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    Top 10 Cool T-Shirts for Men – 2023 Style Guide and Reviews
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Top 10 Cool T-Shirts for Men – 2023 Style Guide and Reviews

If you’ve been searching for cool t-shirts for men, you’ve landed on the right page. Today, we’re reviewing 12 of the best casual tees that enhance your style and comfort without breaking a sweat (or the bank). Whether it’s a tailored fit or something more athletic, you’ll find the perfect t shirt for you below!

Top 10 Cool T-Shirts for Men

While trends come and go, classic t-shirts are unlikely to ever go out of style. Whether paired with jeans, worn as an undergarment, or a smart casual look, t-shirts are versatile and a wardrobe staple.

What’s more, they’re comfortably cool in hot weather, yet compact enough to easily layer in cold weather. That means you’re probably going to be wearing your tees quite a bit, so you’d better make sure they offer the right fit and feel.

Today, we’re taking a look at a few men’s t-shirts that will help you look as cool as you feel. 

The Best Mens Tees for Staying Cool in Style

There are lots of different approaches men take to pick cool t-shirts. Maybe you’re looking for something simple that goes with every outfit; something breathable that makes physical activity bearable in hot weather; or something stylish that puts branding front and center. Whatever your preferences, there’s room in your wardrobe for a wide array of mens tee shirts. 

To help you narrow down the market, here are recommendations for 12 nice shirts that won’t leave you sweating the heat or the price tag.

1. Carhartt | K87 Workwear Mens Short Sleeve T-Shirts

Carhartt | K87 Workwear Mens Short Sleeve T-Shirts
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Made by a prominent American brand, the Carhartt Men’s Workwear T-Shirt is a best-seller for numerous reasons. True to form for Carhartt, their K87 tees are both affordable and durable.

It offers a relaxed fit appropriate for working men who value breathability and mobility. The crew neck consists of a robust ribbed-knit fabric which helps the shirt retain its shape and drape all day long. Easily donned with a roomy neck hole, it’s easy to throw on straight from the dryer. And yes, it’s fully machine washable, so don’t worry about babying it.

2. J.Crew Mercantile | Striped Short-Sleeve Crewneck T-Shirt

J.Crew Mercantile | Striped Short-Sleeve Crewneck T-Shirt
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If you are looking for a timeless classic t-shirt, go for this J.Crew Mercantile short-sleeve tee. 

These are 100 percent cotton t-shirts with a highly wearable, all-day cut that is durable to boot. J.Crew’s super soft t-shirts feature with a broken-in appearance that fits like an old college favorite. That said, it retains a slim fit and rib trim at the neck for a stylish casual t-shirt.

You can pair J.Crew mens t-shirts with a pair of jeans trousers and sneakers for a day out with friends, or official trousers for a casual Friday look. It also looks great when worn under an army-green jacket for a night out.

3. Everlane | The Organic Cotton Crew T-Shirt

Everlane | The Organic Cotton Crew Cool T-Shirts for Men
You don’t have to sacrifice style to go green, and the eco-friendly organic cotton crew tee from Everlane is proof.

Everlane is known for making cool t-shirts for men that fit snugly without being feminine. These organic cotton t-shirts for men come with clean lines and a classic crew neck. The fabric is mid-weight, durable 100% organic cotton that softens over time, is breathable, and very gentle on the skin.

These simple tees are quite affordable, and come with a 365-day guarantee-that’s just how confident the brand is about the quality of their products.

4. Lululemon | 5-Year Mens Basic Tees

Lululemon 5-Year Mens Basic Tees

Lululemon’s 5-Year Basic t-shirt is one of the best-fitting and flattering t-shirts you will find. These 70% pima cotton t shirts feature a blend of 24% Lyocell and 6% Lycra elastane. The combination is extremely soft to the touch, yielding good shape retention with just enough stretch for all-day comfort.

It is just the right weight, which makes it ideal for a casual day out. And although it is not a workout t-shirt, you can still wear it to the gym as it is super soft and feels comfortable all day long.

