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L’Estrange London AeroTech 24 Trouser (Firsthand Review)

The L’Estrange London AeroTech 24 Trouser is a slimming, flexible everyday staple for men. L’Estrange London’s 24 Trouser provides a simplistic yet versatile design for busy men who value seasonless fashion. We enjoyed the AeroTech 24’s airy yet sleek design—so much so that we feel comfortable making it a part of our daily wardrobe.

Review of the L'Estrange 24 Trouser
Hands-on review of the L’Estrange AeroTech 24 Trouser’s fit, features, and quality

L’Estrange London’s Trouser design demonstrates four attributes we look for in men’s fashion: versatility, everyday usage, comfort, and an environmentally conscious make. It’s possible to incorporate the AeroTech 24 Trouser into your wardrobe because it’s modular and pairs well with most contemporary looks. Buyers will also find that the pants’ Japanese nylon is appropriate for everyday wear and sports a comfortable feel that doesn’t restrict your movement. L’Estrange’s focus on well-made recycled synthetics further complements the AeroTech 24 trouser because it holds environmentally friendly fashion to high standards.

The AeroTech 24 Trouser stands out from other brands as L’Estrange not only prioritizes sustainability, but longevity and proper care. We feel that L’Estrange values products that last for a lifetime as opposed to what appeals to the masses.

The AeroTech 24 Trouser does feature some shortcomings but none that prove to be a dealbreaker for us. For example, the pants lack a belt which excludes the staple from more formal settings and it only comes in one color. The AeroTech 24 line also isn’t accessible to many consumers due to L’Estrange’s high price tag and the trouser’s limited sizes.

However, we’re delighted by the AeroTech 24 Trouser at the end of the day. We found a comfortable, versatile staple that looks sleek and pairs well with the modern man’s wardrobe. The following article dives deeper into L’Estrange’s design—expanding on who’s it for, what makes it different, and what to expect after purchasing the AeroTech 24 Trouser.

Who is the L’Estrange AeroTech 24 Trouser for?

The L’Estrange AeroTech 24 Trouser is for men who value staple items. L’Estrange’s mission is to pivot male consumers toward versatile items that maintain a permanent spot in their closets. The AeroTech 24 Trouser emphasizes four qualities in order to achieve L’Estrange’s aim: seasonless fashion, everyday usage, a comfort-focused design, and sustainable materials. These four characteristics are the essence of L’Estrange London’s appeal. They also successfully pulled us in through the AeroTech 24 Trouser as our impressions below discuss.

L'Estrange AeroTech 24 Pants
L’Estrange London’s AeroTech 24 pants are perfect for stylish everyday wear

Seasonless fashion

The first quality L’Estrange London demonstrates is seasonless fashion. The creators of the AeroTech 24 Trouser emphasize versatile, modular pieces so men will look stylish in most settings. The pants embody L’Estrange’s mission by featuring a clean, simplistic design. However, the AeroTech 24 is only available in one color, navy. L’Estrange’s choice of navy-only trousers is limiting but palatable in any wardrobe. For example, you can pair the AeroTech trousers with any standard staple (black button-down, white shirts, hoodies, casual suit jackets, etc.) or match them with the brand’s Aerotech 24 Overshirt. Any selection fits cleanly into contemporary men’s fashion without succumbing to trends.

Everyday wear

The second quality that pulls us in is everyday wear. The AeroTech 24 Trouser is suitable for everyday wear because it is made from crease-resistant, recycled Japanese nylon. Busy men also benefit from a minimalistic shape, a well-fitting elastic band, and a PFC-free water finish. We felt comfortable commuting, attending business functions, or spending a night on the town in the AeroTech trousers. Long-term wear isn’t likely to show any visible damage due to diligent L’Estrange craftsmanship. AeroTech’s pants should last years with proper care—a positive that other men’s fashion lines lack.

