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    Original Beans Chocolate Packaging by DGS
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Original Beans Chocolate Packaging by DGS


Department of Graphic Sciences, a Los Angeles-based design firm, designed this striking, sustainable packaging for Original Beans Chocolate.  Original Beans Chocolate is a producer of fine chocolate from around the world, from Ecuador, from Bolivia and beyond.  Their packaging needed to reflect their focus on quality, their international sources and a strong sense of sustainability.  DGS complimented the company’s goals by developing this rich, refined packaging identity that represents each of those important focal points.  The international flavor of the chocolate is represented in an impressed world map, the focus on sustainability is shown in the slogan at the bottom, and the quality of the product is displayed with the rich floral design elements.  The result is an identity package that displays just how progressive this company is– not to mention that the packaging itself is produced in an entirely wind-powered factory…  Best of all, for every package of Original Beans Chocolate that a customer purchases, the company plants a tree. [via thedieline]