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Jessie J Personality Type, Traits, and MBTI Analysis

Jessie J is an English singer-songwriter with an ESFP personality according to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Jessie J’s enthusiastic approach to her music and positive public persona aligns with the Performer ESFP personality type. The singer’s bold and independent personality additionally aligns with the Enneagram Type 7w6, also called the Enthusiast. Jessie J’s ESFP 7w6 personality type combines Enneagram 7’s spontaneity and zest for life with Enneagram 6’s loyalty, encouraging Jessie J to be the best she can be in all of her endeavors and be appreciative of her career.

Jessie J's MBTI and Enneagram Types

ESFP Jessie J was born Jessica Ellen Cornish on March 27th, 1988, in Chadwell Heath, London, England. Jessie J was raised alongside her elder sisters Hannah and Rachel, by her father Stephen Cornish, a social worker, and mother Rose Cornish, a kindergarten teacher. Jessie J began her music career at age eleven by performing in the West End musical, Whistle Down the Wind. The singer went on to release her first song, “Do it Like a Dude,” in November 2010, which saw immediate mainstream success on the UK singles chart by peaking at number 2. Jessie J’s success includes several UK top-five singles, a Critics’ Choice Brit Award, and 3 million albums sold worldwide.

The chart below provides an overview of Jessie J’s MBTI and Enneagram personality, quotes, and family.

Jessie J Personality Type
Jessie J Myers-Briggs MBTI Personality Type ESFP
Jessie J Enneagram Type Enneagram Type 7w6
Jessie J Matching Personality Type ISTJ, ISFJ
Occupation Singer, songwriter
Famous Quotes I wasn’t always someone who was talented. It was more that I was loud and loved a challenge.I’m so hard on myself that when I’m in the studio, I’ll write 10 songs and only use one. So those nine songs that are left over, I always think, ‘Where could these go? Who could they be for?’I want everybody to think I’m a hard worker as an aunt, a sister, a friend, a daughter, a niece, everything. I want to be great at every role because every role in my life is as important as being Jessie J.
Songs “Bang Bang,” “Domino,” “Do It Like a Dude,” “Flashlight,” “Price Tag”
Birthdate March 27, 1988
Birthplace Chadwell Heath, London, England
Father Stephen Cornish
Mother Rose Cornish
Children None
Siblings Hannah Cornish, Rachel Cornish

The following article will analyze Jessie J’s personality type, Enneagram, and Zodiac sign, career, successes, and behaviors in her work life, family life, and social life according to Enneagram and MBTI type research and studies.

How is Jessie J’s Myers-Briggs (MBTI) analysis?

Jessie’s Myers-Briggs (MBTI) analysis indicates she is Extroverted, Sensing, Feeling, and Perceiving or ESFP. The ESFP personality type is called the Performer due to their enthusiastic and energetic nature, as well as their propensity for entertaining others. Three key characteristics of the ESFP personality typify Jessie J as a Performer type. The first characteristic that aligns Jessie J with the ESFP personality type is her altruism. ESFPs have a strong need to empathize and give back to others due to their Feeling attribute. Jessie J exemplifies ESFP’s altruistic personality by donating to a handful of charities that help the homeless and by supporting music education programs in the American public school system. The singer even went as far as to shave her head for charity during 2013’s Comic Relief campaign. The second ESFP characteristic the English singer exhibits is enthusiasm. ESFPs are called Performers due to their Extroversion and innate propensity for putting on vivacious displays. Jessie J’s vibrant and busy music videos, as well as her boisterous public persona, indicate that she shares the enthusiasm ESFP characteristic. The third ESFP characteristic that Jessie J typifies is independence. ESFPs are extroverts who like to be at the center of everyone’s attention, but they are also independent and like to do things in their own way. Jessie J opened up about getting pregnant and choosing to have a baby without a partner during a 2021 personal statement. Jessie J suffered a miscarriage but demonstrated ESFP independence by choosing to take on one of the hardest and most demanding jobs all by herself.

Which subtype of ESFP is Jessie J?

Jessie J’s ESFP subtype is ESFP-T+. The ESFP-T+ subtype is outgoing and cheerful yet self-conscious. ESFP-T+s are Turbulent ESFPs who seek approval from others. We deduce Jessie is an ESFP-T+ because she’s open about her insecurities and her lack of confidence. The singer’s propensity for performing and innate empathy additionally indicate she desires to please others. Jessie J is strong and positive due to her core ESFP traits, but she also wants her peers to like her and be great at everything she does due to her subtype.

