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    A Bright Future: Every Bit of These Futuristic Sunglasses Are Made of Lens Glass
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A Bright Future: Every Bit of These Futuristic Sunglasses Are Made of Lens Glass

The Apple of Eyewear continues to innovate, this time ditching all the extra fluff and sticking only to the lens. RetroSuperFuture’s Tuttolente Collection sunglasses uses just one material in its structure — lens glass. “Tuttolente” translates from Italian to English as “all-lens”, meaning that the frame and arms of these glasses are one and the same material.

The RetroSuperFuture Tuttolente Collection features six of Super’s most popular frames designed entirely in lens glass. The result is a uniform color and transparency, which yields a futuristic look from ear to brow. The variance between designs is pretty wild, but all of them present a vivid, tomorrow-friendly appeal.

RetroSuperFuture built the Tuttolente Collection by using a single sheet of Zeiss lens material. That’s the same source of some of today’s most sought after pro photography lenses. From this sheet, they cut the frames and the arms and attached them at the joint. So the frame, the lens and the arms are all one material. Or in Italian, “tuttolente”.

I own a pair of the RetroSuperFuture Flat Tops in a tortoise shell colorway, and I love the all-lens black Flat Top shown here. I’d buy them, but my current pair would be jealous, and I wouldn’t want to do that to my favorite pair of sunglasses…

RetroSuperFuture Tuttolente Collection Sunglasses 8

RetroSuperFuture Tuttolente Collection Sunglasses 5

RetroSuperFuture Tuttolente Collection Sunglasses 4

RetroSuperFuture Tuttolente Collection Sunglasses 6

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