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    The Motorola Droid: Android Perfected
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The Motorola Droid: Android Perfected


Motorola has made it official, dropping the full details of it’s iPhone-killer-competitor, the Motorola Droid.  Having used an Android phone for the better part of 2009, we feel that this phone could be the next logical evolutionary milestone of Android from the original T-Mobile G1.  It will be the first mobile product to feature Android 2.0, an upgrade which includes full turn-by-turn navigation to rival your dedicated GPS device.  The Motorola hardware, the new version of Android and heavy push of Verizon could make the Motorola Droid a serious competitor to the iPhone.  But let’s get real, nothing will be killing the iPhone any time soon…

When it comes to an Android product, Motorola may have a leg up on other manufacturers.  We’re speaking subjectively here, but we’ve been repeatedly let down by HTC quality issues.  We purchased an HTC Excalibur many years ago, which needed to be replaced three times for hardware failure.  We now own an HTC Dream, which has been replaced twice already– we’re hoping this current unit is going to last.  We’re quite careful with our hardware, and we know we’re not alone in this complaint against HTC.

Motorola, however, seems to have a higher quality rate and build factor than HTC, and we’re hoping that this phone improves upon the (subjective) failures that the Dream and other HTC products have experienced.  It features a simple slider as opposed to the swivel-slide of the Dream and a full size keyboard and cursor pad that extend the full width of the phone (as opposed to the annoying nub on the right side of the dream).  The Droid includes a 3.7″ display, a 5MP camera and 16GB of storage built-in.  Compare this to the T-Mobile G1 / HTC Dream: a 3.2″ screen, a 3.2MP camera and 1GB of storage built-in.  The form factor, the quality control and the basic stats of the Motorola DROID make this one the clear winner in the Android Wars.  Oh, and Android 2.0 looks downright lovely… 

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