What are the personality traits of Jessie J?

Jessie J’s personality traits as an ESFP are as follows.

  • Charisma: Jessie J’s enthusiastic nature as an ESFP contributes to her charisma, which is evident in her fan following and friendships. The singer’s outgoing personality allows her to have many famous and non-famous friends (such as singer-songwriter Adele), as well as millions of followers on Instagram who enjoy following her life and all of her accomplishments.
  • Positivity: ESFPs are innately optimistic which Jessie J demonstrates through her fun-loving approach to life. The “Do it Like a Dude” singer prefers to enjoy herself and have fun rather than take things seriously as exemplified by her energetic music.
  • Passion: Performers’ personalities are passionate about their work and love to put on a show. Jessie J similarly stops at nothing to entertain her fans and bring joy to those around her, using her outfits and on-stage performances to express her passion for music.
  • Boldness: ESFPs don’t mind stepping out of their comfort zones due to their Extroversion and spontaneous Perceiving traits. Jessie J expresses ESFP boldness by always making assertive statements through her song lyrics, choreography, and stylistic choices.

How is Jessie J’s personality type in family life?

Jessie J’s personality type in family life is loving and appreciative. ESFPs are naturally empathetic and compassionate towards others due to their Feeling-oriented personality. We see ESFP traits in the English singer’s family relationship. For example, Jessie J appreciates and loves both her parents and her sisters deeply—going as far as to say her mom and dad are her best friends as she can always rely on them when she needs them. The singer’s ESFP personality type is also evident in how she prioritizes family. The singer chose to have a baby without a partner and puts her professional obligations second.

How is Jessie J’s personality in work life?

Jessie J’s personality in work life is passionate and dedicated and different. The ESFP personality is hard-working, high-spirited, and energetic, which helps them stand out from the crowd. ESFP’s passion and drive are particularly evident when coupled with the Enneagram Type 7 personality type. Jessie J uses her ESFP and Enneagram 7 traits in her work life to help her create chart-topping music not only for herself—but also for other artists. Jessie J’s dedication to her work life is additionally evident in her long-standing successes, most notably her multi-platinum single “Bang Bang” with Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj.

How is Jessie J’s personality in social life?

Jessie J’s personality in her social life makes her charming, outgoing, and fun to be around. ESFPs are extroverted individuals who love being the center of attention. Jessie J consequently prefers to surround herself with groups of people. The singer also sports a large friendship circle as opposed to a small group of tight-knit friends. Jessie’s ESFP charisma is additionally seen in her fan interactions and how she engages with them in person.

Is Jessie J an ESFP?

Yes, Jessie J is an ESFP personality type. Jessie J exhibits many of the ESFP characteristics, including being passionate, enthusiastic, charming, and bold. The “Price Tag” singer is naturally extroverted and thrives in the company of others. Jessie J’s desire to please others and deliver enthusiastic work drives her to create energetic songs with vibrant music videos to match.

What is the best matching personality type for Jessie J?

The best matching personality types for Jessie J and her ESFP personality are ISTJs or ISFJs. The ISTJ and ISFJ personality share only a few personality traits with ESFP, but their slight similarities and differences help bring out the best in ESFPs and vice versa. For example, the English singer is a good match for the ISFJ type because she shares the Sensing and Feeling traits with ISFJ. Shared characteristics allow ISFJs and ESFPs to understand how the other thinks, feels, and processes information. The overlapping traits allow for a respectful and considerate relationship that still encourages the other to live life differently. ISFJs differ through their introversion and structured Judging-oriented personality whereas ESFPs are extroverted and spontaneous. The types’ differences encourage balance and contrasting but respected lifestyles that are strengthened by their mutual Sensing and Feeling traits.

Four examples illustrate why ESFPs like Jessie J and ISTJ types are a particularly good match. First, ESFPs and ISTJs share a Sensing personality. Both types similarly process information through practical applications and value sensory experiences. Second, the ESFP’s extroversion complements the ISTJ’s introversion and vice versa. ESFPs help bring the ISTJ out of their shell and encourage them to try new things. ISTJs’ introversion conversely motivates ESFPs like Jessie J to create stronger, more meaningful relationships with those around them. Third, ISTJs learn how to be more empathetic through the ESFP’s Feeling-centered personality. Meanwhile, the ESFP will learn how to make logical decisions that don’t involve the feelings or opinions of others. Finally, ESFPs like Jessie KJ are spontaneous and open to new adventures, enabling them to show the ISTJ how to live life more freely. The ISTJ conversely brings ESFPs back to reality, helping them to slow down and create structure in their life.

