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    Tree House Rentals: 17 Unique Accommodations For Your Next Break
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Tree House Rentals: 17 Unique Accommodations For Your Next Break

Have you ever wanted to live out your childhood dreams of living in a tree? Well, there are tree house rentals all over the world that are making that dream a reality.

Tree House Rentals

Long gone are the days when a tree house is something for kids to enjoy in the backyard. While this sort of tree house still exists, there are bigger, bolder, and more luxurious examples springing up worldwide. In fact, a tree house holiday is becoming quite the rage on sites like Airbnb.

We’ve compiled a list of 17 of the best tree house vacation rentals in the US and worldwide. For your next unique and truly unforgettable vacation getaway, keep on reading!

United States Treehouse Rentals

There is no shortage of wonderful getaways across the United States. However, the number of treehouse rentals has surged, with more people looking for a glamping getaway or an off-the-grid escape.

The following eight treehouses are prime examples of everything you could want in a retreat. Whether you’re from the pacific northwest or way down in Texas, we’ve got you covered.

Treehouse Utopia, Texas

A Luxury Treehouse in Texas
via Treehouse Utopia

Treehouse Utopia is a truly fitting name for this collection of tree house vacation rentals. They are located in the town of Utopia, Texas, but they’re also home to many incredible luxury treehouses that’ll set your vacation apart from the rest.

The company has four treehouses that you can rent on a nightly basis: Chapelle, Carousel, Biblioteque, and Chateau. All of the tree houses sleep two adults and have full bathrooms and quirky decorations.

Treehouse Utopia built the Bilbioteque and Chateau treehouses nestled amongst the trees. But, they went for a different approach with the Chapelle and Carousel treehouses. They built both the Chapelle and Carousel treehouses next to bodies of water. This extra feature enhances the treehouse experience even further and, in our opinion, makes it even more magical.  

Unfortunately (or fortunately, whichever way you look at it), these are adult-only treehouse cabins. So if you have little ones, they’ll have to stay with grandma and grandpa.

The Mohicans, Ohio

Treehouse Rentals Like No Other
via TheMohicans

The Mohicans is another treehouse resort with numerous luxury tree house rentals ranging in size and design. Their smallest tree house, the Little Red Treehouse, sleeps two people and has an outdoor shower, kitchen, and living area. The Mohicans originally built this treehouse to be featured on the Animal Planet/Discovery Channel Show Treehouse Masters.

Their larger treehouses sleep up to four people and are more modern in design. However, the one that takes the cake for us is the El Castillo luxury treehouse. El Castillo has leather furnishings, a spiral staircase, and an authentic stone shower.

All of the treehouses have heating and air conditioning systems installed, and most of them even allow pets!

The Treehouse on Lake Travis, Texas

A Treehouse Cabin on the Lake
via Airbnb

This next Texas treehouse in itself is absolutely stunning. But the view from its large open windows and generous porch area steals the show.

The Treehouse on Lake Travis is, you guessed it, a treehouse overlooking Lake Travis. This beautiful treehouse retreat has two bedrooms that can sleep four guests. It also has a vast open living area with a wood-burning fireplace and a full bathroom and kitchen area that’ll make you feel right at home.

And, if the treehouse wasn’t enough for you, you also have access to a swimming pool, a barbeque area, a hot tub, and steps down to the marina, where you can participate in water-based activities.

Treehouse with Ocean View, California

A Luxury Treehouse with Sea Views
via Airbnb

If you decide to stay in a treehouse, your expected view is more than likely to be forests, trees, or open fields. But, this three-bedroom treetop property in California offers its guests views of the Pacific ocean.

When designing the property, the owner took inspiration from Japanese architecture and added Japanese-inspired sliding screen doors. However, our personal favorite features of the property are the floor-to-ceiling windows that let in a ton of natural light in every room.

A spiraled staircase transports you between the two floors, with the upper story having a large open balcony area where you can sit and enjoy a morning cup of coffee or an evening glass of wine.

Whippoorwill Retreat Treehouse, Georgia

Some Incredible Treehouses
via Airbnb

Although the owners of Whippoorwill Retreat Treehouse were slightly tight for space, they still managed to create a two-bed whimsical house up in the trees.

