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Carrie Underwood Personality Type, Traits and MBTI Analysis

Carrie Underwood is an acclaimed country music artist with an ISFJ personality type based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Carrie Underwood is a typical ISFJ because she is a detail-oriented, practical, and empathetic individual who values tradition and stability. The singer’s strong sense of duty and commitment to her work and relationships align with the ISFJ personality type, making her a reliable and dedicated performer.

Carrie Underwood demonstrates an ISFJ personality with Enneagram 9w1
Carrie Underwood is an ISFJ with a 9w1 Enneagram

Carrie Underwood’s Enneagram personality type 9w1 is evident in the singer’s following two characteristics. Firstly, Underwood has a warm and compassionate nature, with a strong emphasis on maintaining harmony and peace in relationships. Compassion and harmony are strong indicators of Enneatype 9. Secondly, Carrie Underwood possesses a perfectionist tendency and a focus on self-improvement and personal growth. Perfectionism and keenness for self-improvement are traits indicative of a 1 Enneagram wing. Discovering Carrie Underwood’s personality type provides valuable insights into her creative process, work ethic, and relationships, helping fans appreciate the unique qualities that contribute to her success as an artist.

Carrie Underwood is an American singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur. The singer was born on March 10, 1983, in Muskogee, Oklahoma, to parents Carole and Steve Underwood, and has two older sisters, Shanna and Stephanie. Carrie married former professional hockey player Mike Fisher in 2010, and they have two children together, Isaiah and Jacob. The singer’s family owned a farm before she pursued a career in music. Underwood’s mother was an elementary school teacher, while her father worked in a paper mill. Her small-town upbringing is often credited as a significant influence on her music and personality.

The table below offers insight into Carrie Underwood’s MBTI and Enneagram personality types and provides an overview of her career and personal background.

Carrie Underwood Personality Type

Carrie Underwood Myer Briggs MBTI Personality ISFJ
Carrie Underwood Enneagram Type Enneagram Type 9
Carrie Underwood Matching Personality Type ESFP, ISFP, and ISTJ
Occupation Singer and songwriter
Quotes I say what I need to, not a whole lot more.
Every day is a new day, and you’ll never be able to find happiness if you don’t move on.
Throw caution to the wind and just do it.
I love making music and all that, but at the end of the day, I don’t think that’s what people are going to remember about a person.
If I can do it myself, I’m going to do it myself. I’m not going to let other people do it for me, and I think that’s a big part of where I came from.
Songs Jesus Take the Wheel, I Just Can’t Live a Lie
Birthdate March 10th, 1983
Birthplace Muskogee, Oklahoma, U.S.
Father Steve Underwood
Mother Carole (née Shatswell) Underwood
Children Isiah Michael Fisher, Jacob Bryan Fisher
Siblings Shanna Underwood Means, Stephanie Underwood Shelton

This article examines Carrie Underwood’s MBTI personality type, Enneagram type, Zodiac sign, career, achievements, and behaviors in her personal, work, and social life, drawing from scientific research and studies.

What is Carrie Underwood’s Myer-Briggs (MBTI) analysis?

Carrie Underwood’s MBTI analysis shows that she is an ISFJ personality type, also known as the Nurturer. Nurturers are characterized by four dominant functions: Introversion, Sensing, Feeling, and Judging. Underwood’s MBTI analysis highlights the following five key traits that exemplify her personality and behavior.

  • Empathy: Carrie Underwood’s ISFJ personality is demonstrated through her warm and caring demeanor. Carrie Underwood’s introversion dominant character makes her highly empathetic and receptive to the needs and worries of others. made apparent through her interactions with fans and charitable work. Carrie’s dedication to important causes and music that reflects themes of love and personal growth is a testament to her empathetic personality and desire to make a positive impact.
  • Altruism:  Carrie Underwood is known for her sensitive and caring nature. Carrie Underwood finds enjoyment and fulfillment in helping others. Underwood’s altruistic nature is reflected in both her personal and professional life. She often uses her platform to support charitable causes and has even founded her own foundation, the C.A.T.S. Foundation, which helps animals in need.
  • Loyalty: Carrie Underwood’s ISFJ personality type is reflected in her strong sense of loyalty and dedication, both in her personal relationships and in her music career. She values the importance of staying true to herself and cherishing meaningful experiences, which is evident in her music and charitable endeavors.
  • Protectiveness: As an ISFJ, Carrie Underwood is known for her protective nature, which is evident in her commitment to her family and close friends. She has spoken publicly about her role as a mother and her desire to create a safe and nurturing environment for her children. Additionally, her music often addresses themes of love, loss, and personal struggle, which she uses to offer comfort and support to her fans.
  • Industriousness: Carrie Underwood’s ISFJ personality type is characterized by her strong work ethic and industrious nature. She is known for her dedication to her music career, often spending long hours in the studio to perfect her craft. Additionally, Underwood has expanded her brand beyond music with successful ventures in athleisure clothing.

