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    Best Nail Clippers: 10 Clippers That Meet All Your Nail Grooming Needs
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Best Nail Clippers: 10 Clippers That Meet All Your Nail Grooming Needs

A well-manicured hand goes a long way to making a good impression. This article will look at the best nail clippers to ensure your nails give the right impression.

Best Nail Clippers

Nail clippers are must-have tools for every well-groomed man. Whether you have thick or ingrown nails, short or long, a pair of quality nail clippers is essential if you want well-trimmed nails and to make a good impression on those you meet along the way.

However, have you considered if your current nail clipper is suitable for trimming your fingernails or toenails? You might not have thought much about getting one that suits your nail style and grooming needs. And, finding an ideal clipper from a vast array of brands in the market sounds like too much effort, right?

Well, your search for the most appropriate nail clipper has never been easier. In this article, we’ve listed ten of the best nail clippers to serve your manicure and pedicure needs.

Top 10 Best Nail Clippers

You don’t have to be beauty-obsessed to understand the need for a proper nail care routine. Keeping your nails well-manicured will keep dirt and nail fungus at bay. Here’s our selection of nail clippers guaranteed to keep your nails in good shape.

1. Green Bell G-1008 Nail Clippers

Green Bell G-1008 Nail Clippers

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Made in Japan, Green Bell G-1008 is your go-to pair of nail clippers. These stainless steel clippers guarantee you a lifetime of use as they won’t rust easily. In addition, the blades are hardened, meaning you can effortlessly trim even the most problematic nails.

Green Bell nail clippers come with razor-sharp blades, ensuring that your nails get a clean trim. They cut nails so well that filing them afterward is rarely needed. However, the fingernail clippers have an in-built nail file. The blades also bear a smooth curve and finish to give your nails an attractive earl shape after trimming.

Another competitive advantage of Green Bell nail clippers is their attractive ergonomic design. They’re larger than most clippers and have a wider gap between the nails, making them one of the best toenail clippers for men. Moreover, their sturdy grip allows you to have complete control of the clippers without tipping them around.

2. Harperton Nail Clippers Set

Harperton Nail Clippers Set

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The Harperton Nail Clippers Set is your ideal type of multi-purpose nail clippers. It saves you the hassle of searching for additional clippers for your fingernails or toenails. Moreover, it’s the perfect pocket-friendly family gift, as both men and women can use it comfortably to trim all nail types.

We all want a nail clipper that doesn’t easily slip from our fingers, and Harperton Nail Clippers don’t disappoint. Their cool ergonomic design ensures they are well-cradled when in use.

They also come with a zippered PVC pouch making it convenient to carry them around, whether you’re traveling or simply like being prepared for every eventuality.

Harperton’s stainless steel clippers are sturdy and rust-resistant, guaranteeing long-lasting nail care. In addition, the built-in blades will trim your nails with utmost precision. Lastly, the sturdy top lever allows you to cut your nails sharply without tearing them off.

3. GERmanikure Professional Large Nail Clipper

GERmanikure Professional Large Nail Clipper

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If you want a nail clipper that will make your nails look stylish, the GERmanikure Professional Nail Clipper is a perfect choice. It is made from high-quality carbon stainless steel to ensure it doesn’t rust or dull. Moreover, the clipper comes with a leather pouch with dehumidifying features to preserve its immaculate finish for a long time.

You don’t have to visit a professional manicurist when you have the GERmanikure nail clipper at your disposal. Its hand-sharpened and well-aligned pair of blades will precisely trim your nails without ripping.

GERmanikure is your go-to clipper when you want to trim your nails without breaking a sweat. Its slightly curved lever gives a nice tight grip without stressing your hand. The pin and post handle, plus a riveted base, ensure that your clipper stays in perfect shape to last a lifetime.

What’s more, you don’t have to buy separate fingernail clippers or toenail clippers, as the GERmanikure nail clipper works flawlessly on both nail types.

4. SZQHT Wide Jaw Opening Clippers

SZQHT Wide Jaw Opening Clippers

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Forget about pocketing your fingers due to thick or ingrown nails. SZQHT Clippers are a life-saver. Made from sturdy stainless steel, these clippers have incredibly sharp blades that can open up to 15mm wide. You can, therefore, trim thick nails with ease.

SZQHT clippers’ ergonomic design makes nail care a breeze. The clippers will hardly slip from your hands as the uniquely crafted handle facilitates maximum grip and control. They make trimming even the thickest nails a breeze.

For variety, SZQHT clippers are available in an array of five colors, including silver, black, bronze, prismatic, and gray. Their unique design cannot be compared to your regular nail clippers from your nearest drugstore. It’s no wonder SZQHT clippers are so well regarded. With their near-perfect combination of style and performance.

