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Maximize Your Look in Style with the 15 Best Jogger Pants

Once upon a time, in the days before everyone wore their pajamas to run errands, go to class, or get coffee, being seen outside of the house wearing a pair of sweatpants either meant you were working out in the cold, or you were an escaped mental patient. As laziness eventually overran style, and yoga pants became acceptable, nay, delightful garb at any time, fashion designers recognized that they would need to bend to the needs of the people. Thus, the fashionable jogger pants became a common item.

Combining the comfort and breathability of a set of exercise pants with the look of everything from BDU’s to cotton trousers, today’s joggers are unrecognizable from striped stretch pants and the heavy sweat gear of the 80’s. From the business casual world down to moisture-wicking workout gear, with plenty of lounge pants thrown in for good measure, the 15 best jogger pants are a celebration of both style and sloth.

Uniqlo Dry Stretch Sweatpants

via scene7.com

Instead of trying to make joggers that look like chinos or can be worn to a meeting with your best boat shoes, Uniqlo offers up more technical fare that stays true to the gym rat roots. Low-profile zippers all around let you use your pockets, but secure your gear for when you’re actually putting in work. Purchase: $10

Elwood Stretch Twill Joggers

via pieceup.hk

Joggers aren’t meant to be costly artisanal pieces hand-woven by Nepalese monks. They’re supposed to be ordinary clothes for ordinary people. Elwood knows this and has perfectly captured the intent and price of a smart set of jogging pants. Cotton and spandex with a twill build that looks natty anytime, these are your standard-issue choice for going everywhere and doing whatever. Purchase: $20

Match Loose Fit Jogger Pants

via pinterest.com

Most joggers make the mistake of going too slim, requiring that we be as trim as the anorexic models adorning magazines. Match has stepped up to help us out with a bulkier, baggier kind of pant that is all cotton for breathability, but formulated to fit people with normal body types. Purchase: $20+

Italy Morn Chino Jogger Pants

via amazon.com

Boasting a broad spectrum of colors, including all the various camo prints you could want, these chinos are 98% cotton for airflow, then outfitted with a gusset in the groin to keep you moving with the music. Purchase: $27+

Zara Linen Jogging Pants

via lyst.com

Though Zara can’t design a functional website to save their life, they’re king of the hill when it comes to making linen pants that are both snappy and breathable, ideal for summer sweat sessions or merely staying loose and cool. The waist mixes elastic with drawstring cords for a snug fit that always looks classically casual. Purchase: $30

Topman Khaki Skinny Joggers

via topman.com

Intended to cut a severely skinny silhouette, Topman has cornered the market when it comes to catering to the slenderest among us who want to show off their low profile. Made of comfortable cotton/poly that’s easy to maintain and clean, you won’t find a pair that’s more low-maintenance in either look or use. Purchase: $40

River Island Jersey Joggers

via lyst.com

Rather than reinventing the wheel, River Island merely upgraded and modernized it. Noticeable Jersey fabric means these stay true to sweatpants of yore, but with a sleeker build that means less bulk or unattractive bunching while you move. Purchase: $44

Adidas Tiro 17

via edgesuite.net

Climacooled pants intended for serious soccer training, Adidas has managed to bridge the gap between functional workout wear and casual pants that are as good when paired with a ratty tee in your home as being donned beneath a sweater for a playful, yet pleasing appearance. We never thought we’d see the day to suggest a doubleknit polyester, but here it is. Purchase: $45

Levi’s Chino Jogger Pants

via levi.com

Going heavy on the cotton with just enough elastane to get you by, you’re unlikely to want to do much exercise in these, but rather take every opportunity to languish in the airy comfort they provide during summer beer festivals, picnics, and whatever warm weather outings you find calling you into the heat. Purchase: $54+

Publish Sprinter Jogger Pants

via urbanoutfitters.com

Utilitarian with quill embroidery and a sturdy cotton build, where these really shine is in the smart stitching around the crotch, where extra space is provided for greater range of motion without mashing or cutting into your naughty bits. The colors are also particularly vibrant and enjoyable. Purchase: $84

Publish Legacy Jogger

via publishbrand.com

The stretch twill with a smooth taper from hip to ankle begins the tale. What ends it is the water repellent properties and stain-resistance that make the Legacy as good for trail running as bar hopping. There’s also loads of reinforcement in high-pressure spots to keep your seat, knees, and thighs covered after years of punishment. Purchase: $90

COS Twill Drawstring Trousers

via cosstores.com

Almost wholly made of natural cotton with just a hint of elastane to give them the proper amount of flex, the top is all sweatpant, but throw a shirt or a jacket over it and it’s nigh impossible to tell this quality weave apart from any standard skinny trousers. They even forgo the cuffed bottom for a more stylized look. Purchase: $99

Outdoor Voices Two-Tone Runningman Sweats

via outdoorvoices.com

Using a textured compression fabric, these are year-round pants that can work as a top layer for warmer days, or provide a base layer during cold nights. A gusset inseams works with the four-way stretch material to move when you do without binding or riding, giving you enough flexibility to follow whatever flight of fancy you wish. Purchase: $100

Zanerobe Sureshot Cargo

via zanerobe.com

Mixing the cargo pant with a jogger build is an often attempted, rarely well-executed endeavor. Zanerobe has managed to hit the mark with pockets that don’t daunt your range of motion and reduce the bulky, boxy feeling that typically goes with cargo pants. The fit is straightforward and simple, but carries a reinforced crotch that brings the extra help when it’s needed most. Purchase: $120

Daniel Patrick Parachute Track Pant

via danielpatrick.us

Funky and fun, the days of MC Hammer denying us the ability to “touch this” might be long gone, but we can still stay too legit in these throwback parachute pants that rekindle the days of yore. Though the look is all 80’s, the handmade polyester microfiber build and made-to-order craftsmanship is everything you could want in a contemporary jogger. Purchase: $350

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