The first story in the treehouse features a living area, a small kitchenette, and a double bed that they strung from the ceiling. The second bedroom is on the second story and has the most incredible skylight positioned directly above the bed.

Whippoorwill Retreat Treehouse also has a balcony with a shaded seating area and a fire pit at the bottom of the slope that is the ultimate area for entertaining.

Tree Tops, Asheville

Amazing Two Story Treehouse in North Carolina
via VRBO

The Tree Tops treehouse in Asheville is one of the coolest tree houses we’ve ever seen. This six-bedroom, four-bathroom house sleeps up to 10 people and has all the modern amenities you could ever want or need.

Inside the living area, you’ll find a beautiful gas-controlled fireplace and floor-to-ceiling windows that give you incredible views of the surrounding forest area. It’s easy to forget you’re staying in the trees until you walk outside onto one of the house’s three balconies.

With an outdoor barbeque and adequate seating, this treehouse cabin is a fantastic option for entertaining large families or for a weekend away with your best friends.

Hickory Treehouse, Kentucky

Treehouse Rentals With a Wraparound Deck
via Hipcamp

If you want to give your kids a weekend to remember, then the Hickory Treehouse in Kentucky is the place to go.

This treehouse vacation rental may only have one bedroom, but it can sleep up to six guests and comes with a kitchenette and a cozy living area. However, what makes this treehouse stand out from the rest is the slide that takes you from the wrap-around porch down to the ground below.

The Hickory Treehouse, in our opinion, is one of the best treehouse rentals for families with kids, as the surrounding area has over 200 acres of rolling hiking trails and activities for the little ones to participate in. With an alpine climbing area and a creek to explore, your kids can go to bed happy and content after a long day in the great outdoors.

Redwood Treehouse, Texas

Modern Cool Treehouses
via ByOwner

In technical terms, the Redwood Treehouse isn’t exactly a treehouse as it is built on stilts and has a fake concrete tree running through the center. But, concrete tree or real tree, we’re still going to count it.

The rustic treehouse sleeps eight guests and has a full kitchen, dining, and living area. On top of being equipped with everything you’d need for a peaceful getaway, the Redwood Treehouse also has a shared swimming pool, a cabana area, a kids playground, and a 60-foot dock at Lake Dunlap a short walk away.

You can also grill to your heart’s content on your private deck area – which comes complete with a grill.

Tree House Vacation Rentals Worldwide

Looking beyond the US, there are a plethora of fantastic tree houses that you can rent. So whether you want an outdoor kitchen or a romantic getaway with a spring-fed hot tub, there is a tree house on this list that checks all the boxes.

The following nine tree houses offer everything from the highest luxury down to a traditional rustic treehouse experience.

Luxurious Treehouse Villas and Suites, South Africa

A Luxury Treehouse is Just the Thing You Need
via GlampingHub

The Luxurious Treehouse Villas and Suites offer a unique treehouse getaway in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa.

All suites on the property are comprised of a luxury bedroom, a lounge area, a private deck, and your very own private infinity pool.

The villas, on the other hand, have two bedrooms, a kitchenette, and a private deck with a “moon” shower overlooking the lush forest surrounding the property.

Treetop Cabin With Hottub, Southwest France

Enjoy the Natural Beauty of France

What’s better than a tree house? A tree house with a hot tub! This two-bed Treetop Cabin in Southwest France has a private deck area with a hot tub that overlooks the beautiful green fields of the property it is situated on.

As well as having a private hot tub, you also have access to a shared pool area and a small kids’ playground. These additional facilities make it an incredible and unique stay for small families with young children.

Regal Castle Treehouse, France

The Best Treehouse in France
via GlampingHub

Ladies and gentlemen, we present you with the breathtaking Regal Castle Treehouse that is just waiting for you to live out all your prince and princess dreams.

But no, seriously, this treehouse is incredible. So, gather up your kids and head to Dienné, France, to spend the weekend up in the trees in your very own castle. Not only does the treehouse castle sleep ten guests, but the owners also built it on an Environmental Amusement Park with alpine canopies, treetop zip lines, outdoor swimming pools, and a miniature golf course.

