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    The 1937 BMW R7: Restored to Perfection
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The 1937 BMW R7: Restored to Perfection


Is this not one of the most beautiful motorcycles you’ve ever seen?  Consider yourself lucky you’re seeing it.  This vintage BMW was locked away in a crate for almost 70 years, until that crate was cracked in June of 2005.  This 1937 BMW R7 was only a concept motorcycle at the time, a vehicle built for speed but never intended for mass production.  Since the crate was opened, this R7 has been faithfully restored to its original state and is currently touring European bike shows.  If this unique BMW R7 were ever to hit the auction block, you can almost bet that it’ll set records.  There is no way this amazing motorcycle would sell for anything less than priceless.



1934 BMW R7 Gallery

  1. Absolutely Beautiful in every way. The highlight of any collection of bikes. Breathtaking lines that absolutely look futuristic even today. A bike that anyone would love to just have the chance to view.