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    Paraty House by Marcio Kogan Architects
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Paraty House by Marcio Kogan Architects


On a coastal island between Sao Paolo and Rio De Janeiro, this brilliant beach home provides an unparalleled experience of the breezy beach environment.  The Paraty House by Marcio Kogan Architects is a concrete and stone masterpiece with wooden accents and an open-to-nature floorplan.  It’s prime feature is the beach below and the nature above, moreso than the interior of the house itself.

Walk down a stone staircase on the home’s basement level and step directly into a cool blue pool that wraps around to the rear patio.  The patio itself is of a slatted wood design that stretches the length of the house, providing plenty of space for lounging, entertaining and relaxing.  Above, a lush living space includes modern furniture with natural wooden accents, soft carpeting and an almost invisible wall that separates the home from the sea below.  Atop this terraced house is a garden, an observation deck and a collection of sculptures to share with the home’s guests.  After just a brief glance, it is clear that this home is architecturally priceless.  [marcio kogan architects via contemporist, images courtesy nelson kon]





Paraty House Gallery

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