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    The 7 Best Mens Waterproof Wallets (Reviews)
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The 7 Best Mens Waterproof Wallets (Reviews)

The secret to preparedness is having the essentials at hand, all the time. Leave the junk back home and carry your essentials in the limited EDC space, which is your wallet. Most emergencies are expensive, so have a few credit cards at hand. Cash is king. Have some with you at all times.

Now, most wallets are designed for the regular environment. There are however many occasions where you need a waterproof wallet that can keep all your essential items dry.

Mens Waterproof Wallet

When you are planning for a day out at the beach or are going snorkeling, you want easy access to cash or credit cards for the occasional Piña colada or Mai Tai.

You do not want to carry around a wallet that might succumb to water damage. Waterproof wallets are therefore an excellent choice for people that love the outdoors.

Best Waterproof Wallets We Recommend

Waterproof wallets are a superior choice for the water-sports-loving person. They will stand-in for your regular wallet in wet weather, protecting your items, when they need to stay dry.

Below are seven of the best waterproof wallets there are out there.

1. Rains Folded Waterproof Wallet

Rains Folded Waterproof Wallet Shop Now

Rains is a Denmark-based brand that creates modern, chic, high-quality rainwear. The brand name ‘Rains’ is a celebration of the element that this brand seeks to protect its customers from.

Rain’s ethos is to design products that display inclement weather as a golden opportunity rather than an annoyance. The Rains’ Folded Wallet will stay dry on any showery occasion.

Rain’s products are also ethically produced, so you have a waterproof wallet whose production has a low carbon footprint.

The Rains Folded wallet’s most outstanding feature is its good looks. Unlike other waterproof wallets that have second-rate looks, this minimalist Rains wallet is sleek. You can have it with you when in formal wear, or take it along on your beach vacation.

It can hold up to eight cards at a go and has two internal large pockets. These sizable partitions can hold a good number of bills and receipts. There is also a coin pouch with a snap button for your coin stash. The Rains folded wallet has a waterproof Polyurethane and Polyester body.

Mixing fashion and function intelligently, Rain’s signature fabric-blend creates a strong, light, compact, and waterproof wallet that you will feel proud to have in your pocket. The embossed brand logo at the wallet’s front face adds a unique elegance. You can have this wallet in taupe, black, green, and blue hues.

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2. Chums Surfshort Waterproof Wallet

Chums Surfshort Waterproof Wallet

Travelers and drifters love this Chums Surfshort wallet. It has a hippie aesthetic and will blend perfectly with your comfy loose travel wear.

This waterproof wallet is not your glitzy type of wallet. It is artsy and non-conforming, functioning excellently as a stash wallet for all your travel essentials. You can keep it for everyday use but it is a practical wallet for any person that longs for the ocean breeze.

Its simple look makes it an excellent travel wallet. It will not draw too much attention to itself. What is even better is that it has a hidden key ring feature. Attach it to your belt or jean loop, and you will not need to worry about pickpockets. Its two zip pockets can hold cash, receipts, insurance, your ID, credit cards, and your room key.

Jump into the pool or amusement water rides without a second thought. It will protect all your items with its rip-stop nylon material. Ripstop nylon is not only incredibly tear and rip-resistant, but it is also fire retardant. It is a colorful, fun material too and the Chums Surfshort wallet has the American flag colors on it.

Ripstop nylon is an ultra-lightweight fabric, making the Chums Surfshort wallet compact and slim. Ripstop nylon fabric is also a waterproof and affordable material, making this wallet, a cost-effective, durable, and efficient waterproof wallet. Take it along on harsh terrain and it will guarantee the safety of your items. This is the perfect choice of waterproof wallet for any person looking for value and peace of mind.

3. Skog Å Kust Plånbok Floating Waterproof Wallet

Skog Å Kust Plånbok Floating Waterproof Wallet

Water-loving people or thalassophiles have a hard time staying away from the sea. They would rather spend a summer by the beach, enjoying the magnetic attraction that they share with the ocean. If you need to be next to the water all the time, you need everyday carry items built to withstand puddles and humidity.

The Skog Å Kust Plånbok floating waterproof wallet is a thalassophile’s wallet. Skog Å Kust is Swedish for the forest, the creek, and the coast. The Skog Å Kust floating waterproof wallets are perfect for adventurers and travelers, combining all-weather protection and attractive functionality.

Take them along on your tropical beach vacation and leave that expensive leather wallet in your hotel room safe.

This waterproof wallet has a high-performance Cordura Ballistic fabric exterior. Cordura Ballistic fabric is military body armor rugged and has excellent abrasion and tear resistance. This dense fabric has an attractive bright sheen that has a level of reflectivity when in water.

The Skog Å Kust floating waterproof wallet has excellent artisanship as well. It has a superior welding process, which keeps it lightweight, compact, and waterproof. Load it with 20 cash bills, 2 keys, 6 cards, and an ID card and it will maintain its slim, compact shape and float in water.

It has an IPX-6 rating. It will protect your items from shallow water submersion, rain, and splashes.

Most buyers find this wallet’s Charcoal Grey, Midnight Blue, and Black variants super attractive. That said, their dark nature makes these wallets almost invisible at night, should you drop them in water.

This wallet’s other excellent features include a transparent ID window and slim clip that attaches the wallet to any pocket, bag, shorts, or gear for safekeeping.

4. Bellroy All-Conditions Wallet

Bellroy All-Conditions Wallet

Bellroy is a top men’s accessories brand. Its wallets are the epitome of artisanship and precision.

Their elegance oozes through the smallest and finest of details to ensure that every man with a Bellroy is comfortable in his style. Most Bellroy wallets have a more sophisticated look than the Bellroy All-Conditions wallet.