Another advantage of these basic t-shirts is the color variations available. Depending on your preference, you can go for the stripped pattern or select one of the solid colors on offer.

To keep this classic tee in top shape, machine wash it with cold water, tumble low dry it, and avoid bleaching, dry cleaning, or ironing.

5. Mack Weldon | Dryknit Mens Crew Neck T-Shirt

Mack Weldon | Cool Dryknit Mens Crew Neck T-Shirt

The Dryknit Crew Neck T-Shirt by Mack Weldon is designed for those active summer days. You can wear these cool shirts for men out on the beach or even when indoors hanging out with family and friends. 

These 100% cotton t-shirt offers a moisture-wicking, breathable weave that will leave you feeling fresh and cool with no pit stains all day long.

You can pair this tee with your favorite khaki trousers and sneakers.

6. Maison Kitsune | Fox Head Patch Classic T-Shirts

Maison Kitsune | Fox Head Patch Classic T-Shirts
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If you want to splurge and get the best quality t-shirts to add to your wardrobe, check out this Fox Head Patch Classic T-Shirt by Paris-based Maison Kitsune. 

Featuring a round neckline and short sleeves, these premium t-shirts are great for both outdoor summer getaways or layering during the chilly winter months. 

The t-shirt comes with the brand’s fox head logo signature on the left chest. You can wear it with casual jeans or khaki trousers. Alternatively, pair it with sweatpants and classic sneakers.

Yes, the price is pretty high, but you’re getting peerless quality from one of the best t-shirt brands in the world with Maison Kitsune.

7. Gap | Classic V-Neck Solid Color T-Shirts

Gap | Classic V-Neck Solid Color T-Shirts
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The Classic V-neck T-Shirt from Gap is a line of cheap, cool t-shirts for men popular for many reasons.

First, its price is pocket-friendly; and secondly, it’s among the few t-shirts you will find on the market that perfectly fits tall men standing at more than six feet with a slender frame. More to that, its straight and easy fit makes it ideal for the masculine silhouette. 

This classic t-shirt is extremely versatile as you can wear it to the gym or your favorite restaurant. Made from 100% cotton, it’s soft to the skin, comfortable, and will keep you cool when summer comes knocking. It fits snugly in the sleeve and chest regions for easy layering and updated style.

8. Buck Mason | Slub Mens Curved Hem T-Shirt

Buck Mason | Slub Mens Curved Hem T-Shirt Shop Now

Buck Mason is known for making some of the most comfortable and stylish shirts for men, such as their Slub Curved Hem Tee. Although a bit pricey, it’s well worth it.

This tee is made from light slub and loose-knit cotton that feels snug against your skin. Slub t-shirt cotton is a type of lightly textured fabric made on low-tension looms. The t-shirt’s neck opening is wide enough to leave room for breathing, while the brand’s signature curved hem offers that unique tailored look.

You can pair this modern curved tee with denim or shorts for a weekend out with the boys. The tee comes in almost fifteen colors to suit everyone’s preference.

9. Under Armour | Tech 2.0 Athletic Fit T-Shirts

Under Armour | Tech 2.0 Athletic Fit T-Shirts
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Looking for something sporty that shows off your physique? Try the Under Armour Tech 2.0 t-shirt. Featuring quick-dry and odor-killing polyester, the Tech 2.0 is one of the best t-shirts for men who sweat a lot. Even when you’re leaving the gym, you’ll retain that effortless cool you’ve worked hard to cultivate.

It offers a slim yet stretchy athletic fit that will show off your gains, without appearing sloppy or unkempt should you decide to wear it on a night out. You won’t suffer from that sheen or noisiness common to a lot of technical wear, either.

10. Wool & Prince | Pocket Tee Shirt

Wool & Prince Pocket Tee Shirt

Wool & Prince is famous for its merino wool clothing, and their crew neck pocket tee is easily one of their most popular offerings.

