded sports utility offerings, an ideal daily driver for those with an explorer’s spirit.  Audi isn’t content to offer just any tent with their Q3, however, so they tapped the toughest tent builder in the current market, Heimplanet.

Not familiar with Heimplanet?  I covered the Heimplanet Mavericks tent earlier this month, an inflatable extreme-weather tent capable of sustaining 100mph winds.  It’s pricey at $7K to start, but built for the most extreme traveler who wishes to scale mountains and handle just about anything mother nature will throw at them.  Heimplanet also produces consumer options, like the Heimplanet Cave Tent we included in our round-up of the best adventure gadgets for rugged campers last year.  Heimplanet tents use a tough air frame with inflatable tubes that raise the tent in minutes.  Stakes are not necessary, but encouraged if winds are tougher than normal.  They’re incredible tents, from the base consumer model to the Mavericks explorer model, and an ideal fit for the Audi Q3.

At present, the Audi Q3 Tent by Heimplanet is a concept, not yet ready for production for Q3 drivers.  They’re working in that direction, however, giving Q3 explorers a great option to explore the great outdoors.  My favorite part about this tent?  It connects to the hatchback on the Q3 for effectively turning the interior of the vehicle into a tent living space.  The Q3 can store your clothing and gear, while the floor space of the Heimplanet tent leave plenty of room for stretching out at night.  Here’s to hoping this one hits production soon, it could make the Q3 a serious camping option for those that wish to explore the great outdoors.

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