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15 Stylish Summer Pants for Men: Office Wear Edition

It’s easy to throw on whatever pants are lying around for a day at the beach, since there’s no dress code. The real challenge for a man during summer is trousers that keep him cool while simultaneously looking professional. You must balance quality of fabric with proper cut, color coordinate to avoid any fashion missteps that will cost you that promotion, and find pants that are durable, yet affordable enough to endure the daily wear and tear of hours in an office chair. It’s a tall order with many slacks claiming to do the job, with few actually able to suit up and show up when the time comes.

We’ve got 15 of the best summer pants for men to wear to the office, but first, we’re going to show you how to find your own summer gear that looks good, stays the course, and let’s the breeze through your manly bits.

Tips for Choosing Men’s Summer Pants

Aim for Natural Fabrics

via brahmsmount.com
via brahmsmount.com

Human beings can put a man on the moon, but all our technology isn’t as effective as natural fibers for letting your body breathe. These also dissipate moisture to keep you cool. Stick to gauze cottons, linen and linen blends, or any other form of naturalistic fiber with a minimum of synthetics. Tropical wools are best for breathability and cut, but lack a bit in durability.

Bob & Weave

via madeeveryday.com
via madeeveryday.com

A loose, open weave is what you want, though it will cost you a little more. A lightweight fabric is good, but it will feel like you’re donning a set of plastic parachute pants if they’re woven too tightly together. If you’re in doubt, take a breath with the pants over your mouth. The easier the air goes in, the looser the weave. This also provides malleability to the fabric for a more natural drape.

Loosen Up

via keyword-suggestions.com
via keyword-suggestions.com

We don’t suggest buying pants that are a couple sizes too large, since that ruins the look. Instead, aim for a baggy cut that has the proper measurements to fit, but hangs off your frame. Air is a great insulator against cold and heat, so the more of it you can get around your legs the better they’ll feel. Loose cuffs promote airflow, and you might want to pull up the bottom of your pants a little under the desk, just so more air can get in.

Lighten the Load

via psdgraphics.com
via psdgraphics.com

We know that nothing is more professional than strict Jet Black, but that color is also going to absorb heat. Experiment with some khaki or tan chinos, or even go for the full white pants look if you’re feeling up for it. Pastels can also be a festive way to stay cool and bring a little flash to your dire and dour workplace. If none of these are acceptable, go for light grays as much as you can.

Best Summer Office Pants for Guys

Ralph by Ralph Lauren Tropical-Weight Wool Dress Pants

Ralph by Ralph Lauren Tropical-Weight Summer Dress Pants

Managing to keep costs to a bare minimum by using a wool and polyester blend, the cut and breathability makes these year-round pants that might be a little sticky on the absolute hottest days, but work well during rain, and are a fraction of the price of many full fiber pants. Purchase: $25

Uniqlo Slim Fit Chinos

Uniqlo Slim Fit Chinos - summer dress pants for men

Run through a proprietary pre-wash treatment, these develop a slight nap that gives a softer feel that is ideal for after work cocktails as much as board meetings. They might have the name ‘Chino’ on them, but they’re fit for professional work at any level of the corporate ladder. Purchase: $40

Louis Raphael LUXE Men’s Pleated Wool Pant

Louis Raphael LUXE Men's Pleated Wool Summer Pant for Men

Fully wool with a slight lining for added comfort, the offset button closure and delicate cuffs look out of place anywhere but the office. The pleats give them a full appearance that is powerful, rather than relaxed, creating solid airflow across the skin that makes stuffy meetings bearable.

Purchase: $41

Calvin Klein Straight Fit Cotton Pants

Calvin Klein Straight Fit Cotton Summer Pants for Men

100% cotton with a relaxed sport fit through the hips and waist, these can easily be paired with a sport jacket or worn with just a dress shirt for a more casual business barbecue look. Purchase: $40-$50

Original Penguin Men’s P55 Straight Fit Chino Pant

via zappos.com
via zappos.com

Built to land somewhere on the laid back end of the spectrum, these aren’t going to be ideal for power lunches, but for those days where business and pleasure are being mixed out on the fairway or a casual Friday where comfort is on tapPurchase: $43+

Non-Iron Clark Fit Supima® Cotton Oxford Chinos

Non-Iron Clark Fit Supima® Cotton Oxford Chinos - summer dress pants for men

The Supima cotton is grown right at home and dyed in a set of brilliant colors that are sure to get you noticed even as they keep you comfortable while the mercury rises. Purchase: $53

Sean John Cream Linen Dress Pants

Sean John Cream Linen Summer Dress Pants

Breathable linen fabric builds these to be as gauzy as you can stand while still looking like won money. Accented to be worn without a jacket, they’re also the right look for going out on a boat sans socks. Purchase: $60

J. Crew Bowery Classic Pant

J. Crew Bowery Classic - summer dress pant for men

Fine stripes add a narrowing appearance to these chinos which helps keep the relaxed, roomy legs looking built for business. Cotton-linen blend, the Bowery exists at the junction of work and play. Purchase: $88

Club Monaco Connor Chino Floral Jacquard

Club Monaco Connor Chino Floral Jacquard - summer dress pants for men

The black-on-black floral pattern is tough to discern, but it helps set these pants apart from every other pair of dark slacks out there. The vibe is a little more playful up close, but the overall effect is business as usual. Purchase: $120

Theory Men’s Zaine Patton Pant

via bloomingdales.com
via bloomingdales.com

Cotton and Elastane combine to make a stretch pant you can actually feel good wearing. The added range of motion is welcome and gives you just enough space right where you need it. Purchase: $123+

BOSS ‘Sharp’ Flat Front Wool Trousers

BOSS 'Sharp' Flat Front Wool Trousers - summer dress pants for men

Easily alterable to get the right shark shape for your body, these do not play. They’re wool meant to make you a better predator while on the job. Period. Purchase: $195

Santorelli Flat Front Wool Trousers

Santorelli Flat Front Wool Trousers - summer dress pants for men

Capable of being dressed up or down, the flat front wool and French fly make these into a Swiss Army pair of pants that will do your closet proud. Purchase: $195

Ted Baker London ‘Jefferson’ Flat Front Wool Trousers

Ted Baker London 'Jefferson' Flat Front Wool Trousers - summer dress pants for men

Their Londoner pedigree makes these a little more dense than most summer pants, giving you a three-season feel that can last through the winter if you run hot. They’ll go with everything from parkas to polos. Purchase: $195

Canali Grey Firenze Slim-Fit Super 120s Wool Trousers

Canali Grey Firenze Slim-Fit Super 120s Wool Trousers - summer dress pants for men

Made in Italy, where heat and style must go hand in hand, the cut is slimmer than most, but the diaphanous 120s wool makes up for the lack of air pockets on the inside. Purchase: $410

Armani Worsted Wool Trousers

Armani Worsted Wool Trousers - summer dress pants for men

Naturally, Armani is where you go to get your light-bending black. The final word in softness, strength, and deadly good looks, they’re costly, but guaranteed to get the job done in impeccable style. Purchase: $595

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