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Katy Perry Personality Type, Traits and MBTI Analysis

Katy Perry is an American singer-songwriter, TV personality, and an ENFJ personality type according to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Katy Perry displays the outgoing, empathetic, observant, and structured traits that are common with ENFJ personalities. The singer’s ENFJ character is particularly evident in her philanthropic efforts as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, as well as her unique song lyrics, music videos, and fashion choices. Katy’s eccentric, vibrant, and playful characteristics overlap with her 7w6 Enneagram type, which is known as “The Enthusiast”. 7w6s like Perry share the hardworking and reliable characteristics of an Enneagram 6. Combined, Perry’s ENFJ and Enneatype 7w6 traits helped the singer soar to the top of the Billboards nine times and win 116 awards throughout her career.

Katy Perry's MBTI and Enneagram Types

Katy Perry was born Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson on October 25th, 1984, in Santa Barbara, California. Katy, her sister Angela, and her brother David grew up in an extremely religious household. Their mother and father, Mary Christine and Maurice Keith Hudson, are Pentecostal pastors that encourage and emphasize experiences with God through the act of baptism.

Growing up singing church hymns and gospel tunes ignited a love for singing in Katy Perry. Perry moved to Los Angeles at the age of 17, swiftly signed a record deal with Glen Ballard, and released her first album, a self-titled gospel album named Katy Hudson. However, it wasn’t until the age of 24 and the release of her second album, One of the Boys, that Katy rose up the charts and gained fame in the music industry.

Perry has gone on to release four more albums after One of the Boys, three of which made it to number one. Perry has branched out into the TV industry, appearing as a judge on American Idol and voicing Smurfette in the kid’s movie, Smurfs.

ENFJs are known for being lovers in relationships, and Katy Perry has had her fair share of high-profile romances. Perry’s well-known romances include her one-year marriage to Russell Brand, which ended in 2012, and her current engagement to Orlando Bloom. Perry and Bloom have a daughter together, Daisy Dove Bloom.

The table below lists Katy Perry’s MBTI and Enneagram types, best matching personalities, as well as quotes and biographical data.

Katy Perry Personality Type
Katy Perry MBTI Personality ENFJ
Katy Perry Enneagram Type 7w6
Katy Perry Matching Personality Type INFP and ISFP
Occupation Singer, songwriter, TV personality
Quotes I am so grateful for all the love and support I’ve had from people around the world.I never want to be just one thing – I want to be multi-dimensional.People always ask me, ‘What is it that you regret?’ And I say, ‘nothing because I could not buy what I’ve learned.’ And I apply those things to my life I learn. And hopefully, it helps me to be a better human in the future and make better choices.I’ve always been ambitious since I was nine years old, and that was never going to change.I come from a very non-accepting family, but I’m very accepting.
Songs Who Am I Living For?, Teenage Dream, Roar, Part of Me, Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)
Birthdate October 25th, 1984
Birthplace Santa Barbara, California, United States of America
Father Maurice Keith Hudson
Mother Mary Christine
Children Daisy Dove Bloom
Siblings Angela Hudson, David Hudson

Katy Perry Personality Type, Enneagram Type and Zodiac Sign, her career, successes and behaviors in work life, family life, and social life are analyzed according to Enneagram and MBTI Types based on scientific researches, and studies.

What is Katy Perry’s MBTI analysis?

Katy Perry’s analysis shows that she is Extraverted, iNtuitive, Feeling, and Judging (ENFJ). The California Gurls singer displays the following four characteristics of an ENFJ personality type.

