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Range Rover Evoque 5-Door Revealed

Land Rover has officially revealed the Range Rover Evoque 5-Door ahead of the LA Auto Show starting next week.  The 5-door Range Rover Evoque crosses over from the 3-door model to bring Evoque-level luxury to family-minded drivers.  Evoque is no gas guzzler, this sleek city stunner is powered by a 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder engine that pumps 240 horses of get-up-and-go, albeit efficiently for the stop-and-go travel in your neighborhood.  Where the Land Rover brand forged its name in the field, the Evoque brings the same kind of utility to the city.  It’s not so much a CUV as it is an “urban utility vehicle”, one that is kind to your wallet and the environment while maintaining the luxury and performance that makes Range Rover vehicles so lust-worthy. [via autoblog]

Range Rover Evoque Gallery