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    La Source Spa Pavilion – Quebec
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La Source Spa Pavilion – Quebec

With summer quickly approaching twilight, it’s time to begin planning the best way to experience the beauty of autumn.  This year, La Source Spa is on our itinerary, a serene escape to nature where the leaves will turn before our eyes.  Located a short drive from Montreal, Quebec, La Source is a mountain resort with the stunning massage therapy pavilion pictured here.  A warm, bubbling outdoor sauna connects a group of buildings with character both natural and modern.  High, reaching windows provide an intimate connection with the turning leaves around you, while the spa’s skilled artisans wrestle out the knots and wrinkles that come with urban living far away.  We can’t think of a better escape from which to experience fall in the north, and we look forward to seeing this environment with our own eyes. [via mocoloco]

La Source Spa Pavilion Gallery