  • Sociability: Katy Perry’s first ENFJ characteristic is sociability. A single look at Perry’s song lyrics, music videos (for example, California Gurls), and costumes gives away her extroverted and uninhibited ENFJ personality. ENFJs like Katy Perry are natural-born, outgoing leaders who inspire others to take charge and change the world for the better. In 2013, UNICEF recognized Katy’s charismatic personality and appointed her as a Goodwill Ambassador for her philanthropic efforts in helping to improve the lives of children.
  • Vivid imagination: Katy Perry is known for her striking imagination and creativity, which are evident in her innovative musical style and poetic lyrics. Innovative thinking is a key attribute of intuitive personalities like Katy Perry.
  • Empathy: ENFJs like Katy Perry are known for being incredibly empathetic. Perry has shown her compassionate side countless times by giving back to 32 charities that support and raise awareness of topics like bullying and deadly diseases.
  • Organization: Katy is highly organized, a quality that is typical for a judging personality type. Perry has mastered the balance between her family life, a busy work schedule, and various philanthropic efforts.

Which subtype of ENFJ is Katy Perry?

Katy Perry is an Assertive subtype of ENFJ (known as ENFJ-A). The ENFJ-A+ leader subtype is bold, hard-working, and strong-willed. Katy Perry is a character who isn’t afraid of failing and will do whatever it takes to learn from her failures to then succeed in the future. The singer’s failed first gospel album is a clear sign of her adamance to reach her goals and learn from her mistakes as, despite the album failing, Perry has gone on to create five other successful albums, which included nine number-one singles.

What are the personality traits of Katy Perry?

Katy Perry’s four key personality traits are as follows.

  • Optimism: Katy Perry is optimistic and likes to see the positive outcome in all situations. The singer-songwriter has regularly spoken about her choice to be optimistic every day, as she believes being positive is the answer to life’s obstacles.
  • Compassion: Compassion is one of Katy’s most prominent personality traits. Perry has dedicated countless hours and donated large sums of money to support charities and raise awareness of different causes.
  • Leadership: Katy Perry is a natural-born leader. Katy has used her platform as one of the highest-earning celebrities to encourage other women to work hard and excel in their professions. Katy serves as UNICEF’s Goodwill Ambassador, and is paving the way for women to make positive impacts and improve the world in any way they can.
  • Diplomacy: Diplomacy is a common ENFJ trait that Katy Perry possesses. Katy is highly skilled at resolving conflict (when she wants to), which is evident in her reconciliation with her ex-enemy, Taylor Swift.

How is Katy Perry’s personality type in family life?

Katy Perry’s personality type is loving, fun, and reliable in family life. ENFJs like Katy Perry are interesting and fun to be around. Katy and Orlando would regularly head out on fun trips and travel together before the birth of their daughter and the Covid-19 restrictions. ENFJs are often incredible parents and take an active and enthusiastic approach to guide and help their children flourish, and Katy Perry is no exception. The Teenage Dream singer has doted on her daughter, Daisy, since the day she was born, saying, “She is the light of my life. She’s my angel, and my heart is full.”

How is Katy Perry’s personality in work life?

Katy Perry’s personality is enthusiastic and resilient in work life, and these qualities are a major success factor for ENFJs like Perry. Perry has excelled in her career, producing 39 singles and 6 albums, with 9 of those singles making it to number one, as well as three of her albums. However, Katy Perry’s career wasn’t always smooth sailing. For example, Katy’s first album, Katy Hudson, was a failure. Most would see the failure of their debut album as discouragement from ever creating music again, but Katy’s drive, resilience, and enthusiasm pushed the singer to keep on trying despite the initial setback. Her ENFJ motivation resulted in Katy’s success, which to date, includes 116 awards, a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador title, and a mention in 2015 on Forbes’ 16th Annual Celebrity 100 List.

How is Katy Perry’s personality in social life?

Katy Perry’s ENFJ personality in social life is outgoing, compassionate, and dependable. Katy’s extroverted personality makes her an unreserved character that enjoys surrounding herself with large groups of people. The singer-songwriter cares deeply for her friends, which is evident in her strong relationships with her American Idol co-hosts and even her relationship with her fiancé’s ex-wife, Miranda Kerr.

Is Katy Perry an ENFJ?

