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    Mission RS Motorcycle
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Mission RS Motorcycle

Mission RS Motorcycle 1

Some electric motorcycles are built for energy-efficient travel, while others are built purely for performance.  While the Mission RS Motorcycle is one of the fastest electric bikes ever built, it also presents an energy-conscious commute for those with a need for speed.  This pure-electric speed machine will beat almost any high-end supercar from the line, accelerating to 60mph in less than 3 seconds.  From there, it climbs to a top end of 150 mph and can keep on cruising for up to 140 miles per charge on a less-aggressive average speed.  While the performance of this street beast has us salivating, the design and technical offering is equally exciting.

The Mission RS Motorcycle features an advanced computer control system that wirelessly connects with the rider’s helmet for a head’s up display (HUD).  It provides an array of ride information including speed, distance traveled, remaining charge, navigation and more all at the fingertips of its rider.  GPS, bluetooth and even and integrated image-stabilized HD camera round out the technical offering for a pretty advanced riding experience.  All of this comes together in a sexy visual design, one combining technical components under sharp fairings that looks like it’s breaking the speed limit even when it’s sitting still.  It’s quite an achievement in electric motorcycling, and we’re looking to see more like it from Mission Motorcycles.  The only real shock?  The price, as the Mission RS starts at $56,499 for just 40 lucky customers.  Well, we can still dream…

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