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Revolights Bike Lights

In September of 2011, the Revolights Bike Lights project received its funding from the Kickstarter community– $215,000, roughly five times their project goal.  On the shoulders of such a devoted community of backers, the Revolights crew spent the next 13 months refining and ultimately producing these amazing little bike lights.  Now, as of November of 2012, they’re here– ready to keep you safe while looking like you just rode out of the future…

The concept is simple– there’s not an established product on the market designed to illuminate the road ahead while improving rider visibility to other vehicles and pedestrians.  Handlebar-mounted lights typically cast a narrow cone of light that will illuminate the road ahead or alert vehicles nearby, but they don’t do an adequate job of both needs at once.  The Revolights define the shape of the cycle and illuminate in all directions, alerting nearby vehicles of the cyclist’s presence.  They also illuminate the road ahead from a low vantage point on the front wheel, while the rear light flashes intermittently when a rider is braking.

There’s also the visual element, as Revolights provide a futuristic visual aesthetic for the style-conscious cyclist.  They look good and keep you safe in the process, something that isn’t always true in the world of cycling (see: any bike helmet ever designed).  The Revolights system is a bit pricey at $250 a set, but buyers are purchasing a level of safety that could be worth every penny while riding at night.  The night is a dangerous time to ride, but with a pair of Revolights, you can ride assured that every set of eyeballs is firmly planted on you. [via highsnobiety]

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