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    10 Amazing A-Frame House Plans You Can Build on the Cheap
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10 Amazing A-Frame House Plans You Can Build on the Cheap

Been dreaming of building an A-frame house? Check out these 10 modern kit homes that simplify the set up process and allow construction in record time.

Top 10 A-frame House Kits

Architectural designs have evolved immensely over the last few decades. While this is the case, the popularity of A-frame homes has remained constant.

Such houses blew in popularity during the mid-centuries and were mainly used as vacation homes. Today, an A-frame house is still a popular scene in modern neighborhoods thanks to the steep-pitched roof that give a relaxed rustic vibe.

Apart from the appealing aesthetics of A-houses, they are incredibly strong and resilient. These homes have Insta-worthy looks, yet they are considerably inexpensive to construct. With a design adaptable to any environment and traditional homes becoming increasingly inaccessible to many, these structures are today popping up just about everywhere. 

Looking for the short version? Check out the our top 10 A-frame house builds:

What Is an A-Frame House?

An A-frame house is a building that features a triangular roof that pretty much looks like capital “A.” 

The typical A-frame cabin may have a single floor or two stories. When a structure contains multiple floors, the first floor holds the living area and kitchen while the upper floors provide the sleeping area.

Generally, your needs and financial means will dictate the best A-frame house design to buy. Irrespective of your size of cabin, it’s likely to feature a slopped, A-shaped roof that serves as two interior walls.

The back and front walls often feature massive, floor-to-ceiling windows that usher natural light into your crib.

Best A-Frame House Kits to Buy in 2021

A-frame houses make it affordable to build quiet places where you can escape and spend time with nature.

Like vacation homes made from logs, these homes are aesthetically pleasing and well-equipped. The only difference is that they come prefabricated for an easy, more affordable setup.

You are possibly thinking that the best kit homes cost a fortune, right? Not really. We did the research for you to find well fabricated, strong, and reliable kits that will give you excellent worth for your money.

These are house kits with smart designs intended to offer the perfect solutions for anyone looking to build a cozy vacation home. 

1. Ayfraym Prefab A-Frame Cabin

Ayfraym Prefab A-Frame Cabin
First on the list is a handsome house kit you will not mind trading for your apartment. While this is not one of the many modular home kits one sees on the market, it compensates by providing a range of options at different price points. The Ayfraym Prefab A-frame Cabin offers a generous 1,943 square feet interior floor space with two stories.

The setup allows you to build two bathrooms and two bedrooms with arched ceilings that make your rooms more spacious. You will also have three huge walkout decks where you can step out to connect with nature. Don’t forget; there are large windows that allow plenty of natural light into your home.

Apart from this standard Ayfraym plus model, you can also go for the Afryam Tiny. The second option offers the same luxuries, only that it has one washroom and one bedroom. 

Depending on your choice, it may take you between 4 and 6 months to plan and set up your home to completion.

2. M.A.DI. Home Flatpack

M.A.DI. Home Flatpack
If you are interested in an A-frame house with a modular design for quick installation, look no further than the M.A.DI. Home Flatpack.

Unlike the Ayfraym A-frame Prefab Cabin, whose setup may require at least 4 months, you can set up this cabin in as little as 15 days.

Even though this cabin is adaptable and perfect for any environment, it would look stunning in the woods. There are three design options to choose from, including the single, double and triple units.

If you are a family person, we recommend the triple cabin that measures 104m2. It offers plenty of living space and comfort to make the perfect getaway home for your loved ones.

3. Avrame DUO Series House Kits

Avrame DUO Series House Kits
Another A-frame house with aesthetics designed to knock you off your socks is the Avrame DUO Series.

This one comes in 4 different floor plans, including the Avrame DUO 120, DUO 100, DUO 75, and DUO 57. This means that you can choose the floor plan that aligns with your needs and budget.

Avrame is an industry leader in making sustainable kit homes that enhance the quality of life while reducing environmental footprint.

The standard design offers a bathroom, kitchen, and living room on the ground floor. You can modify your bedrooms on the loft and perhaps leave space for a small office or kid’s playroom.

If you are looking to build your own house without spending a fortune, this is one of the best prefab A-frame homes to consider. It can serve as a full-size house, a granny annex, a summer cabin, or a starter home for your growing family.

4. Nolla Zero A-Frame Cabin Kit

Nolla Zero A-Frame Cabin Kit
If you gravitate towards minimalist living and would be happy to live in a 97 square feet kit home, check out the Nolla Zero A-Frame Cabin Kit. The cabin is intentionally designed not to dominate the area where you set it up.

This cabin is one of the most affordable A-frame kits on our list. It’s absolutely eye-striking and built with the environmentalist in mind. To our surprise, everything inside the home is powered using renewable electricity to cut down your impact on the environment.

5. Den A-Frame Cabin Plans

Den A-Frame Cabin Plans
Owning a vacation home remains a far-fetched dream for most people. This is more so if you plan to construct the traditional log houses that tend to be tough on the wallet.

Fortunately, an A-frame house cost inclusive of shipping and assembly expenses may be within your financial means. For as little as $21,000, you can receive your A Den A-Frame Cabin Kit packed with all the assembly tools you require.

The package comes with plenty of goodies, including nuts, screws, bolts, CNC milled wood, and well-written assembly instructions.