Comfortable design

The third quality the AeroTech 24 Trouser demonstrates is a comfortable design. Men who prioritize comfort should consider L’Estrange’s AeroTech collection due to its cozy fit. Sizing for the AeroTech 24 Trouser goes up to XXL (54 in EU sizes) which may give some customers pause as it’s a slim fit. However, the design is flexible and airy; you get to enjoy the freedom of movement without the slim cut restricting your figure. For example, the trouser is loose enough that we could reasonably do yoga or stretching while on an office break.

L'Estrange London Elastic Waist Trousers
The AeroTech 24 Trouser features an elastic waist for daily comfort

The designs weren’t too long or too short when we tried them on—but L’Estrange incorporates extra fabric in the hem should you need extra length. We also recommend studying the sizing guide as it might fit too loosely or tightly if you’re on the cusp of the available sizes.

Environmentally conscious

The fourth quality that draws men in is the environmentally conscious make of the AeroTech 24 Trouser. L’Estrange typically prioritizes organic materials like Kapok. The AeroTech 24 Trouser isn’t organic, but it does achieve L’Estrange’s goals of more sustainable shopping by incorporating recycled synthetics—which is increasingly key in today’s market. A 2023 report from McKinsey and NielsenIQ found that 78% of American buyers value more suitable living.

Our wardrobe extends to how we live; fashion is part of how we express ourselves, especially in professional environments where how we dress impacts first impressions. The synthetically-made 24 Trouser combats the highly-pollutant fast fashion industry by providing both recycled and high-quality material that lasts. The AeroTech 24 Trouser consequently isn’t for men who prefer more trendy looks. The trouser lacks a belt and only comes in one color. Accessorizing therefore may prove difficult. Furthermore, the pants are a staple piece—which means the items from the L’Estrange 24 line aren’t vivacious by design but should fit appropriately into most casual or business-casual looks for men.

What makes the AeroTech 24 Trouser different?

A long-lasting design makes the AeroTech 24 Trouser different from other men’s fashion brands. We previously mentioned the AeroTech 24 Trouser’s design is seasonless. Longevity is key to achieving seasonless fashion because its appeal depends on how long you can wear the item. L’Estrange London pants achieve longevity by emphasizing two factors.

L'Estrange London Flexible Trouser
The L’Estrange London 24 Trousers are built to last with proper care

The first factor is quality. The slimming AeroTech 24 Trouser is comfortable and soft to the touch due to its carefully-made nylon from L’Estrange’s mill in Nomi, Japan. Synthetic material like nylon is often scratchy and prone to tears. However, you won’t see a drop in quality with L’Estrange London because the trouser is crease-resistant, quick-drying, and holds up against chillier weather. We’re curious to see how the pants fare in warmer weather—in which case, organic fiber is more breathable—but we’re satisfied with its design for everyday wear.

The second factor that sets the AeroTech 24 Trouser apart from other men’s trousers is L’Estrange’s emphasis on proper care. Fashion brands need to produce and sell en masse due to the rapidly changing nature of consumer demand. The consequence is a $30.58 billion industry that depends on cheap fibers that are not designed to last for years. L’Estrange stands out by offering a one-year return guarantee to repair items and a Lifecare Guide to best look after your purchase. L’Estrange additionally encourages reselling on their DeGrowth page for when or if their pieces leave your wardrobe. Doing so keeps your trouser or any other piece you might purchase from (preemptively) ending up in a landfill.

What to expect from the AeroTech 24 Trouser

Consumers should expect three things from the AeroTech 24 Trouser. The first element you should expect from L’Estrange’s 24 Trouser is a flexible staple. The AeroTech 24 Trouser isn’t trendy but modular and simple. L’Estrange designs its pieces to seamlessly fit with most wardrobes. You should therefore anticipate the AeroTech 24 Trouser being part of your daily outfits. The second thing buyers should expect is proper care. The AeroTech 24 line is pricey which we discern is due to L’Estrange’s focus on sustainability and reuse. We recommend that you look after your item to get your money’s worth and then some. The third element you should expect is a sleek fit. The AeroTech 24 Trouser helps achieve a slimming effect for most heights but is easily adjustable if you want more or less length.

