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Kanye West Personality Type, Traits, and MBTI Analysis

Kanye West is an American rapper, singer-songwriter, and producer with an ENFP personality type according to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Kanye’s creative, rebellious, and spontaneous approach to his career and public persona directly fit with the Champion ENFP personality type. ENFPs are innately innovative, a trait that Kanye exemplifies in his many successes. The American rapper is a 24-time Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter who excels in both the music and fashion industries. Ye’s ENFP personality and turbulent public image also align with an Enneagram Type 4w3 personality, which we know as the Individualist. Kanye’s Enneagram Type 4 personality mixes with a Type 3 wing, meaning he is dramatic, self-absorbed, temperamental, and over-achieving.

Kanye West's MBTI and Enneagram Types

ENFP Kanye Omari West (legally “Ye”) was born on June 8th, 1977, in Atlanta, Georgia to mother Donda West, an American educator and author, and father Ray West, a photographer. The pair split when Kanye was three years old. Ye’s career began in 1996 as a producer for a Chicago-based rapper. The rapper later began producing for Roc-A-Fella Records, working with a future collaborator, Jay-Z. West later debuted as a solo rapper in 2004 with his album, The College Dropout, which saw immediate mainstream success on the Billboard 200 chart. West went on to produce several other successful albums as a solo artist including Graduation, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, and Watch the Throne with Jay-Z.

Ye married American socialite and businesswoman Kim Kardashian in 2014 and had four children—North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm—with the two youngest children being born via surrogacy. Kanye and Kim divorced in 2022. The singer went on to marry Australian architect Bianca Censori in January 2023, though the marriage is not legally recognized.

The table below outlines Kanye West’s MBTI and Enneagram personality type, notable quotes, and family relations.

Kanye West Personality Type
Kanye West Myers-Briggs MBTI Personality Type ENFP
Kanye West Enneagram Type Enneagram Type 4w3
Kanye West Matching Personality Type INTJ, INFJ
Occupation Rapper, Songwriter, Producer, Designer
Famous Quotes Nobody can tell me where I can and can’t go.Creative output, you know, is just pain. I’m going to be cliche for a minute and say that great art comes from pain.We all self-conscious. I’m just the first to admit it.
Songs Stronger, Champion, I Love Kanye, Monster
Birthdate June 8, 1977
Birthplace Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.
Father Ray West
Mother Donda C. West
Children North West, Psalm West, Saint West, Chicago West
Siblings Hal Carmicheal, Aliya Jones

The following article will analyze Kanye West’s MBTI personality type, Enneagram type, Zodiac sign, career, successes, and behaviors in his work life, family life, and social life according to scientific research and studies on the Enneagram and MBTI types.

How is Kanye West’s Myers-Briggs (MBTI) analysis?

Kanye West’s Myers-Briggs (MBTI) analysis shows that the rapper is Extroverted, iNtuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving or ENFP. ENFP personalities are the Champion MBTI archetype because they have loud, outgoing, and rebellious personalities that create waves in society. The following five traits of the ENFP personality type characterize Kanye West as an ENFP Champion. The first ENFP trait Kanye West displays is altruism. The ENFP Champion is an altruistic individual who will give their time and energy to support others. Ye displays ENFP altruism throughout his career by giving back to those less fortunate. For example, Ye partnered with LA charities to give back to the homeless and co-founded the Donda West Foundation with his late mother, which works to reduce the number of children who drop out of school. The second ENFP characteristic Kanye West exhibits is creativity. ENFPs are highly creative and inventive due to their Feeling and iNtuition attributes. Kanye displays ENFP creativity by writing highly successful songs and designing popular clothing items such as the defunct Adidas Yeezy line. The third trait that defines Kanye as an ENFP Champion is sociability. ENFPS are extroverts, making them expressive, sociable people who are unfiltered about their thoughts. Kanye demonstrates the sociability trait through his outspokenness. The rapper is particularly outspoken on social media. For example, Kanye expressed intimate thoughts during his divorce from his ex-wife Kim and controversial opinions that led Instagram and Twitter to ban the singer from their platforms. The fourth ENFP trait that links Kanye West to the Champion type is his emotional sensitivity. Emotional sensitivity is a common trait that ENFPs share due to their Feeling attribute. The singer made his feelings very clear throughout his divorce from Kim Kardisash, which in turn caused him to act out and damage his reputation. The fifth and final ENFP trait Kanye West exhibits is spontaneity. The Perceiving side of ENFPs makes them spontaneous characters who prefer to live life freely rather than stick to set-in-stone plans and agendas. Kanye’s spontaneous lifestyle caused issues for the singer in the past, with his ex-girlfriend, model Julia Fox, indicating that his spontaneity was the reason for their split.

