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    Samantha Tio’s “Conveyance” Photo Series
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Samantha Tio’s “Conveyance” Photo Series


Long-time readers of TheCoolist are well aware of our obsession with night photography.  Photographer Samantha Tio has experimented with the form and has developed some rather breathtaking results.  Her Conveyance photo series is a study of traffic patterns in Asia, commissioned by the Singapore Art Museum.  These reflected, show-shutter stills are kaleidoscopic in nature, showing a wild geometric world that appears alien until your eyes begin to settle.  When much of the world’s night photography has grown a bit stale, this vibrant brand of traffic-driven light painting is a refreshing step in a bold new direction.  Kudos, Samantha.   [samantha tio via iconology]

Editor’s note – these images have been rotated to better fit the design of this website.  Be sure to enjoy the artist’s work on her own website or the source to experience her initial vision.



Samantha Tio “Conveyance” Gallery