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    Best Men’s Lightweight Jacket 2023: Top 10 Fall Outerwear Reviewed
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Best Men’s Lightweight Jacket 2023: Top 10 Fall Outerwear Reviewed

With so many brands on the market nowadays, getting the right piece of apparel is almost a gamble. But if you are looking for a top-quality mens lightweight jacket, today is your lucky day! We handpicked the 10 best pieces to get you through fall and beyond.

Best Lightweight Mens Jackets Reviewed 2021

With fall comes beautiful leaf backdrops that make for the best insta-stories and just the perfect temperatures for hikes, long walks, and endless adventures. On the flip side, the season also brings unpredictable weather. Often, it’s never warm enough not to wear a jacket. It is also not cool enough to wear your heavy winter jackets.

This is where the mens lightweight jacket comes in.

If you are short on your light jacket inventory, worry not! We took pleasure in rounding up a whole array of jackets for men.

On our list below, you will find lightweight puffer, down, and other types of men’s fall jacket options. These are pieces that fit the criteria for their performance, design, and overall value.

Here’s our shortlist for the best men’s lightweight jackets:

Top 10 Lightweight Jackets for Men

Whether you intend to travel or just keep busy with your everyday errands, a heavy coat is likely to be unnecessary come fall. The ideal way to stay warm without subjecting yourself to avoidable discomfort is to layer up. Here are our top 10 picks of the best men’s lightweight jackets to see you through the season.

1. Wrangler Men’s Rugged Denim Jacket

Wrangler Mens Lightweight Jacket
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Ask any fashion-forward man you know, and they’ll tell you that denim jackets are a must-have. They are your go-to pieces, whether you want to achieve an overall contemporary style or classic flair. That is why the Wrangler men’s rugged jacket is at the top of our list.

This piece strikes a balance between style and functionality, and it’s perfect for those days that are neither too hot nor too cold.

This 100% lightweight cotton jacket features a classic fit jacket designed with comfort in mind. It’s one of those trendy jackets you can wear to layer up during the cooler days. With a construction that provides adequate room through the torso, you don’t have to worry about restricted movements when layering up.

2. North Face Apex Lightweight Thermal Jacket

North Face Lightweight Jacket
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If you are looking for the ideal mens lightweight waterproof jacket, the North Face Men’s Apex thermal jacket is your answer. Designed to give you a perfect outer layer, this piece will block the wind and cold to keep you warm and cozy.

Better still, you can choose from various colors, including black, burnt olive green, aviator navy, and asphalt black.

Note that even with the fleece interior, the jacket may not be ideal for extremely low temperatures because it’s neither insulated nor hooded. However, it rolls down to hip length and is water-resistant to keep you dry in case of unexpected drizzles.

It’s also worth mentioning that the piece is also available in the women’s versions, allowing you to go “twining” with your lady.

3. Filson Ultralight Jacket

Filson Ultralight Fall Jacket
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If you are looking for a light spring jacket, there are good reasons to consider the Filson Ultralight jacket. This piece ranks high for its ultra-lightweight construction, making it easy to fold into your travel or hiking bag.

Thanks to the PrimaLoft Gold insulation, you don’t have to worry about getting cold just in case it rains or gets overly chilly.

Apart from the outstanding warmth-to-weight ratio, this piece also features Moleskin-lined handwarmer pockets. This coupled with the elastic cuffs and warm collar facing, assure you of maximum comfort, irrespective of the surprises the weather may have in store for the day.

4. Carhartt Men’s Big & Tall Traditional Coat

Carhartt Light Long Jacket Men
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If you are big and tall, the chances are that you have a bit of trouble finding mens lightweight casual jackets that fit right. Fortunately, the Carhartt men’s traditional coat is designed with gentle giants in mind. Moreover, it’s a rugged piece built with tough, durable materials that work just as hard as you do to lock out weather elements and keep you warm and cozy inside.

Apart from the 100% ring-spun cotton duck, other superb features here include the multiple pockets that provide generous storage room. We also love the corduroy collar with snaps that accommodate a hood and the pleated elbows that allow easy movements even when layering.

5. Rdruko Lightweight Bomber Jacket for Men

Rdruko Lightweight Bomber Jacket Mens
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Like the lightweight denim jacket, a bomber jacket is a must-have item in the modern man’s closet. The Rdruko men’s lightweight bomber jacket is not overly ostentatious or flashy and offers layering potential to achieve significant style points.

You can find this stylish jacket in various colors, including black, wine red, dark grey, army green khaki, and navy.

If you are looking for a mens lightweight jacket made with style and comfort in mind, this is a good bet. Made from 100% polyester, this durable windproof piece will keep you just as cozy as you are stylish. And its athletic fit helps achieve the perfect vibe no matter the occasion.

6. Lee Casual Chore Coat

Lee Mens Casual Jackets
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Another excellent lightweight jacket is the Lee Men’s Chore coat.

This jacket style dubbed the 91-J was initially a workman’s overcoat, although it has transcended over the years to become a staple among men that love the contemporary street style. This piece will conform to your body, ensuring free movement and the freedom to layer up.

Lee is a trusted brand with over 100 years in the industry, and thus any item from Lee makes a statement. This men’s casual jacket in specific is an everyday classic with impressive details for increased versatility.

Whether you choose to pair up your jacket with a chambray shirt or wear it with your rugged chore pants, there’s no wrong way to style up.

