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Habitat 67: Montreal’s Prefabricated City

habitat 67 1 Habitat 67: Montreals Prefabricated City

In 1967, Montreal, Quebec held Expo 67, one of the largest and most successful World’s Fair gatherings of the 20th Century.  As housing was one of the main themes of Expo 67, architect Moshe Safdie was commissioned to build a grand-scale residential complex that would first house visiting dignitaries– then the citizens of Montreal itself.  Safdie’s Habitat 67 was a true architectural masterwork in its time, providing an interconnected community of apartments that still provided their tenants with privacy and seclusion.  This city within a city was a highlight of Expo 67, and has become one of Montreal’s most recognizable landmarks.  Take a closer look at Habitat 67 in the gallery below. [habitat 67 via inhabitat, additional images courtesy: brian pirie]

habitat 67 by brian pirie 1 Habitat 67: Montreals Prefabricated City


Habitat 67 Gallery

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