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    Naibor Luxury Safari Retreat – Kenya
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Naibor Luxury Safari Retreat – Kenya

On the banks of the Talek River in Masai Mara, Kenya, this luxury tented camp provides a most exclusive safari experience in high style and comfort.  Visitors to Naibor are greeted with a row of seven private tents connected under a main canopy, also housing dining, relaxation rooms and an open air massage spa.  During the day, guests of Naibor can tour the Masai Mara Game Reserve and its diverse African wildlife.  Meals are provided in the dining tent, while private relaxation is available on the Talek River shore.

While Naibor may be a “tented” camp, the amenities are in line with what one could expect from a high end hotel.  Each room features cool hardwood floors, king-sized beds, sofas and wool rugs and round-the-clock armed security.  Guests can opt for either comfort or adventure here, and the most wise visitors will fully delve into both.  In short, if Kenya is on your itinerary– Naibor should be as well.  [naibor via adelto]

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