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    Keep Spinning: Top 9 Record Player Stands with Vintage Vibes & Ample Storage
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Keep Spinning: Top 9 Record Player Stands with Vintage Vibes & Ample Storage

Any audiophile knows, record players still reign supreme. Therefore, we have 9 best record player stands for your home in 2023.

Turntable Record Storage

“Vinyl is the real deal. I’ve always felt like, until you buy the vinyl record, you don’t really own the album. And it’s not just me or a little pet thing or some kind of retro romantic thing from the past. It is still alive.” – Jack White

Refusing to be written off by time, today, record players remain the premium way to consume your favorite music. Moreover, this timeless device easily becomes the visual center of attention in any room it’s put in.

So naturally, having a cool record player stand serves as the perfect complement for your record player. It also bestows a classic vibe to your living room.

Upgrade your room’s interior with a solid stand with clean lines and ample shelf space for your favorite albums.

9 Retro Record Stands for Your Living Space

If you need a new record stand, then let us do the comparison shopping for you. We’ve found 9 beautiful models with all the key features a record enthusiast could want.

1. Novogratz Concord Turntable Stand

Novogratz Concord Turntable Stand
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The design of the Novogratz Concord Turntable Stand is mid-century inspired. Made from MDF and laminated particleboard, or chipboard, it’s simple yet attractive. The sturdy build of this stand is one that is guaranteed to last for years.

The hairpin legs are strong enough to do the job and are a key design element adding a fun retro look that makes it stand out. With a woodgrain finish, you can pair the Novogratz Concord Turntable Stand well with a wide range of décor from modern to classic.

It’s spacious and includes compartments that accommodate not only a record player but all your peripherals.

The large open cubicles feature metal record dividers and enough space to keep all your records upright and organized. And the two drawers are a fitting place to place your remotes or record mats. But keep in mind that it ships flat so you’ll need to assemble it upon arrival.

2. Winsome Leo Shelving

Winsome Leo model name Shelving
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While not specifically designed for our purposes, the Winsome Leo Shelving nevertheless fits most record players quite well. It also has plenty of extra storage for your sweet collection of vinyl, as well. You can even squeeze in a small amplifier on top!

With a contemporary wood finish and attractive modern design this stand gives a unique look to your home interior. If you’re in the market for multi-purpose home furnishings, you’ll enjoy how well this does double duty to store your audio equipment as well as pictures, nick knacks, books, or whatever else.

3. Ameriwood Home Southlander Turntable Stand

Ameriwood Home Southlander Turntable Stand
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The Ameriwood Home Southlander Turntable Stand has plenty of room to store your record player, your vinyl records, and a lot of accessories. If you’ve got a large record collection, the Ameriwood stand will be one of the best record player stands to consider. 

From the bottom up, you’ll find purpose-built design aimed at record enthusiasts. First, you’ll find spaced slats for easy organization of your vinyl records. Then, the accessory draw above is great for stashing your headphones, spare needles, and other accessories. Then, you’ll find adjustable shelves with adequate storage for all sorts of additional items.

Of course, right in the center is where your turntable sits, with a wire cutout behind that makes organizing and connecting line phono plugs a breeze.

4. Victrola Wooden Stand for Wooden Music Centers

Victrola Wooden Stand for Wooden Music Centers
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Made of real wood, the Victrola Wooden Stand for Wooden Music Centers is a contemporary eye-catcher. It’s also very functional, comfortably holding up to 50 vinyl records thanks to its wire dividers.

Available in five attractive color finishes of mahogany, black, white, oak, and espresso, you’ll easily find one that blends perfectly with your room’s color theme.

As eye catching as the Victrola record player stand is, you’ll be pleased to find it inexpensively priced making it one of the best deals on our list. So, upgrade your space without breaking the bank!

5. Crosley Manchester Record Player Stand

Crosley Manchester Record Player Stand
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If mid-century modern design is your bag, the Crosley Manchester Entertainment Center Stand will with its tall legs will surely catch your eye. It blends all the key features of a decent record stand with solid hardwood construction and an attractive glossy veneer.

The stand has two wire record slots that offer both an old school vibe as well as enough space to store up to 20 vinyl records.

Unlike other stands with more complicated designs, this model excels in its simplicity, making it a versatile choice for your living space and record storage needs alike.

6. Way Basics Vintage Vinyl Record Cube 2-Shelf Storage

Way Basics Vintage Vinyl Record Cube 2-Shelf Storage
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The Way Basics Vintage Vinyl Record Cube 2-Shelf Storage is an eco-friendly design with 100% recyclable, non-toxic zboard. It’s free from formaldehyde and VOCs, while offering a unique look and extra thick, durable construction.

That said, it’s quite lightweight and easy to move around to the perfect spot in your house. Its wide stance provides ample stability for your turntable, and stores plenty of records within. If you doubt this space-age material, rest easier knowing it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

7. Crosley Furniture Everett Mid-Century Modern Turntable Cabinet

Crosley Furniture Everett Mid-Century Modern Record Player Stand
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The Crosley Furniture Everett turntable cabinet has a classic mid-century modern style that is not only era-appropriate, but quite versatile to boot. The full door is the most notable of its key features, offering protection from sun and dust while blending seamlessly in with your other home furnishings.