Which subtype of ENFP is Kanye West?

Kanye West’s ENFP subtype is ENFP-A+. People with the ENFP-A+ subtype are called Leaders because they’re passionate, playful, and self-starting. We deduce Kanye West has the ENFP-A+ subtype because he’s innovative, having built a successful musical career as a producer and as a rapper. One major weakness of the ENFP-A+ subtypes is that Leaders typically act before they think, which can ultimately end them up in trouble. West demonstrates the subtype’s spontaneity through his many instances of controversial statements and actions. For example, West’ faced mainstream backlash in 2022 due to antisemitic comments, leading the musician to apologize but refuse to recant his statements.

What are the personality traits of Kanye West?

Below are five core personality traits of Kanye West that help identify him as an ENFP type.

  • Empathy: ENFP personalities are empathetic, meaning they care about others’ feelings and emotions. Kanye West displays empathy through his countless charity efforts, giving back to over twenty charities while also founding his own to make an even greater impact.
  • Innovation: ENFPs are innovators who value being unique and creative. Kanye West is innovative due to his prolific, self-produced musical career, fashion brand, and his contributions to other musicians’ discography. Ye also uses his ENFP originality to his advantage by creatively excelling in his career and standing out from the crowd.
  • Excellent communicator: ENFPs are excellent communicators who aren’t afraid to engage in deep conversations or speak their minds. Kanye was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2016 and openly discussed his desire for people to have honest conversations about mental health.
  • Distractibility: Staying focused on one particular task is something that doesn’t come easy to ENFPs as they’re easily distracted. ENFPs consequently take on numerous tasks at once. Kanye West demonstrates distractibility through his highly spontaneous personality and multiple, long-running musical and fashion projects.
  • Rebelliousness: ENFPs want to be unique so they often rebel against rules and strict schedules. Kanye’s rebellious side is evident through his controversial social media posts and turbulent relationship with the media.

How is Kanye West’s personality type in family life?

Kanye West’s personality in family life is caring and devoted. ENFPs enjoy being around their loved ones due to their Extroversion and Feeling traits. Kanye West expresses the caring side of the ENFP personality by being a devoted father. For example, West expressed his desire to be close to his children despite splitting with his ex-wife Kim Kardashian. The rapper tries to remain an affectionate, present father to his four children, taking them out on fun and exciting trips whenever he can.

How is Kanye West’s personality in work life?

Kanye West’s personality in work life is driven, unique, and destructive. Ye’s ENFP personality aligns with the Enneagram Type 4w3 personality, leading the singer to go through many highs and lows in his career. Ye previously dominated the music industry, becoming one of the most-awarded singers in Grammy history. West additionally demonstrates great drive in his work life by being a unique, innovative record producer who’s contributed to songs by Jay-Z, Drake, Mary J. Blige, and Solange. West is consequently loved by his fans, but his spontaneous, destructive ENFP personality type has led to controversy. For example, Ye lost his contract with Adidas and subsequently his clothing brand, Yeezy, after the singer made antisemitism remarks.

How is Kanye West’s personality in social life?

Kanye West’s personality in social life is outgoing and spontaneous. Ye’s extroverted personality makes him a sociable and loud character who enjoys involving himself in large crowds and social situations. The rapper expresses his ENFP personality type by surrounding himself with big names and participating in frequent collaborations. For example, Kanye West has collaborated with major industry names such as Janet Jackson, Drake, Gucci Mane, Big Sean, 2 Chainz, and Travis Scott. West is also known for his friendships with Jay-Z and Beyoncé, both of whom he’s produced music and collaborated with.

Is Kanye West an ENFP?

Yes, Kanye West is an ENFP personality type. West displays many of the core characteristics of an ENFP champion personality type. West is sociable, spontaneous, empathetic, creative, and rebellious. The rapper also typifies the ENFP’s innate innovation through a multi-faceted work life. Kanye hails a successful solo musical career, designs clothes, gives back to charities, and produces music for other artists.

What is the best matching personality type for Kanye West?

