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    Tactical Duffle Bag: 13 Great Bags for All Your Outdoor Needs
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Tactical Duffle Bag: 13 Great Bags for All Your Outdoor Needs

Are you as enthusiastic about the outdoors as me? Then you probably appreciate the value of a traveling bag that’s durable, padded for comfort, and can fit all the outdoor gear you’d want to carry about.

Tactical Duffle Bag

Filtering through the many available options can prove to be a headache. There are myriad factors to sift through for the ultimate tactical duffle bag. Besides being rugged and durable, a good duffle bag should be made of lightweight materials to not break your back when loaded with all your gear.

Read on to know how to pick the best tactical duffle bags

The 13 Best Tactical Duffle Bags

A good tactical duffle bag is a gift from heaven for the weekend warrior. Whether it’s mountaineering, hiking in a vast wilderness, skydiving, or just camping to explore a bohemian lifestyle. We understand that you’d want to select a tactical duffle bag that will serve you well for many years to come.

We’ve sieved through multiple options with a fine-tooth comb and come up with a compendium of the best tactical duffle bags.

1. 5.11 Men’s Tactical Duffle Bag

 Tactical Duffle Bags 5.11 Men's Tactical Duffle Bag

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When you first see it, the 5.11 Tactical Men’s Travel Duffle looks pretty ordinary. But that’s on purpose. The bag’s low-visibility exterior deflects attention, making it easy to move unnoticed. But the interior is a different ballgame as the 40L storage capacity provides you with an abundance of different storage options. At the same time, padded shoulder straps and beautiful webbing offer maximum carrying comfort.

On top of that, you can find extra storage space in the form of two external pockets on the bag’s lid. These are accessible from the bag’s exterior or interior. Multiple compartments allow for the segregation of your luggage. In addition, a 420D nylon offers efficient water resistance, further protecting your stuff inside. The 5.11 tactical duffle bag also offers side or top carry options for your convenience.

2. Nexpak Tactical Duffle Bag Military Molle Gear

Tactical Duffle Bags: Nexpak Tactical Duffle Bag Military Molle Gear

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An awesome tactical duffle bag for the weekend outdoors. Whether you want to use it for carrying gear, camping, hiking, sports, or for the military, it’s a great fit.

Highly durable with a heavy-duty zipper and MOLLE design straps. It measures 12 inches (height) by 22 inches (width) by 10 inches (depth). These dimensions mean that you can easily take it on any flight as an item of hand luggage, meaning you can disembark and get straight down to business.

Sturdy tactical duffles such as this help keep your gear safe on long trips or demanding missions.

3. Filson Ballistic Duffle

Tactical Duffle Bags: Filson Unisex Duffle Backpack

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Filson made a fantastic duffel bag that also converts into a backpack. These tactical duffle bags are made from 600D ballistic nylon. Don’t let the name fool you; it won’t be stopping any bullets. However, it is abrasion-tolerant and lightweight. The tough material makes it an ideal companion in the rugged wilderness.

Multiple dedicated compartments allow for the separation of gear within the bag. For instance, there’s a 15″ padded laptop compartment and an effectively lined mud-proof pocket where you can safely slip in your dirty boots.

The Filson Unisex Duffle Backpack features several carrying options: robust nylon shoulder straps, hand straps, or a standard backpack. A 40L carrying capacity that’s extendable to an extra-large 46L makes it a great fit for your gear.

Throw in the added convenience of an exterior organizing pocket plus a side pocket with a sturdy zip to secure your precious items. It’s a winner on many fronts. The leather trim completes its stylish design.

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4.XMILPAX 90L Large Military Duffle Bag

XMILPAX 90L Large Military Duffle Bag

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When looking for military-style tactical gear, this is a great bag offering the perfect blend of functionality and sophistication. It’s convertible into a carry bag, a shoulder bag, or a backpack. Made from 600D polyester fabric, it’s an excellent pick for any wild outdoor terrain.

It also comes up big on space, with two spacious compartments perfect for separating wet gear from dry. Padded handles mean that you can go ahead and stuff your duffle bag, knowing it’ll still be comfortable to carry.

The bag features expandable compartments, sleeves, and external pockets for more space and organization.

At just 1.9kgs, it’s truly lightweight but uncompromisingly tough.