Yes, Katy Perry is an ENFJ. Perry demonstrates leadership, compassion, idealism, and sociability, which coincide with the fundamental ENFJ traits. A desire to succeed has driven Katy to overcome hurdles and transform herself into the accomplished, award-winning singer-songwriter she is today. Katy’s naturally extroverted personality is evident in her stage persona and song lyrics, while her compassionate and empathetic ENFJ nature has propelled her in philanthropy.

What is the best matching personality type for Katy Perry?

The best-matching personality type for Katy Perry is either INFP or ISFP, for three reasons. First, Perry’s differences from these two personality types bring out the best in one another. The extroverted ENFJ encourages the introverted INFP or ISFP to be more outgoing and open to friendships outside of their small circle. The introverted INFP, or ISFP, on the other hand, helps the ENFJ create stronger, deeper, and more meaningful relationships. Second, an ENFJ’s judging personality balances out an INFP or ISFPs perceiving personality. Perceivers are spontaneous and tend to live life freely without any plans in place. On the other hand, judgers like Perry thrive in a structured environment. The judger helps the perceiver slow down and take life more seriously, whereas the perceiver motivates the judger to live life more openly and take each day as it comes. Third, ENFJs, INFPs, and ISFPs share the feeling personality trait, which allows them to understand the other’s feelings and provide emotional validation in the relationship. Coincidentally, Katy Perry’s fiancé, Orlando Bloom, has an ISFP personality, meaning the two are a very compatible match.

Which Enneagram type is Katy Perry?

Katy Perry is Enneagram type 7, which is evident in two of the singer’s key traits. First, Katy Perry displays an unbeatable optimism that gives her a positive outlook on life despite all of its obstacles. Enneatype 7 embodies “The Enthusiast” archetype, and Enthusiasts are focused on maintaining their happiness and freedom. Second, Katy Perry is adventurous and not averse to risk. Katy knew she wanted to sing from a young age, and at the age of 17, she upped and moved her life to LA in the hopes of making it big in the music industry. Seeking new and exciting experiences is a clear trait of an Enneagram 7, as type 7s audacious, bold, and dislike missing out on worthwhile experiences.

What is Katy Perry’s Enneagram type level?

Katy Perry’s Enneagram Type level is 3. Each Enneagram type has nine health levels, which range from healthy levels (1-3), to average levels (4-6), to unhealthy levels (7-9). At level 3, Katy Perry is a healthy Enneagram 7. Healthy Enneagram level 3s, such as Katy Perry, are accomplished achievers who excel in different areas of interest, which is evident in both her music and TV careers.

What is Katy Perry’s Enneagram wing?

Katy Perry’s Enneagram wing is 6, which means she is an Enneatype 7w6. Enneagram 7s with a 6-wing, like Perry, display most traits of an Enneagram 7. However, 7w6s share traits of an Enneagram 6. Katy exhibits Enneagram type 7 traits of being extroverted, playful, and joyous, and Enneagram type 6 traits of commitment, hard work, and reliability. Perry’s 6-wing is obvious as the Dark Horse singer works tirelessly to improve her career but does so in a fun and relatable way.

How does Katy Perry’s personality affect her career?

Katy Perry’s personality has affected her career by fueling success as the singer has produced 9 number-one singles, 3 number-one albums, and won 116 awards. The ENFJ personality traits that make Perry so successful include optimism, vision, versatility, hard-work, and resilience. For example, Perry turned her career around with her pop-rock second album, One of the Boys after failing in her music debut with her first gospel album, Katy Hudson. Katy’s enthusiastic, driven personality helped her make achievements on TV, where she’s been a judge on American Idol, starred as Smurfette in the Smurfs movies, and even played in her own self-titled movie, Katy Perry The Movie.

How do Katy Perry’s songs reflect her character?