The best matching personality type for Kanye West and other ENFP personalities is an INTJ or INFJ due to the following five reasons. The first reason is due to the contrasting extroversion and introversion of the personality types. The opposing social energies of extroverted personalities, like the ENFP, and introverted personalities, like the INTJ or INFJ, provide a healthy balance. For example, extroverts like Kanye West help bring introverts out of their shell, encouraging them to socialize with different people and feel more comfortable in larger crowds. Introverts conversely help extroverts create stronger and more meaningful relationships with those around them. The second reason why INTJs or INFJs are great matches for ENFPs is that they share iNtuitive personalities. Both types understand how the ENFPs process information according to abstract thoughts and theories. The third reason INTJs or INFJs are compatible with ENFPs is that their opposing lifestyles balance each other. Perceivers, like the ENFP, are spontaneous individuals who encourage a judging personality, like the INTJ or INFJ, to be more free-willed and open to new experiences. INTJs and INFJs conversely help slow Perceiver types down, showing them that structure and plans aren’t always a bad thing. The fourth reason why INTJs or INFJs suit ENFP types like Kanye West is due to INTJs’ Thinking trait and INFJs’ Feeling trait. The Feeling-oriented ENFP and Thinking-dominated INTJs personalities open one another up to new perspectives. ENFPs like Kanye West teach INTJs how to care for other people’s emotions, while the INTJ helps the ENFP make decisions based on logic. Meanwhile, INFJs and ENFPs get along well due to their shared emotional sensitivity. Both display a strong sense of empathy and compromise according to their emotions.

Which Enneagram type is Kanye West?

Kanye West is an Enneagram Type 4. People with Enneagram Type 4 personalities are called Individualists as they are temperamental, expressive, and overly dramatic. Kanye West demonstrates traits associated with an Enneagram Type 4 because he is self-absorbed and moody yet creative, sensitive, and unique. Enneagram Type 4s see themselves as being fundamentally different from others, often putting themselves on a pedestal with one-of-a-kind gifts that can’t be matched by anyone else on Earth. Kanye has given himself a whole plethora of names over the years, but one that matches his high self-standards is Yeezus, which is essentially Kanye referring to himself as Jesus. The Enneagram Type 4 personality additionally ties West to an Enneagram wing type, as well as growth and stress lines. Enneagram wing types are non-dominant qualities Kanye West expresses alongside his core Enneagram Type 4 traits. Kanye West’s Enneagram wing type is the over-achieving Enneagram 3 because he is energetic and driven but at times malicious, jealous, and relentless. Meanwhile, West’s Type 4 personality ties to the Enneagram Type 2 through its stress line. West consequently demonstrates an overly-sensitive, overbearing nature during periods of stress. Ye’s Type 4 also links to Enneagram Type 1 through the growth line. Kanye’s growth line means he is honest, hard-working, and organized during periods of personal growth.

What is the Enneagram type level of Kanye West?

Kanye West’s Enneagram Type level is a Level 6 or Level 7 Type 4. Each Enneagram Type has nine different health levels that fit into three different categories of healthy, average, and unhealthy behaviors. Kanye fits into the average category as a Level 6 Type 4. West also demonstrates some tendencies of a Level 7 which categorizes him as an unhealthy Individualist. Level 6 Type 4s like Kanye West believe they’re different from others, ultimately giving them a complex that they don’t have to live the same way everyone else does. An average Individualist’s beliefs lead them to live in a fantasy world, self-indulging and envious of others—qualities that worsen at an unhealthy Level 7. West demonstrates both average and unhealthy qualities through his erratic actions, controversial statements, and self-proclaimed belief that he’s different or better than everyone else, going so far as to compare himself to Jesus.

What are the wings for the Enneagram type of Kanye West?

The wings for the Enneagram Type of Kanye West are either Enneagram Type 3 or Type 5. Kanye predominately demonstrates an Enneagram Type 3 wing because he is driven, adaptable, and charismatic. Enneagram 5s are conversely investigative, withdrawn, and logical. Kanye West’s Enneagram Type 3 is evident in his work life. The rapper works hard to reach his goals and create a legacy for himself and his music as is typical of the highly motivated Achiever Enneagram Type 3 personality. Ye also displays a few signs of a Type 5 wing because he’s sometimes high-strung, intense, and detached from the real world. However, the rapper’s wing is primarily Type 3 because his observable traits align more closely with the Achiever Enneagram type.

How does Kanye West’s personality affect his career?

Kanye West’s personality affects his career in two ways. First, the ENFP and Enneagram 4w3 personality fuels Kanye’s work-life success due to his goal-driven and innovative character traits. Ye channels his emotion and individuality into his music, setting him apart from other singers. Kanye West’s ENFP creativity and innovation garnered him 24 Grammy Awards wins, putting him in the top 10 most-awarded artists in Grammy history. Second, the ENFP personality enables Kanye to be innovative and lead a multi-faceted career. Kanye broke into the fashion industry, teaming up with Adidas to launch his fashion brand, Yeezy. West’s fashion brand was ultimately terminated due to controversial comments, but he continues to produce various materials such as prints and art through his creative content company, Donda.

How do Kanye West’s songs reflect his character?