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5. Maxpedition Operator Tactical Duffle

Tactical Duffle Bags: Maxpedition Operator Tactical Duffle

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This bag doesn’t grab a top stop when you shine a spotlight on its aesthetics. But it’s a functional heavyweight by dint of its all-padded main compartment that’s spacious and subdivided into several smaller subsegments and pockets. Moreover, it features a detachable laptop compartment.

An ID flap and four pockets embellish the front, with a large pocket at the back. Side pockets are a handy addition that can hold up to two small bottles.

The Maxpedition Operator Tactical Duffle Bag is a water-resistant bag treated with three layers of polyurethane. A highly durable duffle bag constructed with 1000D nylon, sturdy YKK zippers, MOLLE design webbing for strap and handles, and robust flex buckles.

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6. Mystery Ranch Mission Duffel Bag

Tactical Duffle Bags: Mystery Ranch Mission Duffel Bag

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The Mystery Ranch Mission Duffel is just what you require for a rigorous weekend getaway in the severe outdoors. This duffle bag will meet your needs for space, comfort, durability, and function. Here’s how.

The 55L capacity is large enough to carry heavy loads while remaining lightweight. Additionally, it’s constructed to handle the wildest terrains thanks to the abrasion-resistant 900D and 1000D nylon. It also has a TPU coating making it fully water-resistant.

Finally, it has multiple straps for the shoulders, back, and backpack straps that are detachable and storable into a compartment that’s secured with a zipper.

It’s also equipped with several pockets, including a dedicated compartment for your dirty gear. In addition, the bag has a handy horseshoe-shaped zippered pocket for convenient and easy access to its numerous pockets.

As a result, it passes as one of the most organized tactical bags around and one that has been built fit for purpose. This is one of those tactical bags you’ll be glad to have in your collection.

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7. 5.11 Rush LBD Molle Tactical Duffel Bag Backpack

Tactical Duffle Bags :5.11 Rush LBD Molle Tactical Duffel

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The 5.11 Rush LBD Molle Tactical Duffel Bag is a workhorse designed for the harshest outdoor terrain. A casual scan will quickly reveal relatively few pockets, but its sheer toughness against the elements is its mainstay.

It’s a highly versatile duffle bag that can be deployed for mission after mission, be it hiking, hunting, or gym going. Shoulder and backpack straps add to its versatility.

The 1050D nylon exterior is extremely tough and can stand up to anything you could throw at it. You need not worry as you battle the most extreme elements. Apart from it being water-resistant, it features self-healing YKK zipper pockets and duraflex equipment. The seams are extra strong, complete with bar tacking at prominent joints and seams for heavy loads.

If its huge storage space of 56L will not wow you, then you’ll fall for the bundled offering of an accompanying bag, decals, patches, and a cap.

If all of that was not enough, this tactical duffle also comes in a wide range of colors to suit your preference.

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8. Nixon Pipes Duffle Bag

Tactical Duffle Bags: Nixon Pipes

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The Nixon Pipes Duffle Bag offers a very chic design for a tactical duffle bag. It almost looks too cute to play the part, right? Beneath the aesthetics, Nixon Pipes Duffle Bag is an excellent weekend getaway bag.

The 45L capacity makes it a surprisingly spacious bag with twin handles at the top and side, making it a convenient bag to carry. The pack also boasts three external pockets. A zipper secured pocket, a shoe pocket, and another slip pocket.

In addition, it has tuckable shoulder straps, effortlessly converting it into a backpack.

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9. SOG Prophet 30 Duffle Gray

Tactical Duffle Bags: Nixon Pipes

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The SOG Prophet 30 Duffle is a compact duffle bag with an urban look suitable for travel. While small, it is tough as nails, thanks to its 500D nylon construction. While it is not the largest bag at 33 liters, it is perfect for those quick trips or moderate luggage levels.

It’s one of those tactical duffles you can’t sleep on, featuring a dedicated laptop compartment, high-quality big zipper pulls, convenient access from the front, MOLLE webbing, and detachable shoulder straps.

Available in grey color and is super light at 58 oz.

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10. Rothco Mossad Tactical Duffle Bag

Tactical Duffle Bags: Rothco Mossad Tactical Duffle Bag

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Rothco Mossad Tactical Duffle Bag is a wonderful product riddled with a measure of controversy.

It’s a heavy-duty bag crafted from tough canvas material and a rubber base for added water resistance. This bag will conquer the most gruesome of terrains. Not surprising, given that Rothco is America’s foremost supplier of military, tactical, and survival gear.

