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    19 Stylish Summer Pants Men Can Wear to the Beach
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19 Stylish Summer Pants Men Can Wear to the Beach

While board shorts are fine when you’re taking a dip or sunning yourself, there are plenty of times when a longer leg would be more stylish. What you really need to invest in is a good pair of summer pants. Before you panic, we’ve done the work and compiled a list of the best summer pants men can enjoy at the beach, the bar, or the yacht.

Best Summer Pants for Men

Gentlemen, the era of the cargo shorts at the beach is over. While there is a time and a place for everything, the truly stylish man knows when to go for long-leg summer pants. Linen blend lightweight pants will not weigh you down and cause you to overheat, but they will add some serious style points to your hot weather outfits. If you are someone who lives in a more temperate climate, you might even be able to wear your summer pants all year long. 

Best Fabrics for Men’s Beach Pants

Before we give you a rundown of the best summer pants for men, we’d like to help you choose the right fabrics. This way, you’ll know in advance whether any pants you’re eyeing will do the job.

Here are the ideal fabric choices for summer trousers:

  • Linen: Simple, stylish, timeless – linen pants breathe well and is fairly durable, meaning it won’t rip to shreds easily, but will keep your bits nice and breezy
  • Linen Blend: Also excellent, a linen blend is usually a mix of linen and rayon or cotton and linen. They’re softer, won’t wrinkle as easily as straight linen, yet still, give you all the billowy goodness.
  • Cotton/Polyester: Be careful here, since a bad blend will give you sweatpants, not a nice pair of summer loungers.
  • Cotton: Easy, breathable, and can be found in a multitude of styles, cotton is good so long as it is woven loosely. Weave it too tight and you end up with denim, which is not good for the beach. Try hunting for “gauze cotton” to save time.
  • Chambray: More common among dress pants, chambray is the classy fabric to replace your jeans. Find a relaxed cut pant or even a pair of long shorts, and you’ll be golden.
  • Twill: Also a quality way to get a lighter set of pants that are closer to denim, yet have the laid-back shoreman style. Twill is a type of cotton that is denser and best left to the inbetweener months surrounding summer, when the cool air can come calling.

Must-Have Beach Pants for Guys

1. L’Estrange London The 24 Trouser

L’Estrange London The 24 Trouser

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Everyday Staple Piece: Made of fine Italian tailoring from custom-made fabric with 97% lightweight organic cotton. This multi-functional trouser is designed to be smooth and breathable for everyday use. A pair of lightweight pants that can be worn as classic suit pants or an alternative to your jeans. These summer pants are a great addition to your wardrobe. It’s the new smart casual for anyone looking for a trusty pair of pants you can wear anytime and anywhere.

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2. ISTO Chinos 

ISTO Chinos 
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The Only Khakis You Need: ISTO brings their take on the classic pair of khakis, tapered to perfection and expertly tailored to fit just right. Feels more sturdy and tough but not too rigid and stiff. It’s not like your typical office trouser and is arguably more comfortable and breathable than most, so you can go smart casual with ease. Pair it with your favorite pair of canvas sneakers or opt for a pair of Chelsea boots, and this pair of trusty pants can bring you anywhere.

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3. Percival Straight Leg Trousers

Percival Straight Leg Trousers Shop Now

Move Aside, Denim: Here, you can see the new can-do pants – casual for an at-home office or for weekend errands but just dressy enough for going on dates on the weekend. Percival’s twill straight leg trousers are premium and polished, but you will appreciate its classy yet comfortable fit. Featuring a flat-fronted style, cuffed, and available in a few colors, you’ll have a limitless option for styling this pair of trousers. 

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4. Form & Thread Twill Double Pleated Trouser

Form & Thread Twill Double Pleated Trouser Shop Now

The 21st Century Workwear: Distinctly minimal, easy to wear, and affordable, all you need to build a capsule wardrobe. Chinos work great for many settings, but if you’re hunting for another staple piece that’s as comfy and stylish, you won’t go wrong with a double pleated trouser from Form&Thread. These twill pants look and feel superb with their relaxed fitting that takes on the classic carrot shape with wider legs that slowly tapers down to a slimmer ankle. It’s the laid-back pair of trousers you’ve been looking for that will suit most body shapes. 

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5. Happy Chef Cotton Baggy Chef Pants

Happy Chef Cotton Baggy Chef Pants

Pack Mule: All cotton, these can be a little dense and a little dark for wear during scorching summer days, though ideal for ones with cloud cover. Since they’re meant for work in piping hot kitchens, they breathe well, and provide loads of pocket space for lugging all your gear around. 