Which Enneagram type is Jessie J?

Jessie J is an Enneagram Type 7. Enneagram Type 7s are Enthusiasts because they are spontaneous, independent, optimistic, hard-working, and seek out everything life has to offer. Jessie J showcases strong traits that we associate with Enneagram Type 7. For example, the singer is bold, vivacious, and optimistic as is typical of Type 7s. Jessie J demonstrates a zest for life through her innate enthusiasm and constantly strives to reach her goals as an independent woman. The Enneagram Type 7 personality additionally ties into Jessie J’s wing types, stress, and growth lines according to the Enneagram Figure. Wing types refer to neighboring personality types that Enneagram 7s show some qualities of. The English singer’s Enneagram wing type is Enneagram 6 because she has turbulent characteristics. Jessie J lacks confidence and desires to please others but is also deeply loving and appreciative in her family life—all of which align with the loyal albeit skeptical Enneagram Type 6. Jessie J’s Enneagram stress lines tie her to Enneagram Type 1, causing her to be perfectionistic while stressed. The singer expressed in a 2013 interview how she’s hard on herself while recording music. Meanwhile, Jessie J’s Enneagram growth line connects to Enneagram 5, meaning the singer is calm, curious, and self-improving during periods of growth.

What is the Enneagram type level of Jessie J?

Jessie J’s Enneagram Type level is level 3. Each Enneagram Type has three different categories— healthy, average, and unhealthy—and nine levels, ranging from the healthiest level 1 to the unhealthy level 9. Jessie J is a level 3 which means she is a healthy Enneagram Type. Healthy Enneagram level 3 types like Jessie J are multi-talented achievers. Jessie J is widely known for creating her own music, but she also excels in producing chart-topping music for other singers like Miley Cyrus and Chris Brown.

What are the wings for the Enneagram type of Jessie J?

Jessie J is an Enneagram Type 7 with an Enneagram Type 6 wing. Enneagram 7w6s predominately display Enneagram 7 characteristics and additional Enneagram 6 qualities. Jessie J’s Enneagram wing is Type 6 because she struggles with insecurities and tends to doubt herself. Type 6s try to prepare for the worst and consequently question themselves. Type 6s are also very loyal and trustworthy when they’re comfortable. Jessie J displays Enneagram 6’s strengths through her loyalty to her family and fans, publicly expressing her love and appreciation for both.

How does Jessie J’s personality affect her career?

Jessie J’s ESFP personality positively affected her career in three ways. First, the ESFP’s innate passion and enthusiasm drive Jessie J to create chart-topping music for herself and other singers. Second, ESFPs are goal-driven which enables Jessie J to pursue multiple interests and projects. Third, ESFPS types have a propensity for performing due to their preference for sensory experiences. Jessie J is a dedicated performer, having created five studio albums and nineteen singles. The singer’s achievements also include over forty awards and achievements like three top UK chart singles, “Bang Bang,” “Domino,” and “Price Tag.”

How do Jessie J’s songs reflect her character?

Jessie J’s songs reflect her character in three major ways. First, Jessie J’s songs are a direct reflection of her ESFP personality type because they encapsulate the enthusiasm and outgoingness of the Performer personality type. The singles “Bang Bang” and “Domino” are full of energy and highlight the singer’s vivaciousness and independence. Second, Jessie J’s music typifies the singer’s ESFP charisma. Jessie J owes her success to her likability, having connected with fans with lyrics like “Don’t lose who you are in the blur of the stars / Seeing is deceiving, dreaming is believing” from her song, “Who You Are.” Third, “Flashlight” by Jessie J highlights her optimism and positivity as an ESFP. The lyrics, “I’m stuck in the dark, but you’re my flashlight / You’re gettin’ me, gettin’ me through the night,” express the singer’s ability to hope for better days and her positive mindset.

How did being bullied when Jessie J was a child and teenager reflect her character?

Jessie J being bullied as a child and teenager reflects her character in two ways. First, the singer’s experiences with bullying highlight her ESFP-T+ subtype and Enneagram 6 wing. People with an ESFP-T+ subtype or Enneagram 6 wing are sometimes unconfident and desire approval from others. Jessie J’s experiences with bullying are a probable explanation for her non-dominant character weaknesses in both respects. Second, the singer’s experiences with being bullied reflect her unwavering positivity, passion, and boldness as an ESFP. The singer discussed in a 2015 BBC article how she was bullied for her appearance and how she chose to use her music to provide an inspirational message. The single “Who’s Laughing Now” by Jessie J especially incorporates inspiring, anti-bullying messages that emphasize the singer’s bold, ESFP persona persevering despite her experiences.

