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Oliver Cabell Curved Hem Tee Review

The Oliver Cabell Curved Hem Tee is a stylish version of the classic T-shirt with a rounded hem. Oliver Cabell’s Curved Hem Tee is a fashionable addition to any closet that adds versatility and elegance to your wardrobe.

Men’s fashion review of Oliver Cabell shirt
The Oliver Cabell Curved Hem Tee is a stylish variation of the classic simple white t-shirt

Oliver Cabell is a luxury shoe and clothing brand that was founded in England by Scott Gabrielson in 2016. Gabrielson was inspired to make ethical and sustainable fashion accessories to counteract the human rights atrocities present in many factories. Gabrielson worked with Italian manufacturers to produce a shoe that could compete with leading luxury brands and be produced at a fraction of the cost. Oliver Cabell’s ethical treatment of people and the environment sets them apart from industry leaders because they guarantee high standards alongside lower prices.

The Curved Hem Tee is an example of the utmost care and concern Oliver Cabell puts into their conceptualization, design, and production. Each tee is designed with the company’s proprietary fabric blend that keeps you comfortable and able to move around with ease. Additionally, Oliver Cabell offers four different colors to match your many different looks.

Below, we give a hands-on review of the Oliver Cabell Curved Hem Tee shirt and discuss how to wear your Curved Hem Tee and if it’s worth the purchase.

What are Oliver Cabell Curved Hem Tee shirts?

Oliver Cabell Curved Hem Tee shirts are monochrome T-shirts that feature a curve along the bottom hem of the shirt. Curved Hem Tees are also called scalloped hem tees or rounded hems. The rounded hem tee is an essential variation of the classic T-shirt that can be worn with casual attire or alongside more sophisticated garments. Oliver Curved Hem Tees feature a subtle curvature that lends itself to a larger variety of styling choices. For example, the white Curved Hem Tee is appropriate with a simple pair of jeans or tucked in under a tailored suit. A rounded hem complements a multitude of fashion styles because of its simplicity and high quality. Oliver Cabell Curved Hem Tees are consequently a worthy addition to a fashionable man’s wardrobe.

Where are Oliver Cabell tees made?

Oliver Cabell tees are made in different factories across Italy and Spain. The production process behind Oliver Cabell tee shirts starts at their company headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S. ‌Many other Oliver Cabell products like the Low 1 sneakers are manufactured in the Le Marche region of Italy, while additional products are made in Albacete, Spain.

Is Oliver Cabell considered a luxury shirt brand?

Yes, Oliver Cabell is considered a luxury shirt brand. Luxury fashion brands like Oliver Cabell strive to deliver superior merchandise that is chic and timeless. Oliver Cabell offers high-end clothing and accessories at a fraction of the cost of similar brands. For example, Oliver Cabell’s signature Curved Hem Tee provides designer quality without the additional markups common among other luxury brands.

Oliver Cabell luxury clothing for men
The Oliver Cabell Curved Hem Tee is an example of the brand’s luxury clothing items

What other brands make shirts similar to Oliver Cabell?

The following five brands make shirts similar to Oliver Cabell.

  • ASKET: ASKET is a fashion brand founded in Stockholm, Sweden, that focuses on manufacturing superior essential articles of clothing. The T-Shirt from ASKET is a shirt similar to the Oliver Cabell Curved Hem Tee that comes in a variety of colors.
  • Wahts: Wahts is an Amsterdam-based contemporary clothing company that specializes in combining classic comfort with trendy streetwear.
  • Buck Mason: Buck Mason is a Los Angeles-based fashion label offering high-class essentials for the everyday man’s closet.
  • Elwood: Elwood is a Los Angeles-area fashion brand that recreates vintage clothes with a luxurious touch.
  • Cuts: Cuts delivers timeless wardrobe staples from athleisure to smart casual digs that are right at home in a professional setting.

Hands-on review of the Oliver Cabell Curved Hem Tee (in white)

The Oliver Cabell Curved Hem Tee in white features a subtle curvature that elongates the torso. Opening the package reveals a white shirt with creases and wrinkles from the shipping process. The T-shirt requires ironing or washing in a cool setting before you wear it. The Curved Hem Tee fits true to size and has enough give to make sure your tee has flexibility. Oliver Cabell’s stark white Curved Hem Tee features good quality stitching and a tri-blend of fabrics that provide a 4-way comfortable stretch for durability and proper mobility.

We styled the white Oliver Cabell Curved Hem Tee with the Uncrate X Oliver Cabell Low 1 sneaker for a clean and polished look. You can similarly style the Oliver Cabell tee with a variety of clothing styles, from casual to professional. For example, you can pair a scalloped hem shirt with a leather jacket for an edgy look, or wear it with a blazer for a smart casual flair. The Curved Hem Tee from Oliver Cabell can be worn with or without an undershirt, but wearing an undershirt will prolong the life of your tee. A curved hem is versatile because while it’s a top choice to wear tucked in, it can be worn loose. Curved hems allow for the front and back of the shirt to have more material tucked into the pants, which keeps the sides of the shirt from being pulled on with different movements.