Katy Perry’s songs reflect her character through their lyrics. There are three songs that reflect the most essential traits of Katy Perry’s character. First, the song Roar embodies Katy Perry’s resolve to stand up for herself and strive to be successful despite mounting challenges. Second, Katy’s song Last Friday Night T.G.I.F. shows Perry’s fun, playful side as she sings about a wild party that she enjoyed despite some unpleasant consequences the day after. Third, Perry’s song Who Am I Living For? is a testament to the singer’s continuous search for her life’s purpose, as she’s torn between the pop genre that made her famous and her conservative, Christian roots.

How do Katy Perry’s quotes reflect her character?

Katy Perry’s quotes reflect her character by showcasing the following five of her traits.

  • Appreciativeness: Katy Perry demonstrates the ENFJ trait of being appreciative in the following quote: I am so grateful for all the love and support I’ve had from people around the world.
  • Versatility: Katy Perry displays her versatility and desire to excel at more than one thing in this quote: I never want to be just one thing – I want to be multi-dimensional.
  • Willingness to learn from errors: Katy Perry shows the common ENFJ trait of learning from her failures instead of being disheartened in this quote: People always ask me, ‘What is it that you regret?’ And I say, ‘nothing because I could not buy what I’ve learned.’ And I apply those things to my life, I learn. And hopefully, it helps me to be a better human in the future and make better choices.
  • Ambition: Katy displays her ENFJ ambition in the following quote. I’ve always been ambitious since I was nine years old, and that was never going to change.
  • Compassion: Katy’s compassionate and empathetic side is evident in the quote below. I come from a very non-accepting family, but I’m very accepting.

What is the harmony between Katy Perry’s zodiac sign and her personality type?

Katy Perry’s zodiac sign is incredibly harmonious with the personality type. Katy Perry’s zodiac sign is Scorpio, which shares several character traits with the singer’s MBTI personality type of ENFJ. Both the Scorpio and the ENFJ are determined, ambitious, and honest. As an ENFJ Scorpio, Katy Perry displays the alignment between her personality type and her zodiac with her dedication to excel in her music career and her need to be transparent and vulnerable.

Who are other singers besides Katy Perry with the ENFJ personality type?

Below are five other singers besides Katy Perry who have an ENFJ personality.

  • Harry Styles: Harry Styles is a fellow ENFJ singer who rose to fame after joining the boy band, One Direction on X-Factor in 2010. Since the band went their separate ways, Harry has used his ENFJ-determined personality to write heartfelt, meaningful songs that have led him to be one of the most popular singers of this generation.
  • Drake: Rapper Drake is an ENFJ personality singer who has stopped at nothing to succeed in his career while giving back to charity.
  • Tupac Shakur: Tupac was one of the most influential and aspiring rappers of all time, and his ENFJ personality inspires budding rappers to this day.
  • Zendaya: Zendaya is an ENFJ personality who displays the common trait of versatility. Zendaya has starred in various movies and has branched out into the music industry, putting her on Times Magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world list.
  • Demi Lovato: The final ENFJ personality is Demi Lovato, who, similar to Katy Perry, exhibits her compassionate and empathetic ENFJ personality through donating to different charities and causes.

Who are similar characters to Katy Perry with the ENFJ personality type?

Below are five similar characters to Katy Perry with the ENFJ personality type.

  • Barack Obama: Former United States President Barack Obama shares the same leadership skills as Katy Perry. Barack Obama put his leadership skills to use by leading an entire country, and Katy led and inspired people through her charity work.
  • Meghan Markle: Meghan Markle displays the common ENFJ traits of leadership and compassion, as she has given back to various charities and fought for equality and gender rights.
  • RuPaul: American drag queen, and television personality, RuPaul is a charismatic ENFJ as he has taken charge and transformed the way people see members of the LGBTQ+ community through his show RuPaul’s Drag Race.
  • Oprah Winfrey: Oprah is as extroverted and as generous as they come as she loves mingling with strangers and donating to charities of all different types. Oprah’s ENFJ personality has helped her become one of the top philanthropists of this generation.
  • Emma Stone: Emma Stone has shown clear signs of an ENFJ personality, as she is generous, compassionate, and diplomatic, much like Katy Perry.