We know what you’re thinking, “wool sounds way too hot for a tee”, and normally you’d be right. But W&P blends their t-shirts with nylon, dramatically boosting its moisture wicking properties and durability alike. This is the ideal tee for frequent travelers, digital nomads, vanlifers and physically active guys who sweat a lot. You can literally wear it all day, for days on end before the stink catches up with you, thanks to the anti-microbial nature of merino wool. 

These cool shirts for men come in a huge variety of solid colors, and there are V-neck and crew neck tees up for consideration as well as our recommended pocket tee. The slim fit is snug but not restrictive, and the material offers a flattering drape.

Don’t balk at the price, which is definitely higher than average. Wool & Prince offers some of the best t-shirts for men bar none, and you’ll get a lot more mileage out of their tees than you would elsewhere.

They’re machine washable, though we highly recommend you air-dry them to avoid shrinking. And as far as wool goes, W&P tees resist pilling better than any other brand we’ve seen.

Cool T-Shirts for Men: Buyer’s Guide

Before stocking up on cheap shirts, take a moment to consider your options. Whether you’re searching for the perfect casual t-shirt or something more athletic, it’s important to understand that one size doesn’t fit all–so to speak. 

The Fabric

The type of fabric used to make the t-shirt determines its softness. Although you can touch the t-shirt to feel its softness, a new t-shirt might feel super soft but change after a few washes. The best way to be sure is to check the t-shirt’s label.

100% cotton t-shirts are a classic choice. It isn’t the best for moisture-wicking, but it has an outstanding drape, is easy to care for, and offers a good deal of breathability. If you sweat heavily, though, cotton can get bogged down and stinky. Prints on cotton tees do display better than many other fabrics, so it’s nevertheless a good choice when style is a foremost consideration.

The better bet for moisture wicking is something like rayon, tencel, or modal. Merino wool is an excellent choice too, but it tends to want a blend with something like nylon for added durability. Polyester is another common, inexpensive option, though its finish, sheen, and skin feel aren’t always top-tier.

The Stitching Quality

You can tell a t-shirt’s quality by its stitching quality. If you are physically at the store, take time to inspect the men’s t-shirts. Check whether there are any loose threads or loopy stitches, which indicates poor workmanship. Top-stitching should be straight and have a high number of stitches per inch. 

If you are looking for a comfortable tee, look at its seams stitching as that is what determines how far it can stretch. The stretchier, the better for an all day t-shirt.

Styles and Fitting

Another factor to consider when buying cool t-shirts for men is the style and fitting. The most classic style is a crew neck t-shirt with a slim fit. You can also consider a relaxed fit if you are looking for something extremely comfortable. If you don’t like a t-shirt clinging to you, go for a regular fit.

For those who feel restricted by a crew neck t-shirt, you can look for a v-neck or scoop neck alternative. If you prefer a tee with extra storage for your essentials, go for one with a pocket. Short-sleeved t-shirts are more stylish and ideal for warm weather, while you can get a long-sleeved one for the colder season.

The best t-shirt is the one that makes you feel comfortable. And so, you should consider both aesthetics and comfort when choosing the ideal style for you.


While someone might not have a problem splurging on cool t-shirts, others want something within a narrower budget. Remember that a high price tag doesn’t always guarantee you a high-quality tee. Shop around to find high quality mens t-shirts that are within your budget range. There are numerous choices out there to choose from.


White, black, and navy blue t-shirts are considered basic, they can prop up your entire outfit and create a smart casual look. However, if you like experimenting, you can go for solid colored t-shirts that love to make a bold statement. Remember to pair them with the right pair of pants and shoes.

When choosing colored t-shirts, consider your skin tone. Go for colors that complement your best features.

Best T-Shirts for Men: Parting Words

Just like denim, t-shirts are a menswear staple. We trust that after going through our list of cool t-shirts for guys, you’ll have a much easier time picking out some nice shirts to upgrade your daily wardrobe.

What are your favorite men’s t-shirts? Do you have any specific style or fit considerations? Let us know in the comments below.