This wallet’s sole purpose is not to spruce up your looks like the Bellroy Hide & Seek or The low, but to offer support and all-weather security during travel.

The All-Conditions Wallet will keep all your travel documents together. Its design is a pouch wallet with zipper closures. Its exterior has hardy 100% leather, making it weather resistant. You can have this full-grain leather wallet in charcoal, burnt orange, or black.

Bellroy All-Conditions Wallet has a high-quality woven polyamide exterior. The 500-denier fabric is water-resistant and hard-wearing. Bellroy has made this variant of the All-Conditions wallet to withstand harsh and rugged conditions.

These wallets have high-end YKK zips. To keep the water out of the internal compartment, they have the YKK Aquaguard zipper.

This wallet is large enough to hold not just your cards, but also a smartphone. It will hold most of your everyday carry items and maintain its attractive minimalist look. It can hold up to 12 cards. The Bellroy All Conditions wallet interior compartment has a nylon lining.

Its other organization features include five pockets that you can store your keys, cables, coins, or folded bills in. The Bellroy All-Conditions Wallet can also hold a passport.

5. Pelican Go G10 Case

Pelican Go G10 Case

Electronic equipment and photographic gear owners hold Pelican cases in high esteem. Often, these cases are all that stand between delicate, expensive gear and the damage that could occur in their transportation. If you have delicate and important personal items that you would like to protect, get a Pelican Go G10 case.

These micro cases can store your credit cards, money, receipts, and other travel documents. The larger Pelican Go G40 case has enough space for a smartphone. Pelican cases are waterproof and crush-proof. They are also dustproof.

The Pelican Go G10 case has an IP67 rating. It is therefore watertight and can resist the ingress of water if you submerge them to a 1.5-meter level for half an hour.

They have a hardy ABS outer shell made of heavy-duty structural copolymers. To keep them waterproof, they have rugged latches and O-ring seals round about the case’s interior.

Pelican has built pressure valves into this case to keep out any airborne contaminants such as dust. They have also added a rubberized bumper that keeps all your personal items damage-free should the Pelican Go G10 case drop from a high altitude.

These cases can also withstand extreme temperatures and will float if they fall into a body of water. The case has attractive surf blue, lime, blush, teal, grey, and white colors that make them visible when floating in water in low light conditions.

Take your Pelican Go G10 case along when hiking, backpacking, mountaineering, or riding on a trail. The case’s cord management strap will keep everything in place.

6. Dry Pak Alligator Waterproof Wallet

Dry Pak Alligator Waterproof Wallet

The Dry Pak Alligator wallet is an excellent waterproof wallet to take along when going out for your fun water activity. It has a TPU or Thermoplastic Polyurethane build; a hardy rubber-like material that is smooth and extremely flexible. It is also waterproof, grease, and oil resistant. TPU material is highly abrasion resistant too.

The Dry Pak Alligator Wallet has a clear back and blue ‘alligator’ design on its front. To keep it waterproof, the Dry Pak Alligator wallet has sealing clips. The yellow or white sealing clips also keep your items secure and make the wallet highly visible in the water.

Unlike most other wallets, the Dry Pak Alligator wallet has an adjustable lanyard. You can wear it around your neck when on vacation keeping your keys, cash, credit cards, and ID safe and dry.

The transparent TPU build will make it easy for you to pinpoint what you need to take out of it, without the need of emptying all its contents first. A gripe that some of its users have against it is that its clear side could flash the cash that you are carrying around, so hide under a shirt, when out and about in insecure spots.


7. One Tigris Front Pocket Mini Wallet

One Tigris Front Pocket Mini Wallet

The One Tigris front pocket mini wallet is a minimalist wallet, made for the rugged outdoors. It has a thick, waterproof 500D Nylon build, making it water, abrasion, tear, and dirt resistant. Its premium YKK zippers are waterproof, keeping your stash of items dry and secure.

This wallet can comfortably hold 4 cards, an ID, coins, money, and keys. Its users love its spacious compartments, which can hold useful survival kit items. You can also clip it into a backpack, hiking gear, or simply throw it into your pocket.

Mens Waterproof Wallet Buying Tips

There are many varieties of waterproof wallets on the market. The tips below will guide you to the waterproof wallet that suits your needs.

  • Activity and Size

Some waterproof wallets have a slim plastic build, while others are the larger hard-cased type with superior protective features.

Take the type of activity that you are going to be involved in, in mind, when buying a waterproof wallet. If you are going on a hike, choose a shock and waterproof case. If you are going to scuba dive, carry a lightweight and minimalist pouch that can withstand a level of submersion and water splashes.

  • Build

The most crucial waterproof feature of a wallet is its material or fabric. A waterproof wallet’s external build should withstand the ingress of water. A few fabrics however are only water-resistant, not waterproof. They will not absorb water easily, but if you submerge or expose them to water for extended periods, the water will soak through.

Wallets made of Thermoplastic Polyurethane or TPU are waterproof, but they need a robust sealing mechanism to stay dry underwater. A waterproof wallet traps air, so it will float, should it accidentally fall in the water.

  • Durability

A waterproof casing that has a hardy ABS outer shell will outlast a simple PVC waterproof wallet. It also has more protective features than an ordinary waterproof wallet. A wallet for outdoor use should be water, UV, shock, tear, and abrasion-resistant.

Parting Words on Waterproof Wallets

Every man needs a waterproof wallet. Have one with you when you are backpacking in the wild.

A sudden downpour could ruin your cards, cash, and IDs saved in a regular wallet.

Take these versatile wallets when at the beach or during travel for worry-free fun moments.

Do you own a waterproof wallet?

We’d love to hear from you and your experience with your waterproof wallet.

Hit us up in the comments section below with your feedback.