The handy nail file that comes with the set is just a bonus.

5. Seki Edge Nail Clippers

Seki Edge Nail Clippers

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The Japanese-made Seki Edge Nail Clippers add a touch of quality to your manicure or pedicure set. These fingernail clippers are made from high-quality, rust-proof Japanese steel. Thus, saving you regular trips to the store searching for alternative long-lasting nail cutters.

The clippers feature curved stainless steel blades that will cut your fingernails smoothly, leaving no ripped edges. They also have a carefully crafted wide-opening jaw. Hence, they work perfectly, even on thick nails.

Seki Edge nail clippers leave no room for guesswork when it comes to design. The zinc alloy cast lever has some ridges to improve your grip on the clippers. And, even those with limited mobility can keep a comfortable and sturdy grip on these fingernail clippers.

6. Tweezerman Stainless Steel Nail Clipper Set

Tweezerman Stainless Steel Nail Clipper Set

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Are you working with a tight budget but still want a high-quality nail clipper? Go for Tweezerman Stainless Steel Nail Clipper Set. The combo features a small fingernail clipper and a larger toenail clipper, serving both your manicure and pedicure goals.

Tweezerman nail clippers comprise sharp and sturdy stainless steel blades for a smooth cut and, you won’t have to worry about rusting as you only have to clean them using an alcohol wipe. The high-grade material is also hardy, guaranteeing an extended use.

If you’re not too intrigued by exaggerated designs, Tweezerman clippers are the real deal as they have a simple yet stylish look.

Lastly, these stainless steel nail clippers are easy to use as you only have to lift and rotate the levers. You also don’t have to apply much force to get a clean cut after centering the lever.

7. Victorinox Swiss Army Nail Clippers

Victorinox Swiss Army Nail Clippers

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Add these Victorinox Swiss Army Nail Clippers to your travel bag, and it will come in handy. The clippers are lightweight, compact, and come in a leather pouch, making it easy to carry them around while on the move. In addition, you can choose to attach them to your keychain.

Precisely crafted using Swiss high-quality stainless steel, Victorinox nail clippers are sturdy and will brace through any situation during your travels. The steel is tempered, polished, and annealed, protecting it from corrosion and wearing out, while the agile blades provide a smooth cut, keeping your nails in perfect shape.

Victorinox nail clippers are practical and straightforward, folding into a slim, close-packed item. To access the cutting edges, you first have to flip away the folded nail file.

8. KOHM Nail Clipper for Thick Nails

KOHM Nail Clipper for Thick Nails

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You don’t have to go through the trouble of suffering from thick nails when you can use a heavy-duty pair of nail clippers. KOHM nail clippers are specially designed with ultra-sharp stainless steel blades that effectively cut through ingrown and thick toenails. Moreover, they have wide concave jaws that even the most stubborn nails can’t escape.

KOHM nail clippers are versatile as you can use them on either fingernails or toenails. They will serve you for years, as their alloy-coated body is built to last. Being lightweight, any user can comfortably hold the clippers and trim their nails with minimal effort.

Another appealing characteristic of these podiatrist-grade clippers is their ergonomic design. The clippers’ controlled anti-slip grip prevents slippage and accidental clipping even for users with limited mobility. In addition, you don’t have to apply a lot of pressure as the flexible spring does all the heavy lifting.

9. Revlon Toenail Clippers

Revlon Toenail Clippers

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Revlon Toenail clippers are your ideal type of classic clippers. If simplicity and convenience are your top priorities, these nail clippers are one of the best on the market. Moreover, they are very affordable without compromising on quality.

These nail cutters are built from high-quality stainless steel, guaranteeing a lifetime of use. Their curved blades make trimming effortless as you can cut your toenails from the edges as you approach the center. Also, the clippers’ handle is contoured, offering a comfortable grip and easy control.

Revlon clippers also come with a foldable nail file to shape and smooth your toenail edges. The lever works flawlessly, ensuring that you don’t have to use too much strength to trim your toenails. In addition, it makes it easy to work the nail clippers using either hand.

10. New Huing Podiatrist Toenail Clippers

New Huing Podiatrist Toenail Clippers

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New Huing Podiatrist Toenail Clippers are the best clippers for users with medical issues or problematic nails. These nail clippers are made from high-quality surgical stainless steel for enhanced durability. In addition, the handles feature a soft ergonomic ABS material, making them non-slip and easy to handle and control.

Nail trimming with these clippers has never been easier. The razor-sharp curved blades easily cut through ingrown and thick toenails. Also, the clippers bear a double spring, enabling them to work perfectly and for longer.