Which subtype of ISFJ is Carrie Underwood?

Carrie Underwood is an ISFJ-A subtype. ISFJ-As are also known as the Fighter. The Fighter subtype is most closely defined by Carrie Underwood’s personality and principles. The ISFJ-A personality subtype is marked by a strong sense of responsibility and steadfast commitment to their loved ones. Carrie Underwood exhibits three standout qualities synonymous with ISFJ subtypes. Firstly, her tireless work ethic. Secondly, her passion for empowering others. Finally, her willingness to advocate for her beliefs. Each of these traits aligns with the ISFJ-A emphasis on justice and equality.

What are the personality traits of Carrie Underwood?

Carrie Underwood’s five core personality traits are as follows:

  • Organization: ISFJ types are known for their planning skills and are often highly organized. Nurturers tend to approach situations with a logical mindset to make sense of the world around them. As an ISFJ personality type, Carrie Underwood’s well-known attention to detail and organized approach likely contributed to her successful career as a country singer, philanthropist, and business owner.
  • Responsiveness: ISFJs are dependable and duty-driven, making them highly dependable and exceptional workers. As an ISFJ personality type, Carrie Underwood is known for her responsible nature. She consistently displays a keen sense of duty and commitment to her fans and the music industry.
  • Compassion: ISFJ personalities are empathetic and supportive, displaying these qualities in their relationships as a parent, friend, or coworker. Nurturer types prioritize emotional support and are attentive to building relationships for the well-being of their loved ones. Carrie Underwood’s ISFJ personality type is evident in her compassionate and caring nature, which is reflected in her philanthropic work and support for various charitable causes.
  • Reserve: ISFJ types are reserved individuals who tend to keep to themselves and speak only when they have something valuable to add. While ISFJs blend easily in social situations, they leave their mark when necessary. Carrie Underwood’s offstage demeanor reflects her introverted ISFJ personality type, and she prefers a quiet home environment over large crowds.
  • Pragmatism: ISFJs enjoy problem-solving and have a natural talent for finding practical solutions. Carrie Underwood, an ISFJ personality type, uses her pragmatic nature to excel in her career by writing her own music and running several successful side ventures.

How is Carrie Underwood’s personality type in her family life?

Carrie Underwood’s personality type in her family life is devoted, nurturing, and structured. Carrie Underwood’s ISFJ personality type brings a sense of harmony to her home through her caring and practical approach to problem-solving, ensuring the well-being of her loved ones. ISFJs are also known for their strong sense of responsibility and duty. These Nurturer traits are reflected in Carrie’s commitment to managing her various endeavors while balancing family life. Carrie’s introverted nature sees her value quality, private time with her family and close friends. ISFJs are often viewed as the rock that keeps friends and loved ones grounded during challenging times.

How is Carrie Underwood’s personality in her work life?

Carrie Underwood’s personality in her work life is organized, responsible, and empathetic. Carrie Underwood’s ISFJ personality type is noted in her attention to detail and practical nature both of which have helped elevate her in her career as a singer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Carrie Underwood is known for writing most of her own music, managing clothing brands, and supporting animal charities. Underwood’s reserved and dedicated nature has helped her maintain long-lasting relationships in the industry, and her caring and supportive personality is reflected in her music and charity work. Carrie’s sensitivity and empathy also translate into her songwriting, often drawing inspiration from personal experiences and emotions, especially her Christian faith.

How is Carrie Underwood’s personality in her social life?

Carrie Underwood’s personality in her social life is loyal, private, and reliable. Carrie Underwood values harmony in her social life and is deeply empathetic toward those around her. ISFJs tend to keep to themselves, but they are also dedicated and caring towards their close friends and family. Carrie’s introverted nature has not prevented her from building a supportive community among fellow musicians and fans. She loves making connections with people who appreciate her music. Underwood’s introverted nature means she prefers quality time with loved ones over large social gatherings, but she still leaves a lasting impact on everyone she meets through her compassion and kindness.

What is the best matching personality type for Carrie Underwood?