Your cabin will take up about 115 square feet to provide ample room for a getaway home, office, or guest house. One feature that truly stands out is the humongous, floor-to-ceiling window that brightens the home with natural light.

6. Lushna Tiny A-Frame Cabin

Lushna Tiny A-Frame Cabin
If you are looking for the best prefab home kits that promise ease of installation in any environment, it pays to consider cabins from Lushna.

The company specializes in fabricating affordable wooden houses for eco-tourist camping destinations. One of the brand’s best designs is the Lushna A-Frame Micro Cabin.

This unit boasts a barebones design ideal for setting up your sleeping quarters in the woods. While a full-sized cabin with all modern amenities may sound more enticing, this cabin scores high because it comes ready for a fast assembly process.

7. Bivvi A-Frame Cabin

Bivvi A-Frame Cabin
Another A-frame house we had to add to our list is the Bivvi A-frame cabin. Even though it occupies a mere 80 square feet in floor space, this is a no-nonsense cabin designed to lure the attention of creative minds.

It has wood-paneled interiors, metal-clad exteriors, and a triangular window that allows proper ventilation and natural lighting.

Note that even though this is a prefab home, it doesn’t come in kit form. However, it’s still a remarkable contender for its practical design.

Again, this is a cabin ideal for creative people, and you can add more room by building a deck and adding custom outdoor furniture. Generally, the crib offers just enough room to give you the freedom to choose your own style of getaway adventure.

8. Backcountry Hut Company A-Frame House

Backcountry Hut Company A-Frame House
Here is yet another affordable A-frame house option. The Backcountry Hut Company A-Frame is a single room cabin you can convert into a bunk room, studio, or single bedroom.

While it comes with a basic design, it’s made of top-quality materials designed to serve you well for decades. Moreover, the assembly process should not take you more than a week.

Backcountry Hut Company is a Canadian company that offers a range of fantastic prefab home kits. Apart from this design known as the Systems 00, you can also choose from two other cabin designs—Systems 01 and 02.

Irrespective of the option you select, the company can ship the cabin in a flat-back, pre-cut, and assembled form to any destination in North America.

9. Klein & BIG A45 Tiny House

Klein & BIG A45 Tiny House
Compared to the large, spacious, and luxurious prefab A-frame homes we have shared on our list, the A45 Tiny House by Klein & BIG may seem like a far cry from a nature resort. However, it had to end up on our list for its executive design and outstanding aesthetics.

At the price, you will be amazed at the range of goodies this cabin has to offer. The 185 square feet A-frame house exemplifies coziness with pine framing cork ceilings and Douglas Fir flooring.

Better still, it features a bathroom with cedar panels and a floor-to-ceiling window to expand the appearance of the compact footprint interiors.

10. Lushna Suite Lux

Lushna Suite Lux
The Lushna Suite Lux is just as well-engineered as the Lushna A-Frame Micro Cabin, the only difference being that it offers slightly more interior space.

With this option, you get a king-size bedroom coupled with a bathroom and kitchen for the ultimate adventures into nature.

Lushna’s Suite Lux offers an interior floor space of 205 square feet. The best part is that the A-frame cabin’s design leaves room for accessorizing with a balcony.

Furthermore, it features a massive glass door that blurs the lines between your interiors and the outdoors. This would make an excellent A-frame kit to assemble beside a water body.

A-Frame House Buying Guide

If you search the internet for A-frame house building kits, the chances are that the results you generate will be overwhelming.

Industry leaders in prefab home kits have stepped up their game to quench the ever-rising demand for customizable yet affordable DIY homes.

Buying an A-frame house, irrespective of its design or size is tough on the wallet. This makes it imperative to ensure you choose the right A-frame kit, the first time.

Even though it makes sense to note your budget, the cost of a kit is not the only aspect that requires consideration. Here are other essential aspects to consider when searching for the best prefab nature resort:

Customization Options

The quality of materials used to make house kits is often out of the question. Most companies, especially those we have mentioned on our list, have earned a reputation for creating durable kits capable of lasting for decades.

However, not all models offer freedom for customization.

A decent number of models come with floor plans for ease of installation. Unfortunately, this also limits the level of modifications you can do. Often, users can only choose the appliances, colors, and finishes to add to their cabins.

On the other hand, some companies offer designs suited to accommodate your preferences better. This allows you to take part in choosing the floor plan division and overall cabin design.

Cabin Size

Another prime aspect to consider before making a purchase is the cabin size.

While choosing the biggest, most visually appealing natural resort can be tempting, we recommend choosing the size according to your needs. You may also want to consider your budget and the available space.

Cabin Design

If you are like most people, the first aspect you are likely to consider is the visual appeal of a cabin.

However, it pays to consider not just the charm of a design but also its functionality. If you focus merely on looks, you risk ending up with a cabin that hardly suits your lifestyle needs.

A-Frame Houses: Final Thoughts

If you are searching for an A-frame house worth every penny you invest, we are confident you can find one on our list. Such homes are architectural icons that have made a major comeback over the past few years.

The models on our review are from top-rated brands that are flexing muscles to supply nature resorts with more than just Insta-worthy aesthetics.

What sort of A-frame house are you looking for? Do you like our recommendations? Let us know in the comments section.

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