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    Style: Casual Cool for the Art Gallery Opening
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Style: Casual Cool for the Art Gallery Opening

Dressing casual for an art gallery opening can be a calculated undertaking. It’s easy to go over the top, and it’s just as easy to appear too plain amongst the trend-setters and art aficionados. The right place to start is with some solid, stylish basics, then accessorize them with a set of strong compliments. We’ve done precisely that, starting with a pair of Levi’s® Sta-Prest™ 511 Skinny Trouser – Harvest Gold at the base. Stick around to build the look piece-by-piece, preparing to make a strong-yet-subtle statement at the gallery opening party in your city.

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V.S.T.R. Distinguished Oxford Stripe Shirt

The V.S.T.R. Distinguished Oxford Stripe Shirt is a simple, unobtrusive top that’ll let your accessories and sleeve ink stand out.  The light blue color matches perfectly with the harvest gold color of the Levi’s® base.

Levi’s® Sta-Prest™ 511 Skinny Trouser – Harvest Gold

No matter the scenario, the Sta-Prest moniker ensures a wrinkle-free base to your outfit.  The harvest gold khaki-style color is versatile, ideal for an office holiday party– or a casual art gallery opening.  It can’t hurt to start with an American original.

Vanishing Elephant Desert Boot

You’re probably noticing a trend here– strong, simple and masculine.  The art appraisers might spend more time trying to figure you out over the paintings on the walls.

Levi’s Harness Belt

Black shoes, black belt.  The thick, bold and black Levi’s Harness Belt provides a nice contrast to the skinny ankle of the 511 Sta-Prest pants above.

WESC Griffin T-shirt

If the gallery (or the after party) gets hot, you can feel confident about peeling off that outer layer with this beneath it.  The WESC Griffin T-shirt will give a kind contour to a fit figure while maintaining an academic quality to it.

Braun Chronograph

While Braun is most popularly known for appliance design, they showed off their styling sensibilities this year with a stunning line of watches.  This Braun Chronograph is a stand out, and the repeated black “framing” of this outfit will fit well in the gallery setting.

Hard Graft Pocket Phone Case

Your phone, cards and cash can all be neatly stowed and make a fashion statement at the same time.  Hard Graft, the purveyors of fine Italian leather and wool felt accessories, produces this pretty little thing for the guy on the go.

Super America Black Eyeglasses

The Super eyeglass brand has been brandished by a who’s who of celebrity icons, and now its your turn to rock them.  They complete the black-framed theme of this outfit in a literal sense.  Match them with your prescription lenses or a translucent sunglass lense and you’re ready to roll.

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Thanks for reading, and we hope you knock ’em dead at the gallery opening party.  If you’re looking in your own closet to build on this look, we suggest reaching for a leather jacket and a Leica camera if you’re so fortunate.  For now, be sure to hit the list atop this article to click through to a closer look at each item.  Our friends at Levi’s