7. LAPASA Men’s Down Jacket

LAPASA Lightweight Puffer Jacket Mens
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If you are looking for the best lightweight men’s down jacket, you’ll be impressed by the LAPASA jacket. At the price point, this piece offers outstanding value and provides the perfect blend of style and functionality.

Further, it comes with wind and waterproof fabric, which is also designed to provide strong heat insulation.

This LAPASA jacket’s highlights also include the elastic cuffs that lock out the cold and the durable YKK zippers.

Many buyers also appreciate the breathable fabric that allows for a quick moisture discharge improving comfort. The best part is that it is super lightweight and packable, not to mention that it comes with a small drawstring bag that compacts down small.

8. Levi’s Lightweight Hooded Military Jacket

levi's men's lightweight cotton field jacket
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This is a lightweight warm jacket from a legendary brand—Levi’s. The Levi’s men’s cotton hooded military jacket is stylish, warm, made from durable materials. Even better, it is lightweight and easy to clean.

We recommend this as a solid spring or fall jacket, as it effectively banishes wind and prevents heat escape. It scores higher for featuring a removable hood; you can keep your head warm during the cooler days and remove the hood entirely when it’s warmer.

Just when we thought a men’s spring jacket could not get any better, this designer piece is surprisingly quite affordable.

9. M MOTEEPI UPF 50+ Light Summer Jacket

M MOTEEPI Mens Summer Jacket UV
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The award of the best lightweight men’s summer jacket goes to the M MOTEEPI men’s UPF 50+ UV jackets. This is one of the best hiking hoodies for the money on the market today.

For starters, this jacket provides impressive levels of UV protection. Better still, it’s made from a breathable mesh fabric that keeps you cool and comfortable when the sun is out.

This jacket is also ideal for cooler days. The wide hood will protect your head and face from cold, and the top-notch fabric will block out the wind.

Whether you intend to go for long runs during summer, fishing in autumn, or hikes in fall, this is a nice jacket to have.

10. Calvin Klein Lightweight Bomber Jacket

Calvin Klein Best Mens Spring Jacket
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We saved the best for last: the Calvin Klein lightweight bomber jacket for men. This spring jacket is the editor’s choice for a variety of reasons.

First, it comes in a range of sizes, including standard, tall and big. This ensures that you can find a perfect fit, irrespective of your physique. Made from 100% polyester, this coat is designed to beat weather elements, including light showers and low temperatures.

Secondly, it is available in a range of colors, including olive, jet black, dark tan, alloy grey, and deep blue, just to mention a few.

But of course, it’s not just a fashion jacket; it is also a highly functional piece. How about a flight pocket with zipper closure on the sleeve and two welt pockets featuring zipper closures?

Men’s Lightweight Jackets Style Guide

Sometimes, the weather is pretty confusing. One minute it’s super chilly, and the next, you’re sweating. This is the perfect time to rock in your mens lightweight jacket.

A lightweight coat is a “transitional” piece or rather a versatile jacket designed with changing seasons in mind. It allows you to layer up depending on the temperatures and still maintain your style and comfort.

Let’s analyze three classics that are simply a must-have in your wardrobe.

The Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are a classic. They have gone through a resurgence over the past decade, making them a staple in the fashion-forward man’s closet. Currently, denim lightweight jackets are considered perfect for everyday wear.

You are possibly wondering whether pieces like the Wrangler men’s denim jacket are ideal for the chilly spring weather. Well, even though the jacket doesn’t provide a ton of warmth, it allows pairing up with t-shirts or even light cotton sweaters. This will help you achieve a clean vintage throwback style.

Anyone can nail their look with a lightweight denim jacket. Whether you are out and about or attending a social gathering with your buddies, throwing on the jacket will give you the vibe without compromising your comfort. If you don’t want to seem as though you’re “dressing too young,” choose dark-colored denim jackets.

The Bomber Jacket

Lightweight bomber jackets offer the perfect blend between style and functionality. At first, these light coats were designed for military pilots. They feature a low-profile collar and elastic cuffs and waist.

One thing that makes bomber jackets a man’s wardrobe essential is their versatility. The pieces are perfect for all body types, irrespective of age. The trick to nailing your look is to ensure your coat fits well, especially on the shoulders and arms.

Bomber jackets are a casual staple and can be worn with just about anything from t-shirts to denim pants and chinos. Depending on the weather, you can choose to zip up the coat or leave it open to show off your fancy chambray shirt.

The Field Jacket

Field jackets, also known as utility or safari jackets, also feature a military-inspired design. These coats are characterized by multiple sets of pockets for carrying extra tools when heading out to the field. A top-quality field jacket will protect you from weather elements during rapid temperature changes. At the same time, it will be lightweight enough to keep you cool and comfortable on the go.

If you are not large and stockier, you may want to stick to the bomber or the denim jacket. Field jackets look better on larger men and tend to give them a more slimming look. You can layer the coat with a cashmere sweater to maintain a balanced contrast between a polished and rugged look.

Final Thoughts

If you are searching for a mens lightweight jacket, we are confident you will find the perfect piece on our list. We handpicked pieces that make profound fashion statements while still ensuring functionality and comfort.

Are you in a rush and cannot go through the entire list? We’ve got you covered! Your safe bet is the Calvin Klein men’s bomber jacket. It comes in a range of sizes, including standard, medium, and large. The icing on the cake is the versatile design, ideal for all body types and men of all ages.

Have we left out your favorite lightweight jacket? Tell us about it in the comment section below!