The best matching personality types for Carrie Underwood and other IFSJs are ESFP, ESTP, ENFP, and ENTP personalities. ISFJs are known to be loyal, practical, reserved, and compassionate individuals who enjoy stability and predictability in their lives. ESFPs, ESTPs, ENFPs, and ENTPs are known for their outgoing and spontaneous nature, as well as their creativity and innovative thinking. These traits complement the traditional nature of ISFJs, who also have a profound sense of responsibility and value stability and tradition. When looking at the best matching personality type for ISFJs, it is important to consider the rule of opposites attracting. ISFJ and ESTP types are very different when it comes to much of their character. However, these opposites often bring them together and help both personality types strengthen their weaknesses and step out of their usual comfort zones, creating a personality match through friendship and shared experiences.

Which Enneagram type is Carrie Underwood?

Carrie Underwood is an Enneagram Type 9. Type 9s are known for being peacemakers, striving for harmony, and avoiding conflict whenever possible. Carrie Underwood’s nurturing and empathetic nature closely fit the definition of an Enneagram Type 9. She’s known for her down-to-earth nature and kindheartedness, as well as her ability to connect with audiences through her music. Type 9s also tend to display empathy, which could explain why Carrie frequently uses her platform to speak out on important issues and lend her voice to causes she believes in.

What is the Enneagram Type level of Carrie Underwood?

Carrie Underwood is an Enneagram Type 9 level 1. Carrie Underwood’s true Enneagram level is hard to identify due to her introversion and desire for privacy. Carrie Underwood embodies traits from both level one and level two Type 9 Enneagrams. As a level one Enneagram Type 9, Carrie strives for perfection and is dedicated to promoting ethical behavior. As a level two Enneagram Type 9, she values relationships and service, often using her platform to help others and participate in charitable endeavors. However, Carrie’s caring nature leads her to put others’ needs before her own, a common level two enneagram fault.

What are the wings for Carrie Underwood’s Enneagram type?

Carrie Underwood is an Enneagram Type 9 Wing 1 personality. As a Type 9, Carrie Underwood is friendly, hardworking, creative, and idealistic. As a type 1 wing, Underwood demonstrates a strong sense of responsibility and a desire for self-improvement, made evident in her dedication to maintaining and promoting a balanced lifestyle. Her music often promotes messages of compassion, kindness, and forgiveness, which resonate with the values of Type 9s.  Underwood’s charitable work with partners such as Make-A-Wish Foundation and her support for animal welfare organizations demonstrate her altruistic nature and desire to work towards harmony and the greater good.

How does Carrie Underwood’s personality affect her career?

Carrie Underwood’s ISFJ personality affects her career by enabling her to work hard yet remain helpful to others along the way. Carrie Underwood shows dedication, attention to detail, and a desire for stability in her career. Her strong sense of tradition contributed to her success as the winner of the fourth season of American Idol. Underwood’s ISFJ personality type has also helped her connect with fans on a personal level, as she is known for her humility and graciousness both on and offstage. The singer’s empathetic personality has earned her a devoted fan base and helped her become one of the most successful artists in country music history. Carrie’s traditional values and strong work ethic have also been evident in her philanthropic work, as she has been involved in numerous charitable endeavors, such as supporting animal rights and aiding disaster relief efforts.

How do Carrie Underwood’s songs reflect her character?

Carrie Underwood’s songs reflect her ISFJ character through their consistent themes of compassion, loyalty, and adherence to traditional values. Carrie Underwood is a country music icon known for winning American Idol in 2005 and numerous hit albums and singles. She has sold over 70 million records worldwide and has become one of the most beloved artists in her genre. Her music often conveys a sense of order and stability, with a strong focus on family, faith, and country. Underwood’s lyrics are characterized by their emotional depth and sincerity, as well as their attention to detail and polished performances, reflecting her ISFJ traits of dedication, attention to detail, and desire for order and stability.

Below are two examples of how Carrie Underwood’s songs reflect her ISFJ character.

  • Carrie Underwood’s hit song “Jesus Take the Wheel” showcases her ISFJ personality. The line “Save me from this road I’m on, oh, Jesus, take the wheel” demonstrates the ISFJ’s sense of responsibility and willingness to seek help when overwhelmed. The song emphasizes the ISFJ’s adherence to traditional values and beliefs, as the narrator turns to religion for guidance in times of need.
  • Carrie Underwood’s ISFJ personality is reflected in the lyrics of “I Just Can’t Live a Lie.” The line “I’m sorry I don’t love you, but I just can’t pretend” highlights the honesty and authenticity that ISFJs value in relationships. This lyric, along with the song’s emphasis on personal responsibility and loyalty, aligns with the ISFJ’s strong sense of responsibility and commitment to others.