Comfortable L'Estrange 24 Trouser
The AeroTech 24 Trouser is slimming, comfortable, and well made

Pros of the AeroTech 24 Trouser

The L’Estrange AeroTech 24 Trouser has pros and cons you should consider before purchasing. The pros are as follows.

  • Stylistically flexible: The men’s trouser is flexible and adjustable without sacrificing style. Men who add the AeroTech pants to their closet can seamlessly add them to most outfits. For example, the AeroTech 24 Trouser is appropriate for the workplace, date nights, commuting, outings, and even lightweight exercises like yoga.
  • Slimming: The L’Estrange AeroTech 24 Trouser is sleek and slimming. We cut a minimalist figure when we tried them on, which was one of our favorite parts of the trousers! Any modern man looking for a similar effect should therefore consider the AeroTech 24 Trouser.
  • Comfortable: The AeroTech 24 Trouser’s design is synthetic and crease-resistant but soft to the touch and sits comfortably around the waist. We received the trousers in a Large, but we think we’d feel just as at ease in a Medium. Furthermore, the length is cozy, but you can extend or roll up the legs if needed.
  • Lightweight: Unlike woolen trousers, the L’Estrange 24 Trouser is light and breathable. We could easily see ourselves continuing to wear these pants in the summer without getting too hot.
  • Durable: The AeroTech 24 Trouser is built to last thanks to its high-quality, recycled nylon and detailed craftsmanship. The minimalist design additionally adds to the trouser’s longevity. Customers have a better chance of maintaining their purchase for the long haul because it comes in a dark color and lacks the bells and whistles seen on trendier, contemporary men’s pants. Furthermore, the Lifecare Guide helps ensure you get the most out of the trouser by providing helpful maintenance instructions.

Cons of the AeroTech 24 Trouser

The cons of the AeroTech 24 Trouser are as follows.

  • Lack of belt: The AeroTech 24 Trouser by L’Estrange lacks a belt which isn’t a dealbreaker for us. However, a lack of a belt limits accessorizing for more formal events. L’Estrange advertises its designs as a staple look for any setting, but the AeroTech 24’s simple elastic band is too informal for more ceremonial events like a wedding or graduation.
  • Limited color: Navy is the flagship color of AeroTech’s synthetic items. Navy matches well with other, brighter colors, but we think the AeroTech 24 Trouser would be more effective as a staple men’s item if L’Estrange provided one or two neutral colors like black or beige. For example, the cotton 24 Trouser comes in several shades, including limited colors like olive green.
  • High price: The AeroTech 24 Trouser features a high price tag. Shipping also adds to the total cost if you’re choosing express delivery for the USA and the UK or ordering internationally.
  • Limited sizes: Larger or lithe men may have issues fitting into the elastic waist and slim-cut legs due to L’Estrange’s size limit. Customers should also keep in mind the differences between European sizes and other countries. We advise that you study the size guide carefully and take your measurements before purchasing.
  • Shallow rear pocket: There isn’t enough space to securely store a smartphone in the back pocket. This is not necessarily a dealbreaker, but it is inconvenient.

Is the L’Estrange London AeroTech 24 worth it?

Yes, the AeroTech 24 Trouser is well worth the price tag for men seeking a sleek, versatile, and (most importantly) comfortable pair of slacks. We’d like to see the trouser in larger sizes and more colors with belt loops. However, the high-quality and sustainability-first design makes the AeroTech 24 Trouser a definite staple in our wardrobe. The brand’s synthetic 24 Trouser is an example of L’Estrange craftsmanship as it holds up in everyday wear and looks fashionable in most settings. We don’t suggest wearing the pants to more formal or ceremonial events, but L’Estrange’s design is ideal for casual or business casual occasions—a perfect fit for the modern man.