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    The Olive Stress Bracelet is a Guide to Smart Stress Management
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The Olive Stress Bracelet is a Guide to Smart Stress Management

Most of us are no strangers to stress, though some of us are inevitably better at handling it than others. Everybody has their threshold, though – even the people who seem capable of taking on the Universe without breaking a sweat. Going over that threshold is a dangerous proposition.

At worst, you’ll suffer from a bit of burnout, and be unable to get anything productive done for a while. At worst, you’ll fall face-first into a full-fledged mental breakdown. It thus kinda goes without saying that stress management is an incredibly important skill – and one that more of us need to learn.

That’s where the Olive Stress Bracelet comes in.

Olive Stress Bracelet 1

Taking the form of a simple bracelet, Olive’s packed with a whole range of gadgets designed to track every single element of personal stress. It’s equipped with a heart rate monitor, a skin conductance sensor, an ambient light sensor, a motion sensor, and a thermometer. Together, these pieces of tech allow the bracelet to not only measure our body’s stress response – alerting us when we’re starting to get stressed out – they also allow the device to track personal stressors such as lack of sleep, amount of physical activity, and exposure to light.

Designed to be incredibly simple to use, Olive connects with a Smartphone app and offers a ton of insight and information on stress management, drawn from research in many fields related to human wellness. The bracelet itself can be configured to alert the user through an LED light, haptic feedback, or both – or it can just be set to silent.  Should a user need help – as in, they’re heading for an anxiety attack – they can rub the bracelet, which will cause it to launch an app on the user’s smartphone designed to calm them down.

Conversely, if you’re having an awesome day, you can double tap the bracelet, and it’ll keep track of all the stuff that lead up to it – allowing you to not only figure out what stresses you out, but also what relaxes you.

Interested in grabbing one of these for yourself? There’s currently an Indiegogo campaign running; it’s already gathered almost 100% of its goal with 31 days remaining. You can contribute here.

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