How do quotes of Jessie J reflect her character?

Below are five quotes of Jessie J that reflect her ESFP character.

  • Jessie J demonstrates her extroverted Performer personality in the first quote.

“I have always been the first on the dance floor. Before fame, people thought it made me a good laugh; now, people point and call me an attention seeker! I’m very aware of the way people can view me, but I’m very aware that I have to just enjoy my life.”

  • The second quote expresses how Jessie J loves a challenge which is a reflection of her spontaneous and bold ESFP nature.

“I wasn’t always someone who was talented. It was more that I was loud and loved a challenge.”

  • Jessie J’s energetic and enthusiastic personality is evident in the third quote below.

“During my stage shows, I am so energetic. It’s constant! I just don’t stand still. I actually got given a mic stand from my team to say, ‘Just calm down. Stand still for at least two songs.’ But now I just pick it up and walk around with it.”

  • The common ESFP weakness of self-doubt and self-criticism is evident in Jessie J’s fourth quote below.

“I’m so hard on myself that when I’m in the studio, I’ll write 10 songs and only use one. So those nine songs that are left over, I always think, ‘Where could these go? Who could they be for?”

  • The final quote by Jessie J displays her hardworking Enneagram Type 7 nature.

“I want everybody to think I’m a hard worker as an aunt, a sister, a friend, a daughter, a niece, everything. I want to be great at every role because every role in my life is as important as being Jessie J.”

What is the harmony between Jessie J’s Zodiac sign and her personality type?

Jessie J is an Aries which is harmonious with her ESFP personality. There isn’t a scientific method to analyze one’s Zodiac sign with their personality, but we see that Jessie J’s personality aligns with her Aries sign in two major examples. First, passion and boldness typify Aries females. Jessie J’s ESFP personality exhibits both traits due to her innate extroversion and spontaneous Perceiving mindset. Second, the singer’s ESFP personality is harmonious with her Aries because both ESFPs and Aries are determined and independent. ESFPs and Aries go after what they want and don’t mind standing out from the crowd to do so.

Who are other ESFP singers besides Jessie J?

Below are five other ESP singers besides Jessie J.

  • Elvis Presley: Elvis Presley is another ESFP singer who was charming, extroverted, and enthusiastic. Presley often choreographed on-the-spot dance moves, exemplifying the spontaneous nature of ESFPs.
  • Mick Jagger: Mick Jagger of the rock band Rolling Stones displays several ESFP characteristics. For example, Jagger applies his ESFP personality to create energetic live performances for his fans.
  • Miley Cyrus: ESFP singer Miley Cyrus channels her empathetic and charitable personality traits to help give back to charities and connect with people on an emotional level. Cyrus is also similarly outgoing and enthusiastic as Jessie.
  • Pink: Pink is an ESFP singer who uses her empathetic ESFP personality to support others, having given back generously to charities over the years.
  • Dolly Parton: ESFP singer Dolly Parton is an extrovert who isn’t afraid to speak her mind, highlighting the Performer’s independence. Parton also exudes empathy as an ESFP, being warm-hearted and caring toward others’ feelings.

Who are similar characters to Jessie J with the ESFP personality type?

Below are five people with the ESFP personality who show a similar character to Jessie J.

  • Serena Williams: Olympic Gold medalist Serena Williams is an ESFP who is similarly enthusiastic, bold, and confident as Jessie J. Serena uses her ESFP personality to overcome discrimination and hardships while pushing herself to be the best she can be.
  • John F. Kennedy: American president John F. Kennedy is similar to ESFP Jessie because he was charismatic, optimistic, and altruistic. Kennedy used his leadership skills and innate ESFP charisma to help the United States through political change.
  • Bill Clinton: Clinton is another United States president with an ESFP personality. Clinton’s character is similar to Jessie J because he displays many ESFP traits. For example, Clinton used his innate empathy and charisma to help the U.S. lower their unemployment and poverty rates, as well as expand the economy.
  • Elizabeth Taylor: Actress Elizabeth Taylor was an ESFP who put her passion, talent, and charisma into her performances. Taylor enjoyed being the center of attention and displayed great enthusiasm for performing, much like ESFP Jessie J.
  • Marie Antoinette: Marie Antoinette was the last queen of France. Antoinette demonstrated traits that align her with a fun-loving, highly outgoing ESFP who showed empathy and compassion for others—making her fundamentally similar to Jessie J.