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    Looking the Part: Style Guide for the Gadget Guy
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Looking the Part: Style Guide for the Gadget Guy

project glass model facing camera
When it comes to men’s style, the gadget guy often gets a bad rap. We tend to be drawn toward high tech, not high fashion, and can be mistaken for the wallfower, not the center of attention. Last we checked, however, technology in itself is fashionable, and we gadget guys can dress to impress just by embracing our technophile nature. Join us to explore some tips and technologies to help you stand out as the stylish kind of gadget guy.

Before we get started, there’s one important point to consider– being a gadget guy is not unfashionable. Every type of guy, from an athlete to a musician to a business man can find their own sense of style from their own type of identity. The same goes for the gadget guy. Don’t shy away from technology if it seems uncool, embrace it– being fashionable is about translating what you’re passionate about into your personal style.

Getting Fit with Technology: the Jawbone UP

Jawbone UP

Exercise can have a rewarding influence on personal style and health. While the practice of physical fitness can be challenging at first, there are technologies available to make this a more accessible part of the Gadget Guy’s lifestyle. One great example is the Jawbone UP, an app-powered gadget that tracks a user’s sleep, movement and eating habits throughout the day. The Jawbone UP arms its wearer with information, collecting a range of data from a user’s activity and reporting back in a software app as well as vibration reminders directly within the hardware. For example, if one has remained idle for too long, the UP will provide a gentle reminder that some activity might help. If the wearer wants to take a power nap, UP will alarm the user when an optimal rest has been achieved and it’s time to get back to the day. For a Gadget Guy that wants to live and look healthier, technology can save the day.

A High Tech Fashion Statement: Google Glass

google glass on model

When the Apple iPhone was first released, having one of the first made you a local celebrity. Everyone wanted to touch it, try it and see this piece of ground-breaking technology for themselves. The latest example of this tech frenzy is over Google Glass, the pre-production mobile computing system worn right over one’s eyes. Could tech like this make you fashionable? Imagine wearing a pair to a SXSW party, your next business conference or a night on the town. Everyone aware of this technology who sees you will meet you with curiosity, interest and perhaps a bit of envy. It may be next to impossible to get a pair of your own, but the premise here is what is important. It can be incredibly fashionable to be an early adopter of new technologies. The technology you adopt is entirely up to you.

Fashionable Apps: Using Software to Stay Stylish

iPad Mirror

Say you’re about to approach your boss about a raise or a potential date for a phone number. If you don’t have time to give yourself a once-over in the men’s room, you can always use an app. There are a wide range of mirror apps that use your iPad or mobile phone’s front-facing camera to display your mirror image on your screen. Say you’re running late for a formal event and you are one of the surprisingly many men that doesn’t know how to tie a windsor knot. Don’t fret, just grab your tie and watch one of the many Youtube tutorials on the subject. Minutes later, you’re out the door. You’d be surprised at how often technology can save a Gadget Guy in a style emergency– all you have to do is get in the habit of asking what technology can do for you.

High Tech Grooming – Staying Clean with Technology


Decades ago, a basic bristle toothbrush and a straight razor with cream were the tools of the trade for men’s grooming. Today, a Gadget Guy can stay clean with the help of state of the art shavers, electronic toothbrushes and more. If you’re an electric razor convert like myself, you appreciate the speed and precision of modern shavers that get a clean shave quickly. No more lathering up, no more running out of razors, just the quick hum of an electric shaver and you’re ready to go. With electronic toothbrushes, one can get a more complete brushing experience than is usually possible with a manual toothbrush. The fast-moving, multi-directional electronic systems can brush and shake away plaque in a way that your teeth may never have experienced. There’s a good reason why your dentist owns one. In total, these popular technologies can help a Gadget Guy get properly groomed and in a way that resonates with who we are as technophiles.

The Gadgets of Fashion: Modern Mens Watches


A man is only as fashionable as the accessories that complete his outfit, and fortunately for the Gadget Guy, men’s accessories are often technical in nature. The modern wrist watch is the perfect example, a device that is complicated, reliable, distinctive and expressive. Those adjectives also describe the typical Gadget Guy, and it makes our connection with watches all the more profound. When choosing a watch, like the Tendence Black and Rose Gold Chronograph shown above, don’t be afraid to reach for something contemporary and bold. Mens fashion can be a bit subtle, but a great place to be bold and expressive is in the wrist watch you wear to complete your look.

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Thanks for reading, fellow Gadget Guy (or gadget guy admirer!). Do you have any tips, tricks or technologies you’d like to share that are valuable for a man looking to refine his personal style? Be sure to share with us on facebook or twitter, or join the conversation in the comments below.