How do Carrie Underwood’s quotes reflect her character?

The following five quotes reflect Carrie Underwood’s character as an ISFJ personality.

  • ISFJs prioritize listening over speaking and tend to keep their personal achievements private, sharing information only when necessary. This quote showcases Carrie’s straightforward communication style and her tendency to focus more on others than herself.
    “I say what I need to, not a whole lot more.”
  • ISFJs like Carrie Underwood are practical, solution-oriented individuals who value efficiency and productivity. They tend to focus on the present and future rather than the past. The following quote reflects Carrie’s ability to move on from setbacks and highlights her optimistic and hopeful nature, traits common to ISFJ types.
    “Every day is a new day, and you’ll never be able to find happiness if you don’t move on.”
  • ISFJs value caution and careful planning before action. Personalities have individual differences, and an ISFJ do have spontaneous moments and take risks. The following quote represents a daring facet of Carrie Underwood’s personality, which might set her apart from other ISFJ types.
    “Throw caution to the wind and just do it.”
  • As an ISFJ, Carrie Underwood values relationships and personal connections over accomplishments and recognition. The following quote emphasizes her humble and private nature, which are common traits among ISFJs.
    “I love making music and all that, but at the end of the day, I don’t think that’s what people are going to remember about a person.”
  • ISFJs value independence and pride themselves on their ability to complete tasks on their own. Carrie Underwood’s work ethic and sense of responsibility may have been shaped by her upbringing and family background, as suggested by the following quote.
    “If I can do it myself, I’m going to [do it myself]. I’m not going to let other people do it for me, and I think that’s a big part of where I came from.”

What is the harmony between Carrie Underwood’s zodiac sign and her personality type?

Carrie Underwood was born under the sign of Pisces. There are two core similarities between ISFJ and Pisces traits. Firstly, both Pisces-born individuals and ISFJs are known for their empathetic and compassionate natures. This contributes to Carrie’s ability to connect with her audience through her music. Secondly, Nurturer types, like those born under Pisces, tend to have a strong sense of responsibility towards their loved ones and work. This explains Carrie’s dedication to her music career and family. However, there is currently no scientific evidence that directly links astrology to any of the sixteen personality types.

Which singers share an MBTI type with Carrie Underwood?

Below are five singers who share an MBTI type of ISFJ with Carrie Underwood.

  • Aretha Franklin: As ISFJs, Carrie Underwood and Aretha Franklin are known for their nurturing and organized nature, which likely contributed to their success as musicians. Aretha was devoted to her loved ones, used her success to give back to her community, and was involved in various charitable causes throughout her career.
  • Beyoncé: Beyonce and Carrie Underwood, both ISFJ personalities, use their empathetic nature to make a positive impact in their communities. Both singers share common traits of compassion and kindness through their involvement in charitable causes.
  • Selena Gomez: Both Selena Gomez and Carrie Underwood are ISFJ personalities known for their practical and dedicated nature. Both singers advocate for mental health awareness and support various important causes.
  • Barbara Streisand: Barbara Streisand and Carrie Underwood are both ISFJ singers. Besides being a legendary singer, actress, and director, Streisand is also recognized for her philanthropic work, particularly in terms of women’s health and education. Similarly, Carrie Underwood uses her success to promote causes dear to her and give back to her community, including supporting veterans and children’s charities.
  • Jessica Simpson: Jessica Simpson and Carrie Underwood are both ISFJ personality types known for their organized and nurturing nature. Both singers demonstrate compassion through their charitable work and dedication to making a difference in their communities.

Who are similar characters to Carrie Underwood?

Five celebrities who share similar ISFJ characteristics to Carrie Underwood are outlined below.

  • Taylor Swift: Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood share the ISFJ personality type. Both artists are known for their dedication to their craft and their fans, often going above and beyond to connect with their audiences.
  • Kate Middleton: The Duchess of Cambridge is also believed to share the ISFJ personality type with Carrie Underwood. Both women are known for their kindness, dedication to their families, and commitment to philanthropic causes.
  • Queen Elizabeth II: Queen Elizabeth II was also thought to share the ISFJ personality type with Carrie Underwood. Both women value tradition, family, and community and have dedicated their lives to helping others.
  • Emma Watson: Emma Watson is believed to be an ISFJ personality type. Carrie Underwood and Emma Watson are both known for their dedication to charitable causes.
  • Sam Smith: Sam Smith is another celebrity who shares the ISFJ personality type with Carrie Underwood. Both artists are known for their emotional depth, authenticity, and commitment to their craft.