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The 21 Best Shirt Jackets For All-Season Wear

Humankind harnessed fire so early people could survive in the darkness with our little squishy bodies while creatures of fang and claw roamed wild. We built wonders to appease the gods. When faced with daunting challenges, we met them head on. So it was when we – human beings -invented the shirt, to hide the unsightliness of nipples. Because that’s the kind of innovators we are. Then, when we realized that sometimes a shirt needed to be heavy enough to be considered a jacket, we made the shirt jacket, a fashionable nod toward both guarding against possible nipple sightings, and a way to stay extra warm without donning a heavy winter coat.

Shirt jackets are good for the mud months, but increasing temperatures ranges around the world means they’re broadening out to be good for summer wear as well, making them a 3+-season accessory that is never out of style. Originally made largely for working, the first iterations were made mostly out of flannel, canvas, or denim. More contemporary choices now exist with ripstop nylon and merino wool making appearances alongside innumerable technical outerwear fabrics, turning the humble shirt jacket into an all-inclusive piece of garb that’s made with action and odd temperatures in mind.

Kavu Rambler

via amazon.com

Made by Kavu, who is based out of the wet and whimsical Seattle, where there’s no such thing as between-season weather, the Rambler is cotton canvas specifically designed to keep water from sliding in. Polyester insulation cuts nips in the air down to size, with quick snap buttons for easy on/off action and rapid donning. Purchase: $57

Carhartt Chatfield Ripstop

via carhartt.com

Inexpensive, indestructible, it’s everything you’d expect from Carhartt, complete with a mouth-watering price thanks to its questionable work as a fashion piece. Purchase: $60-$70

Threads for Thought Sherpa-Lined

via huckberry.com

Crafted out of sustainable materials by design gurus who live in New York, the soft and strong make comes with peace of mind, thanks to ecologically friendly farming and ranching practices for better materials right from the source. Purchase: $70

Legendary Whitetail Journeyman

via amazon.com

A bargain, the hand-warmer pockets, triple-stitching, antique brass buttons, and overall quality design makes this hard to fault. Jensen Ackles would likely wear this proudly, and if it’s good enough for Dean. Purchase: $70+

Woolrich Stag Shirt Jac

via moosejaw.com

Ages old yet still at the top of the game, Woolrich’s Stag Shirt bears double yokes at the front and the back, which dumps off moisture to prevent soaking and enhances warmth. Wide-mouthed hand-warmer pockets provide the cherry for this warm sundae. Purchase: $111

Welcome Stranger Military Shirt Jacket

via huckberry.com

Made in San Francisco, the Welcome Stranger is proof that going militant doesn’t mean being uncomfortable. Pure moleskin all around, it’s super pleasing to the touch, light and airy to wear, holds hotness like a cloak, and just look at those lines. Plus, a hidden pocket for your flaskPurchase: $111

Steven Alan Cotton-Moleskin Shirt Jacket

Sincerely a beautiful shirt, pictures don’t do it justice. The suede body is breathable and light, seeming to drift, providing a haven of warmth that’s hearty enough to survive a life well-lived. Purchase: $112

Scotch & Soda Nordic

via scotch-soda.com

A set of funky colors isn’t all that makes up this shirt/jacket, but those are a nice diversion from the standard fare. What’s noteworthy here is the snap closure and simple quilting that the Nordic has; prizing pure warmth along with cutting wind thanks to a nylon lining. Purchase: $113

Patagonia Insulated Fjord Flannel Jacket

via backcountry.com

Probably the most recognizable shirt jacket in existence, Patagonia didn’t break the mold, they invented it with their woven mix of 100% cotton on the outside, and insulation that is 90% recycled Thermogreen. Warm enough for winter work, breathable enough for margarita days at the lakePurchase: $118

Iron and Resin Shelter Shirt Jacket

via huckberry.com

The glory of waxed canvas on the exterior, with a plush flannel interior meant to make with the toasty, there’s buttons and zippers and closures galore, so you and your EDC stuff can enjoy the water-repellent protection come rain or heavier rain. Purchase: $120

Grayers Dylan Quilted

via stagprovisions.com

Hoping to become the modern Irish wool, minus the itchiness that plagues many clothes from the Emerald Isle, this almost feels like a poncho drape, though the tailored cut adds a stylishness that no shawl could mimic, and a versatility that can change with the weather, literally. Purchase: $135

Edgevale Bonded Fleece Shirt Jacket

via edgevaleusa.com

Quick-drying microfleece is the secret to this wet-fighting wonder. As a top layer, it won’t stay damp for long, holding in warmth while shirking wetness, and as a shirt it’s touchably soft and inviting, perfect for evening dates during unpredictable weather. Purchase: $145

J. Crew Buffalo Check CPO Shirt Jacket

via jcrew.com

A naval history comes along with the Buffalo CPO. The initials stand for “Chief Petty Officer” and these were built with men at sea in mind. A woven mix of cotton and nylon, it’s a shirt, a blazer, and a uniform all done in lumberjack print for folksiness to go with the dense warmth and protection from the elements. Purchase: $148

Relwen Pique Fleece Overshirt

via lyst.ca

Fashion-forward, the whole idea of the Pique was to make a shirt jacket that looked buttery good, but could also go the distance of its hardy, homely competitors. Reinforced seams and a nice fleece and cotton blend give this a downy feel and a die-hard makeup that takes no guff. Purchase: $180

Taylor Stitch Maritime Shirt Jacket

via pinterest.com

Heavier than it looks, a life at sea isn’t out of the question when you don this dapper dud. It’s built with 19 ounce lambswool that is donegal-flecked, turning it into a beautiful, very, very warm piece of wear. Purchase: $188

Ralph Lauren Chambray Work Shirt

via ralphlauren.com

Stem to stern cotton, the classic denim look is evidence of how much this shirt aches to help you stay warm in a shed or garage, while also standing up to snags, scuffs, tears, and endless amounts of oil as you wrench or tweak. When you’re on the clock or in DIY mode, this steps up to the challenge. Purchase: $195

Filson Jac-Shirt

via filson.com

Doing it like the sheeps do, Filson uses all virgin wool in the making of the Jac because it naturally bears warmth and water-protection that can’t be matched by man’s textiles. Cut big for adding layers, it also has tight cuffs for holding in heat and avoiding snags on tools or machinery. Purchase: $230

Cold Smoke Kunnak

via outdooraesthetics.org

An international superstar, the material used is Japanese, but the construction is done in British Columbia, where cold is so common they rarely have shirts that aren’t jackets. Cuffs and collar stretch to close off drafts, and waterproofing runs throughout to keep you dry inside. Purchase: $249

Oscar Slim-Fit Cotton-Blend Canvas Field Jacket

via lyst.co.uk

Looks still count, even when wearing a jacket that is also a shirt, thus you must equip yourself wisely. The basic beige build looks good and marginally professional under any circumstances, and can be paired with a shirt and tie for outdoor meetings where you need a little something different. Purchase: $250

Duckworth Woolcloud Snap Shirt

via duckworthco.com

Carrying a lot more jacket DNA than shirt, the Woolcloud is a serious long-term item for rugged outdoor wear. The shell is all nylon, made to stay firm, resist stains, and look good even after it’s been put through the wringer. The interior is likewise survivor tough with sturdy wool that won’t pack down, even when you’ve beat on it. Purchase: $275

Fjallraven Down Shirt No. 1

via fjallraven.com

It’s the original down shirt. No imitations to be had here, just 1000 fill goose in a tan body with some organic cotton. Costly, but a lifetime buy that existence in the arctic circle requires. Purchase: $350

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