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    Olly Moss Videogame Classics Posters
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Olly Moss Videogame Classics Posters


Fans of t-shirt design will recognize the name Olly Moss in a heartbeat.  Between his designs for ThreadLess, NerdyShirts, UrbanOutfitters and more, he’s developed a rather lusty collection of high style tees with a playful sense of humor.  Mr. Moss doesn’t dabble with threads alone, his design sensibility stretches far into other genres of design.  His collection of Videogame Classics Posters are a brilliant example, as Olly has recreated classic video game covers as if they were Penguin Classics books.  Check out the gallery below for a close look at Olly’s genius, then hit up his site for the full list.  Many classic video games are the media hits of our day, so Olly’s honoring of them gets plenty of respect from TheCoolist crew. [more at ollymoss]