For comfort, the bag has two adjustable padded shoulder straps. You can use these to carry it as a backpack. Alternatively, you can carry the bag using its comfortable top handles. There’s a hidden zippered pocket on the inside for additional storage, along with three external zippered pockets.

It’s a pack made to last and priced to please.

Now for the controversy:

Warning: the state of California warns against the purchase of this product, claiming that it contains certain carcinogenic chemicals.

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11. Amabilis Dave Jr Tactical Duffel Bag

Tactical Duffle Bags: Amabilis Dave Jr Tactical Duffel Bag

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The Amabilis Dave Jr Tactical Duffle Bag seems like an everyday bag that can pass for any ordinary bag. But a keener look at this 25L duffel bag shows that it is more than it seems. It is multi-functional, and you can use it as a backpack, tote bag, or even a gym bag.

Though small in size compared with the other duffle bags, it’s a bundle of strength packed into a manageable size. Built from armor-plated fabric that can withstand whatever nature throws at it out in the wild, it has the additional support of super-tough tarpaulin, which adds excellent waterproofing qualities.

The bag’s durability is further enhanced by its stout zipper system, powerfully stitched seams, and complete lining on the inside. Comfortable shoulder straps and a D ring for additional attachment mean it is a well-padded bag that is a joy to own.

It has several compartments where you can separately store your tablet, wet gear isolated from the rest of your stuff, magazines, and so forth. In addition, it has a number of accessory pouches on the exterior where you can safely store your wallet, phone, and other items.

Throw in your EDCs and other necessary gear ready to take off for travel. Should you require a larger version of this magic, then go for Dave Duffel.

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12. Eberlestock Spike Camp Duffel

Tactical Duffle Bags: Eberlestock Spike Camp Duffel

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The Eberlestock Spike Camp Duffel is an ultralightweight duffle bag that is the perfect choice for countryside hunters. Weighing a mere 12 ounces, it boasts a handy 39L capacity. This bag depicts simplicity in its purest form.

Pack your gear and head to the woods for a hunt. Once you have had your catch, pack your game into the meat compartment and head home with your head held high as a winner.

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13. Gonex 40L Packable Travel Duffle Bag

Tactical Duffle Bags: Gonex 40L Packable Travel Bag

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This durable travel duffel can prove a great traveling companion on the plane. Made from 210D nylon, it’s wear and water-resistant. In addition, it weighs far less than a more conventional suitcase.

Not only is the Gonex 40L Packable Travel Duffle Bag a great travel bag, but it can also come in handy as a gym bag, shopping bag, or possibly even as storage for your dirty laundry.

It has multiple compartments for ease of organization of contents, several pockets, and a concealed pouch inside.

It can be effortlessly converted to a backpack, which is great for moving quickly and comfortably. To make it even more appealing, it comes in a range of 15 different colors.

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Who Would Need a Tactical Duffel Bag?

There you have it, the definitive list of the best tactical duffle bags on the market today. However, if you have read this far, you might be asking yourself, who needs such a bag. The simple answer to that question is everybody. Sure, if you are going out on military maneuvers or a survival weekend with the boys, then a tactical bag is a necessity. However, they also have a role to play in the everyday world. 

A good solid piece of tactical gear is the perfect bag to use in day-to-day situations too. Whether you need a heavy-duty gym bag or find yourself carrying tools or other emergency equipment in your car, they also make handy storage bags for items you may need to keep safe while driving. Say, for example, you are a doctor and have your medical bag with you. Stowing it inside a tactical duffle bag will offer an additional layer of protection. The same goes for a businessman. Moving from state to state or country to country is tiring enough. A good tactical duffel will help ensure your belongings are secure and less likely to be either lost, damaged, or even stolen.

Final Thoughts on the Best Tactical Duffel Bags

Hopefully, the above list of tactical duffle bags has helped you on your bag buying journey. If the exact bag you want is not on this list, hopefully, you now at least have a solid idea of what you are looking for. If anything, you have some great examples against which you can compare your potential purchases. 

There are a plethora of different military duffle bags out there, and each of them will have strong points and weaknesses. However, we have highlighted the top thirteen that caught our attention.

If you find a tactical duffel bag that you feel should be on this list, please let us know in the comments. Times change, and new products hit the market all the time.