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    Living the Highlife is a Luxury Treehouse for a Full Family
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Living the Highlife is a Luxury Treehouse for a Full Family

Many of us have spent the night in a treehouse, but one family in the UK decided to built a luxury treehouse getaway with enough room for the whole family. It’s called “Living the Highlife,” and is made up of two different treehouses; one for the kids, and another for the adults. Complete with rope bridges, assault courses, an 80-yard zip line, and even a hidden games room, the property is a dream-come-true for kids. Luxury wooden interiors and exquisite design make it the perfect place for adults to relax as well.

Built by the design firm Blue Forest, the luxury treehouse sports a beautiful conical thatched roof, while its walls are clad in hand-split oak shingles and cedar tongue-and-groove boards. Wrapped around a huge tree that runs through the center of the building, the dwelling is fitted with a kitchen, toilet, and large living area for treetop dinner parties.

A short walk across the rope walkway, the children’s section of this luxury treehouse features a more fantastical design, with three medieval towers crowning the top of the building. Inside, there is a secret trapdoor which leads from the main room into a games room fitted with a plasma television and game console.  For outdoor pursuits, there is an eighty-yard zip wire that delivers the children to an exciting assault course and adventure play area.

Even though this particular creation is in another class compared to the DIY creations that pop up in people’s back gardens, part of the reason it’s so special is the fact that at the end of the day, it’s still a treehouse. There must be something hardwired in our DNA to love the idea of living amongst the treetops.

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