The nail clippers’ jaws open wide to accommodate thick nails. Moreover, they reach deep into the nail’s groove, rectifying any deformed or misshapen nails. Thus, these upgraded nail clippers will save you money as you can go ahead and cancel your visits to the podiatrist.

Nail Clipper Buying Guide

There are several factors to consider when shopping for the best nail clippers. These include:

Material Used

It’s crucial to note the material used to make the nail clipper before purchasing them. Most brands use stainless steel, chrome-plated, or nickel-coated carbon steel. While these materials are rust-resistant and durable, it does not absolve you of proper nail clipper maintenance. For instance, you may find a pair of nail clippers rusting when exposed to too much moisture.

However, some manufacturers ensure that their nail clippers have enhanced durability by annealing or tempering the material (particularly stainless steel). Others coat the steel with other rust-proof materials to further minimize corrosion.


Well, you might not be aware, but nail clippers fall under two categories:

Fingernail clippers – are specifically crafted to trim fingernails. Most of them feature curved (concave) blades which follow the ideal fingernail shape. Moreover, fingernails have narrower cutting edges than toenails, requiring clippers with narrow jaws.

Toenail clippers – are built explicitly for toenails. They usually have straight blades and broader jaws. Thus, it’s not advisable to use concave blades on toenails as they can snip off the tender nail ends. Moreover, most toenails are thicker than their fingernails and require the sturdiness of straight edge toenail clippers.

Now, here’s a third type of nail clipper. Though most of these fall under the toenail clippers category, some may work perfectly on fingernails.

Podiatrist clippers – these toenail clippers are mainly designed for users with medical conditions or difficult-to-cut nails. So, they’re perfect for seniors and people living with arthritis, nail fungus, ingrown nails, diabetes, and aggressive nail growth.

The Shape of Your Nails

You don’t want a pair of clippers that will leave your nails deformed or with ripped edges. So, it’s advisable to search for nail clippers whose blades are compatible with your nail shape is advisable. So, how do you know which clippers are best suited for your nails?

Nails have varying shapes, including the natural squoval shape, round, square, almond, oval, and coffin (ballerina). So, you’d want a pair of clippers that bring out the best of your desired nail shape. However, ensure that you follow your cuticle to determine your ideal nail shape.

Straight clippers are best for oval and square nails. On the other hand, clippers with curved blades are suitable for round, squoval, and almond nails.

Jaw Alignment

Nail Care is Vital

Jaw alignment is another vital factor to consider when choosing your ideal nail clipper. Perfectly-aligned jaws (or blades) will trim your nails with utmost precision, leaving no bends or ripped edges. Moreover, you’ll not have to strain or use too much pressure to get your nails cut.

Now, how do you determine that your nail clipper blades are well-aligned? You simply have to lift the lever, rotate it, and press it to close the clippers. If the blades don’t leave any space when they come into contact, they’re perfectly aligned.

However, you’ll find some have poorly aligned jaws (that don’t meet precisely). So, when you use such low-quality clippers, you’ll end up with unevenly trimmed nails or jagged edges.

Blade Sharpness

Have you ever dealt with the frustration of using blunt nail clippers? Most probably, you’ve experienced nail tears while struggling to clip them using dull clippers. Now, if your clippers aren’t well-sharpened, you’ll use more effort to trim your nails, and you might also end up hurting yourself.

On the other hand, well-sharpened blades will make nail clipping an easy chore. You don’t have to worry about jagged edges as these kinds of blades will cut precisely, smoothly, and sharply. Thus, go for high-quality clippers with razor-sharp blades for that professional and evenly-cut look.

The Nail Clippers’ Design

Who said you couldn’t get a pair of nail clippers that complement your style? So, whether you wish to attach them to your keyholder or allow them to occupy a space on your drawer or dressing table, sleek-looking clippers are a real deal. However, you may have to part with a few extra dollars to get a truly stylish pair. 

There’s a wide selection of nail clipper designs to choose from. Most well-crafted clippers feature an ergonomic design, enhancing their performance. For instance, you’ll find that many come with non-slip handles, enabling you to hold them comfortably and trim your nails easily.

Some brands incorporate additional features in their nail clipper design. For example, you may find foldable nail clippers with an in-built nail file to make a compact set. Others have widened jaws to ensure that the clippers can precisely trim even the thickest nails.

The Final Snip – Thoughts on the Best Nail Clippers

A pair of high-quality nail clippers are a worthy investment. You’ll not only save money as you don’t require visiting a manicurist or podiatrist but also improve your nail health. Contrastingly, a poor-quality nail clipper will cause nail issues, including ripped edges and unevenly shaped nails.

Do you have an interesting or entertaining nail care story you’d like to share? Perhaps you have a pair that you feel warrants inclusion on our list. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.