Kanye West’s songs reflect his character in two ways. First, Kanye West’s discography typifies his ENFP trait of passion and communication. The rapper never holds back from expressing his emotions in songs like “Wolves.” The song voices West’s most intimate thoughts about his mother Donda and ex-wife Kim Kardashian, recanting the former’s death and meeting his ex-wife in the lyrics, “Lost out, beat up / Dancin’, down there / I found you, somewhere out.” Second, the ENFP and Enneagram Type 4 weaknesses of rebelliousness and being self-absorbed are evident in how Kanye’s songs portray him. Songs like “Stronger” reflect Kanye’s Type 4 belief that he’s everyone better than everyone else, singing, “There’s a thousand you’s, there’s only one of me.”

How do quotes of Kanye West reflect his character?

The five quotes of Kanye West below reflect his character.

  • Kanye West displays the ENFP trait of spontaneity in the first quote as he admits to the fact that he isn’t always on time, which is a common weakness of ENFPs.

“I’m a human being and I’ve got opinions, I’m not always right, I’m not always on time, I don’t always say things in the proper way, but my intentions are always extremely pure.”

  • ENFPs like Ye believe that there should be more people in power who are dedicated to helping those in need. The second quote below articulates Ye and other ENFPs’ altruistic side.

“There’s a lack of people in power that are motivated by the idea of helping people.”

  • Ye shows his emotional sensitivity and communicative ENFP traits in the following quote as he explains how he always says how he feels, regardless of whether it’s the right thing to say.

“I’m not always going to say things the perfect way, the right way. But I’m going to say how I feel.”

  • The next two quotes capture Kanye’s self-absorbed and dramatic Enneagram Type 4 personality as he believes he is better than everyone else on Earth.

“I still think I am the greatest.”

“I am God’s vessel. But my greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.”

What is the harmony between Kanye West’s Zodiac sign and his personality type?

Kanye West’s ENFP personality type and his Gemini zodiac sign are harmonious due to overlapping personality traits. There isn’t a scientific way to compare one’s personality type to their Zodiac sign. However, it’s possible to deduce the harmony between MBTI personality types and Zodiac signs by analyzing shared characteristics. For example, Geminis like Kanye West are communicative, witty, outgoing, and impulsive. The traits of the Gemini overlap with that of Champion ENFP attributes. West is sociable, passionate, bold, and spontaneous due to the Champion’s Extroversion, iNtuition, Feeling, and Perceiving attributes, aligning with his similarly rambunctious Gemini sign.

Who are other ENFP singers besides Kanye West?

Below are five other ENFP singers besides Kanye West.

  • John Lennon: English singer-songwriter John Lennon is a famous ENFP who showed signs of empathy, excellent communication skills, and altruism. Lennon was an activist and supporter of peace who used his music to connect with others
  • John Mayer: John Mayer is an American singer-songwriter and ENFP. Mayer’s career spans different genres, highlighting the singer’s innovative, creative, and passionate ENFP personality.
  • Stevie Nicks: Stevie Nicks is an American singer-songwriter with an ENFP personality type. Stevie is inventive and altruistic, creating unique and chart-topping music while giving back to those less fortunate.
  • Cher: American singer Cher is altruistic, adventurous, and creative. Cher channels her ENFP personality through her creative fashion choices, bold song lyrics, and outspoken public persona.
  • Kelly Clarkson: Kelly Clarkson displays her spontaneous, creative, and sociable ENFP personality through her various career paths. For example, Clarkson is an American singer, songwriter, author, and television personality.

Who are similar characters to Kanye West?

Below are five people who demonstrate a similar character to Kanye West.

  • Walt Disney: Walt Disney was an American animator, film producer, and entrepreneur. Disney is a similar character to Kanye West because he applied his creative, imaginative, and goal-driven ENFP personality to lead a multi-faceted, innovative legacy through the famous Disney brand and amusement parks.
  • Daniel Radcliffe: English actor Daniel Radcliffe is a famous ENFP and is best known for his titular role in the Harry Potter series. Radcliffe’s character is similar to Kanye West’s because of their shared empathy and extroversion as ENFPs. Radcliffe supported and donated to over twenty charities while using his outgoing personality to land lead roles in various movies.
  • Dr. Seuss: American children’s author Dr. Seuss was a famous ENFP. Seuss used his creative, empathetic, and imaginative personality to publicize six well-known children’s books, making him similar to West through his innovative and passionate career.
  • Will Smith: Will Smith is an American actor, rapper, and ENFP. Smith displays various ENFP traits that are similar to Kanye West, including his desire to help others. Smith launched his own foundation to help underprivileged children and their families, which is similar to West’s philanthropic efforts through the Donda West Foundation.
  • Jennifer Aniston: American actress Jennifer Aniston is comparable to Kanye West due to her empathetic ENFP personality. Aniston primarily presents her empathy throughout her career, taking on the role of different characters, some with complex and heartbreaking problems.