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    Tree House Kits: A Fool Proof Way to Build a Treehouse
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Tree House Kits: A Fool Proof Way to Build a Treehouse

If your kids are demanding a treehouse and you don’t know where to even begin, then tree house kits might be the answer to all your DIY prayers.

Tree House Kits

Being handy with a hammer doesn’t come naturally to all. As your kids are going to be playing in your tree house creation numerous feet above the ground, you want to make sure you’re creating something reliable, sturdy, and durable.

Finding the Right Treehouse Kit For You

You can now buy treehouse kits or tree house design plans which will have your treetop play house up and running in no time.

Treehouse Supplies

Treehouse Supplies
via Treehouse Supplies

Treehouse Supplies have both treehouse plans and treehouse kits that work hand in hand to help you build your dream treehouse.

They have a vast selection of different treehouse plans to choose from. From simple one tree and two posts tree house kits to more complex octagon treehouse kits.

Made With Happy DIY Tree House

Made With Happy
via Made with Happy

If thinking about your children up in a tree gives you anxiety (don’t worry, we get it!), then why not build a tree house a lot closer to the ground? This DIY tree house plan by Made With Happy is perfect for younger children and excellent for those who don’t have a sturdy tree in their backyard.

Made With Happy constructed their treehouse over an old tree stump. They then added some manageable stairs leading up to a small but cute open play space.

Alpino Tree House

via Etsy

Alpino Tree House created a tree house plan that you can construct between two mature trees or a single tree with a support post. Their plans state that you can build the treehouse in a week or two by first creating the platform and working your way up from there.

The plan lets you build a treetop room with a floor space measuring 4′ x 7′ and a roof height of 4’2″.

Kauri Tree House

via Etsy

Similar to the Alpino plans, you can build the Kauri Tree House around a singular tree or with posts if you don’t have any suitable trees in your yard. If you have a stable, mature tree, then the trunk will pass through the middle of the platform to give the treehouse a focal point.

Handmade Hideaway

A Handmade Hideaway
via The Handmade Home

The Handmade Home created a step-by-step instruction sheet (with pictures) to build their Handmade Hideaway Treehouse. Treehouses don’t need to be complicated. This treehouse is simple-looking and perfect for little kids. You can further customize it with different paint combinations.

Simple Tree House

A Simple Design
via TreeHouseBuilding

If you weren’t blessed with DIY skills or design skills, this Simple Tree House should be right up your alley. The owner of this plan goes through how he built his own tree house in his backyard. He includes pictures and writes in detail about each step he took to create his platform in the trees. It’s a great guide to help you build yours.

Be In a TreeHouse

Kids Love a Pete Nelson Kit
via Amazon

Technically this one isn’t a treehouse plan. But instead, a book to give you inspiration on how to build your own tree houses. Pete Nelson, who owns his own design and building firm, created his book, Be In a Treehouse, to provide you with inspiration and practical information on building treehouses.

If you’re up for the challenge of building from scratch, then the book is definitely worth a read.

Final Thoughts on the Best Treehouse Kits

Building a treehouse doesn’t have to be an impossible project. And with these treehouse kits, it may be a lot easier than you think!

As we wrap up this article today, we’d love to know, have you ever built a treehouse? Did you use a kit, or did you put your DIY skills to the test? Let us know in the comment section down below!