The following table lists the pros and cons of the Oliver Cabell Curved Hem Tee.

Oliver Cabell Curved Hem Tee
Pros Cons
True to size: The tee fits as it should and flatters the body shape in a smart silhouette. Arrived disheveled: The Oliver Cabell Curved Hem Tee is wrinkled and creased upon arrival. You will need to wash and iron the tee once unboxed.
Stylistically versatile: The Oliver Cabell Curved Hem Tee is a versatile and stylish take on the classic T-shirt. The tee will fit seamlessly into casual and professional looks. Limited colors: The tee only comes in four colors—white, black, charcoal, and navy. Oliver Cabell’s choice of only neutral colors for the tee limit styling options for more vivacious dressers.
Extremely comfortable: Oliver Cabell utilizes high-quality materials which make for a comfortable and durable staple item.

What colors does the OC Curved Hem Tee offer?

The Curved Hem Tee offers the following four colors.

  • White: The white Curved Hem Tee from Oliver Cabell is a closet staple that complements a variety of looks from casual to sophisticated.
  • Black: Oliver Cabell’s black scalloped hem tee is a smoky dark monochrome wardrobe must-have.
  • Charcoal: The charcoal Curved Hem Tee has a dark hue with a distressed appearance to add an edge to your daily wear.
  • Navy: The Curved Hem Tee in navy is a dark blue reminiscent of the ocean depths.

Do Oliver Cabell shirts run true to size?

Oliver Cabell Hem Curved Hem Tee true to size
Oliver Cabell designs the Curved Hem Tee to be true to size

Yes, Oliver Cabell shirts run true to size. Oliver Cabell prides itself on offering consistent high-quality merchandise that you can count on. The plain white tee from Oliver Cabell gives a tailored look with enough stretch for your shirt to remain comfortable. Remember that while Oliver Cabell shirts run true to size, they are at risk of shrinking if mishandled in the wash.

How do I care for my Oliver Cabell Curved Hem Tee?

Oliver Cabell Hem Curved Hem Tee care instructions
You can find care instructions for the Oliver Cabell Curved Hem Tee in the collar

You can care for your Oliver Cabell Curved Hem Tee by following the instructions on the interior neckline. The five guidelines below are crucial for maintaining the quality of your Curved Hem Tee.

  • Machine wash cold: Machine washing in cold water will reduce the risk of your Curved Hem Tee shrinking or fading.
  • Wash with like colors: Wash with like colors to prevent dark or bright-colored clothing from dying light garments.
  • Cool iron as needed: Cool iron as needed to avoid melting or damaging your Curved Hem Tee.
  • Tumble dry low: Tumble dry low for your Oliver Cabell shirt to maintain its wrinkle-free and smart silhouette.
  • Do not dry clean: Do not dry clean your Curved Hem Tee as the harsh chemicals pose a risk of damaging or fading the tri-blend material.

Oliver Cabell strives to deliver top-quality products, but essential care is necessary to guarantee you get the most out of your purchase. You should therefore remember to follow the instructions above to keep your Curved Hem Tee in perfect condition.

How do I wear the Oliver Cabell Curved Hem Tee?

You can wear the Oliver Cabell Curved Hem Tee in a multitude of ways because of its versatility and stylish look. The following three style tips will guide you on how to wear the Oliver Cabell Curved Hem Tee. Firstly, you can wear the Oliver Cabell T-shirt as part of a casual outfit. For example, you can pair the white Curved Hem Tee with a pair of jeans and a green bomber jacket for a casual style. Secondly, you can wear the Curved Hem Tee with a business-casual ensemble. The white Oliver Cabell T-shirt will add sophistication to a pair of navy chinos and a lightweight men’s blazer. Thirdly, you can wear the Oliver Cabell Curved Hem Tee as part of a business or informal outfit. For example, a white scalloped hem shirt with black pants and a longline black blazer is a simple, yet smart look to elevate your wardrobe.

Conclusion: Are Oliver Cabell curved hem tee shirts worth it?

Yes, Oliver Cabell Curved Hem Tee shirts are worth it for the following three reasons. Firstly, the Curved Hem Tee shirts are worth it because the classic design is a staple in any fashionable man’s wardrobe. Oliver Cabell’s scalloped hem shirt silhouette adds a touch of sophistication that truly brings a business casual outfit together. Secondly, Curved Hem Tees are worth buying because you can expect high-quality craftsmanship that’s built to last. The Curved Hem Tee is durable, soft, and has precise stitching to keep you looking dapper through multiple wears and washes. Thirdly, Curved Hem Shirts are worth buying because Oliver Cabell sells their clothing and accessories at a reasonable price. Oliver Cabell cuts out the intermediary and works hard to keep their prices lower than their competitors. Overall, Oliver Cabell Curved Hem Tee shirts are luxury classics at a price point that’s lower than the market average and well worth your money.