Inside, you’ll find dividers and shelves enough to store up to 75 vinyl records along with other items. Up top, you have plenty of space to easily access and play your turntable.

Lastly, this unit is available in acorn, mahogany, and matte black colors, helping you create the perfect centerpiece for your house.

8. MyGift 2-Tier Modern Lattice Style Record Player Stand

MyGift 2-Tier Modern Matte Black Lattice Style Record Player Stand
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You don’t always need something fancy to hold records, and this MyGift turntable stand is proof of that. With metal legs and wire dividers, it offers the perfect amount of space for 16 records along with your turntable up top.

While it doesn’t cost a bunch, you don’t have to worry about it like you might a similarly priced plywood unit. Indeed, the two integrated curved handles make it easy to move securely from site to site.

9. Modway Render Mid-Century Modern 37″ Vinyl Record Display Stand

Modway Render Mid-Century Modern 37 Vinyl Record Display Stand
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For the full retro audiophile experience, check out this exceptional vinyl record display stand from Modway Render. Featuring an inimitable mid-century modern style, it serves as a natural centerpiece for your home that welcomes one and all to sit before it and bask in the sweet sound waves of your turntable.

It features a slatted door which slides between the two record storage cubbies, which themselves offer easy organization via wire record slots. More of an aesthetic feature than a functional one, it’s nonetheless super cool and feels era appropriate.

The stylish and sturdy tapered legs prop up a particleboard frame donning an attractive wood-grain laminate. It all comes together to create a fairly durable turntable cabinet with authentic vintage styling.

What to Consider When Buying a Record Player Stand

Record Player Stand

The numerous record player stands on the market today can overwhelm newbies. And even veterans who’re looking for the perfect stand for their music collection.

In order to help you make this choice, here’s a list of the most important considerations and key features to look out for while doing comparison shopping.

1. Storage for Both Player and Records

Ideal record player stands should not only hold your record player, but also have a compartment for your vinyl records. Why buy multiple pieces of furniture when you can have it all in one fixture?

In order to properly organize your record collection, record player stands with storage should have dividers for to keep your display neat. Plus, the dividers also make the retrieval of records easy.

If you have a big record collection, then choose a record player stand that has the proper storage compartments for your collection.

But you also need to look at your future record storage needs. Invest in a record player stand with a storage compartment that caters to your growing collection.

Which leads us to our next point…

2. Matching Your Stand to Your Turntable

Ultimately, the overall size of your choice record player stand will be determined by the size of your record player.

So, before purchasing a record player stand, confirm the length, width, and height of your record player. Which will ensure you buy a stand that’s appropriate and spacious enough to hold your player.

But you’ll also have to consider how much free space you have to devote to a record player stand. Because bulkier record player stands need more space compared with compact versions. And small rooms will require more compact record player stands to save on space.

Plus, it’s crucial to have adequate space for amplifiers and speakers. So, keep your peripherals in mind as well.

3. Material

Good record player stands should be made of sturdy materials with the ability to last for many years. Because the right record player stand should last you a lifetime.

Many record player stands are made from either metal or wood. When it comes to stands made from chipboard you’ll be looking at a flimsy product that can easily warp. Or worse, break.

Good solid wood record player stands, like those made from acacia wood, or their metal counterparts, are able to stand the test of time.

Alternatively, you can also opt for one that incorporates both wood and metal.

4. Home Aesthetics and Décor

Best Record Player Stands

Make sure the record player stand you select matches, or at least complements, your overall home aesthetic. It should fit seamlessly with your home décor and not appear out of place. Better still, it should serve to positively enhance the overall appearance of your home.

One important consideration to achieve this blend in aesthetics is with the color of the stand. Select a color that coordinates well with the rest of your furniture and décor.

We recommend vintage record player stands for that timeless appeal.

5. Cost

Have a budget for the record player stand you want to buy. Bear in mind that a long-lasting record player stand might cost you a pretty penny. But it will be well worth it in the long run.

Record player stands made from solid wood or metal will generally be higher end products, and cost more.

When it comes to chipboard, you get what you pay for. So, if you’re leaning that route, make sure you choose a product with excellent reviews.

And as always, craftmanship and brand names also influence the price of record player stands.

Best Record Player Stand: Final Thoughts

Like any piece of furniture, your record player stand should balance form with function. That means ample storage for your records, as well as enough space to comfortably hold your turntable. More than that, it should be stable enough to reduce vibrations and allow your Hi-Fi system to perform faithful renditions of your favorite albums sans warbles, skips, and slowdown.

But equally, it should look good. After all, listening to vinyl entails a certain level of je ne sais quois–a retro cool that can easily be undone with the wrong aesthetics interjected. Ideally, you want a centerpiece that invites family and friends to sit grab a comfortable seat, turn phones on silent, and just vibe around the victrola.

Music lovers are notoriously picky with their gear, and that’s the way it should be. We hope that we’ve helped make your search for the right record player stand a little easier with today’s article.

We Want to Hear from You

What are your priorities in looking for a place to store your vinyl records in style? Do you prefer lots of shelves, or even space for your speakers? How big is your collection, and what have you been listening to these days? If you’ve got something to say on these or any other points of discussion, sound off in a comment below!

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