6. 5.11 Tactical #74273

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Good to Go: We’d never forget about our urban commando brothers who need a tactical edge, even when catching some sun. Light enough for desert ops and pumped full of pockets, there’s always space for all your EDC equipment along with 5.11’s incomparable construction.

7. KingSize Summer Weight Cargo Pants

KingSize Summer Weight Cargo Pants

Go Big: Made of canvas and cut for the larger lads out there. You don’t need to give up the cargo look completely, just primp it up to stay stylish and save cash.

8. J.Crew Factory Sutton Lightweight Chino

J.Crew Factory Sutton Lightweight Chino

Slender, Man: Skinny jean fans who want to get to the sandy shores should look no further. They’re light as a white lie, come in eye-catching colors, and accent the narrow wearer nicely.

9. John Blair Linen-Look Drawstring Slacks

John Blair Linen-Look Drawstring Slacks

Synthetic Styling: Breaking from the pack, these are rayon and polyester blended together. The price is low, the comfort is real, and the look is smoother than you get with anything from the linen or cotton family.

10. Dockers Alpha Khaki Slim-Tapered Lightweight Stretch Pants

Dockers Alpha Khaki Slim-Tapered Lightweight Stretch Pants

Give a Little: Khakis are touch-and-go for beachwear, which is why we like that these have cotton and elastane. They bend and breathe for a deceptively light feel behind the classic slack look.

11. Cubavera Drawstring Pant with Elastic Waistband

Cubavera Drawstring Pant with Elastic Waistband
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Mixed Bag: A melding of linen and rayon, Cubavera provides all the comfort of linen without the hefty price tag. Easily machine washable, difficult to wrinkle, and offered in a massive range of colors, we suggest you try a pair and get ready to fall in love.

12. Havanera Co. Drawstring Pants

Havanera Co. Drawstring Pants

Unpretentious: As tough as you’ll get out of any linen/rayon mixture at this price, these should just be issued to men when summer hits. They’re your beach uniform; so suit up. 

13. UA Relentless Warm-Up

UA Relentless Warm-Up

Fancy Footwork: We’re going to give you one set of workout pants that can pass as beachwear. Under Armour has enough street cred, and these pants look smooth enough that they won’t completely wreck your look, but you’d better do a little jogging to earn them.

14. Tommy Bahama Linen Drawstring Pants

Tommy Bahama Linen Drawstring Pants

Slim Down: Tommy Bahama has cornered the market on high-quality, 100% linen pants that look amazing. There’s a more professional look to these beach pants than most, allowing you to head right into the cabana without a moment of self-consciousness.

15. Perry Ellis Drawstring Pant

Perry Ellis Drawstring Pant
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Softened Up: Here you see how a linen and cotton blend will offer greater softness and comfort along with a look that’s yacht-deck ready. Guys with sensitive skin will find these help prevent any abrasion, even after a bit of beach football. 

16. Prana Sutra Pants

Prana Sutra Pants

Motion Capture: Men’s yoga pants are excellent for wearing to the beach. Comprised of spandex, hemp, and polyester, they give you a relaxed look and a broad crotch for moving, yet enough durability to do some bouldering or the all-important tree pose

17. Bonobos Summer Weight Chinos

Bonobos Summer Weight Chinos

Go Pro: A cotton twill that’s been stripped down to a summery weight, you’re better taking these chinos to the Tiki lounge than spending hours in the sun. Light and bright, they pair well with a sport coat for dog day business casual.

[amzn link link=””]

18. Orvis Jamaica Linen Walking Pants

Orvis Jamaica Linen Walking Pants

Soothing Slacks: Linen can be a little rough for long walks on the beach. These have been beaten into submission and built to be soft enough for sustained motion, and supple enough to go the distance.

19. Maison Margiela 10 Casual Pants

Maison Margiela 10 Casual Pants

Sitting Pretty: True, these are a little costly, but at least they’re not terribly durable. If look and feel are more important to you than standing the test of time, these lightweight pants look and feel great, but aren’t built for abuse.

Final Thoughts on the Best Summer Pants for Men

There you have it, the best summer pants to keep you stylish and cool through the warm months. While you don’t need an exhaustive collection of long trousers, a few pairs of linen pants never go amiss. 

You can have a little fun in the sun by introducing a nice slim dock pant into your fashion arsenal, or maybe just consider replacing your stiff dress pants with a more comfortable linen blend trouser. 

Are you a fan of wearing long-legged pants in the summer? Are shorts still your go-to summer accessory? Perhaps a few of the pants on this list have managed to sway your opinion and introduce some lightweight pants to your closet. Let us know in the comments. 

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