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    Spring Speed: Motorcycle Style from Home to the Office
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Spring Speed: Motorcycle Style from Home to the Office

Gentlemen, start your engines. Spring has sprung in just about every state of the nation, and the warm asphalt is begging for some good old-fashioned rubber. If you want to hit the streets early and do so in style, we’ve put together an outfit that will work well for the warm days and the cool ones, both on the road and in the office. Classic khakis are the base for our bold outfit, monochrome in transit but colorful upon arrival. As soon as that leather biker jacket comes off, you’re ready and presentable for a full day of work at the office.

Docker’s Alpha Khaki – Gravel

Stylish and strong, the Docker’s Alpha Khaki in gravel color make for a sleek and versatile canvas for many outfits. Whether you’re wearing blacks and grays or color around them, these pants are a solid outfit foundation. $59.

Acne Oliver Leather Biker Jacket

The Acne Oliver Leather Biker Jacket is functional enough for riding and conservative enough for work. It’s the edgy accents on the zippers that brings attitude to the typical commuter outfit. There are affordable alternatives, but this is the look you want to nail. $1,510.

Diesel Hi-Jack Grey Black Helmet

That gorgeous matte shine is one heck of a finishing touch on an already stylish helmet. The Diesel Hi-Jack Grey Black Helmet will turn heads on the street. $219.

Comune – Men’s DAKOTA French

Pop off your leather, and you can still stand out on the street. The Comune – Men’s DAKOTA French shirt is business-casual friendly and bright enough to be spotted on your rush-hour ride home on warm days. $49.

Supra Black Cuban Sneakers

The subtle red accents on these office-friendly sneakers totally pop in a monochrome outfit. These Supra Black Cuban Sneakers are very ad agency chic. $70.

HardGraft 3Fold Multi-Use Bag

We swear by HardGraft, and the HardGraft 3Fold Multi-Use Bag is as functional as it is stunning. It’ll carry your laptop to work and a change of clothes to a Friday night that may not end in your own bed… $799.

Sabre Vision – Heart Breaker Sunglasses

These hand-made acetate frames are dashing, and the red-tinted lenses create quite a contrast. The Sabre Vision – Heart Breaker Sunglasses are very aptly named. $116.

Nooka ZUB ZIRC RS 20 Watch

Just like the red accents in your shoes (and those glasses above), the Nooka ZUB ZIRC RS 20 Watch stands out in this outfit. It’s a conversation piece on your wrist that will bring compliments by the truckload. $130.

Dents Leather Driving Gloves

They’ll keep your hands safe on the road, and they’ll look good doing it. These Dents Leather Driving Gloves are the same worn by Ryan Gosling in the hit film Drive. $55.

Ride safe, readers– and look good doing it.