Arctic Treehouse Hotel, Finland

Tree houses in the Artic
via ArcticTreehouseHotel

What better way to wake up in the morning than opening the windows and taking in the incredible Finnish snow-capped pine trees? If that sounds heavenly, you can experience exactly that at the Arctic Treehouse Hotel.

The rooms at the hotel come in a range of variations. Some have only a bed and seating area, while others offer an additional kitchenette. But, whichever room type you choose, you’re guaranteed one-of-a-kind views from the giant window at the foot of your bed.

Treehouse Hideaway, England

Tree Houses By Any Other Name
via GlampingHub

We’ve snuck in another rental which you may or may not class as a treehouse. This getaway treehouse up on stilts can sleep up to six people and has a large open dining and living area and a small kitchen.

From the outside, this treehouse is breathtaking and has a wide porch that wraps around the entire house to give you uninterrupted views of the Wiltshire countryside. The owners of the Treehouse Hideaway designed it with internal wood furnishings and sculpted a tree of lights that runs through the center of the dining table to make you feel even more like you’re living up in the trees.

Lion Sands Treehouses, South Africa

Treehouse Rentals in a State Park Nature Reserve
via andBeyond

The Lion Sands Game Reserve is home to four lodges and three magnificent treehouses that put you right out in the middle of the reserve. The Lion Sands Treehouses, Chalkley, Kingston, and Tinyeleti have open bedrooms and a large deck dining area where you can kick back, relax, and enjoy your downtime taking in the plant and wildlife surrounding you.

And don’t worry, the beds are covered with a mosquito net. So fingers crossed, that’s one animal you won’t encounter on your treetop getaway.

Hanging Treehouse, Sweden

Unique Tree Houses
via GlampingHub

Quite possibly, the most unique treehouse on our list today is the Hanging Treehouse in Sweden. In some ways, this treehouse reminds us of a UFO. So, if you’ve ever dreamt of staying in a treehouse AND being abducted by aliens, you can live out both those fantasies at once.

Due to the Hanging Treehouse’s relatively small design, the owners kept the interior reasonably simple. Two adults can comfortably cozy up in the double bed. And if you have a mini glamper with you, they can camp out on the fold-out twin bed.

However, the best part of the treehouse is the wood-burning fireplace and the underfloor heating. Both elements keep you toasty and warm even throughout Sweden’s winter months.

Lake Manyara Tree Lodge, Tanzania

Romantic Getaway in Stilted Tree Houses
via JourneysByDesign

The Lake Manyara Tree Lodge is home to nine stilted treehouse suites that give guests a true wilderness experience. Builders crafted the treehouses from local timber and makuti palm fronds. This construction blends them into the surrounding trees to create a level of intimacy and romance.

Each treehouse has a large bed, an elegant seating area, a full bathtub bathroom, and a balcony with chairs that puts you right out in nature. As the lodge is on a national park, you can head out on extraordinary safaris to witness the incredible animals that also call Lake Manyara home.

Bangkok Treehouse, Thailand

A Simple Yet Delightful Treehouse Rental
via Uniqhotels

The final treehouse rental to make our list is the Bangkok Treehouse in Thailand. The owners of Bangkok Treehouse must have heard that saying “less is more.” They took the most simple treehouse imaginable and turned it into an incredible experience mixed in with the trees.

Each room, we should say, has a double bed with a mosquito net. They also have a surrounding balcony that makes the perfect place to watch the sunset and rise. Considering you have no walls to block out the light, you’re guaranteed to wake up peacefully when the sun does, which is something we think everyone should try at least once in their life.

The property also has outdoor seating areas and rooms that feature walls if camping out under the stars isn’t your thing.

Final Thoughts on Tree House Rentals

If you’re lucky enough to be heading on a getaway, why not stay in a treehouse. It’s a truly unique experience that not many people would even think of, let alone set out to do. And with breathtaking tree house rentals like the ones we’ve mentioned today, you’re bound to have the most unforgettable night’s sleep way up in the trees.

As we wrap up this article today, we’d love to know if you’d be open to staying in a tree house? Also, if you have spent the night up in the trees, what was your favorite part? Let us know in the comment section down below!