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    20 Best Nerf Guns to Arm Yourself for Cubicle Combat
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20 Best Nerf Guns to Arm Yourself for Cubicle Combat

For over thirty years, Nerf has been supplying foam weaponry and dart blasters to bored office workers the world over. If your desk’s arsenal happens to be bare, then it’s time to load up with this list of the best Nerf guns.

Best Nerf Guns

Is cubicle insurgency on the rise in your office? Or are you just looking to spice up that white-collar life and blow off steam with coworkers?
If so, you’re in luck.

We tapped into our inner child and scrounged up some of the best Nerf guns Hasbro has to offer.

Some you may be familiar with, while others will bring new meaning to inter-departmental warfare (a term we just coined.) Either way, these 20 Nerf weapons are exactly what you need to plan a coup against HR and win a big one for you r division. (If not, then they’ll at least be fun to shoot.) 

Short on time before the insurgency? Here are the top 10 best Nerf guns:

Best Nerf Guns for Fun and Combat

If you want to make it in this rat race, then gunslinger, you’d better lock and load those Nerf darts. Here are 20 awesome Nerf guns sure to turn the tide of the next Great Nerf Battle of 20XX.

1. Stampede ECS-50

Nerf Machine Gun | Stampede ECS-50
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Rapid Response: Our first recommendation from the Nerf-N-Strike Elite line. Fully automatic, the ECS-50 will crank out three rounds per second without requiring you to load up and cock the gun. Just slap in the magazine and let it chatter away.

Eighteen-round banana clips provide as much ammo as you care to carry. Additional Nerf gun features include a pop-out bipod accessory for extra stability and a blast shield for added protection.

(Note: If you’re unable to source this Nerf machine gun from the manufacturer, you may still be able to source it from a collector. As one of the best Nerf machine gun models, we totally recommend it.)

2. Zombie Strike Doominator

Nerf Blaster | Zombie Strike Doominator
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Cock ‘n’ Rock: A best-in-class Nerf blaster, the Doominator exists for the sheer joy of imparting destruction upon thy enemies.
Firing up to twenty-four darts, the Dominator’s front handle can be mounted straight down or on either side. It rotates in a new ammo drum when you’ve burned through the first, with an added bonus of pump-action for Slam-Firing. Ideal for burgeoning zombie hunters.

3. RapidStrike CS-18

N-Strike Elite Nerf Gun | RapidStrike CS-18
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No Waiting: As the name suggests, this N-Strike Elite Nerf Gun can rapid-fire four darts per second.

This is notably faster compared to other Nerf guns. However, you may encounter a few jamming issues as a trade-off for speedy damage dealing. A compact body, tactical rails, clip-like loading, and a tight shoulder stock offer enhanced accuracy and ease of use.

Just keep an eye on your elite darts. You’ll go through them quickly.

4. Vortex Praxis Disc Blaster

Nerf Disc Blaster | Vortex Praxis
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Quick Change: Rather than using foam darts like most Nerf models, the Praxis loads up green discs. This exchange improves both accuracy and ammo capacity.

Depending on your style and the combat situation, you can modify this Nerf disc blaster from a two-handed weapon to a one-handed blaster by extending or dropping the stock.

5. Elite Triad EX-3

Nerf Pistol | Elite Triad EX-3
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Against the Wall: There are a couple of Nerf pistol weapons smaller than the Triad, but most only carry a single shot. Hardly ideal in a no-win scenario.
Keeping three darts on rotation, with the Triad, you don’t need to adhere to the “One Shot, One Kill” rule. Cock the handle, ready your shot, and fire off elite darts as you duck for cover.

6. Elite Mega Thunderbow

Nerf Bow Blaster | Elite Mega Thunderbow
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Robin Hood: Though it isn’t as big or as sleek as some of the newer Nerf bow and arrow combos you’ll find, the Thunderbow combines range, accuracy, and portability.

Even Daryl Dixon would be swayed into ditching his crossbow for a Nerf bow blaster (in a better, non-zombie riddled world, of course.)

Newer Nerf fans won’t be disappointed. Fire darts with precision and get a taste of realistic bow action. 

7. Rival Khaos MXVI-4000 Blaster

Nerf Ball Gun | Rival Khaos MXVI-4000 Blaster

Death Dealer: The Nerf Rival line is intended for older kids, which is why it’s ok that this baby can pop out forty foam balls in 11 seconds at 70 mph.

The rapid-fire of this Nerf ball gun is ensured by a fully motorized firing mechanism. Aided by high-impact rounds, tactical rails, and easy reloading, the Khaos will turn you from a pencil pusher to a one-person army. 

8. Mega Mastodon Blaster

Biggest Nerf Gun | Mega Mastodon Blaster
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Heavy Artillery:  The biggest Nerf gun from the N-Strike collection is a certified game-changer in Nerf warfare. The aptly-named Mega Mastodon is girthy, being nearly four feet in size with a shoulder strap for toting around the battlefield. You also gain a rotating barrel that loads twenty-four standard Nerf darts, perfect for automatic fire.

Be aware that this blaster’s motor utilizes six D batteries. You’ll need to stock up if you intend to terrorize your co-workers weekly.

9. A3700 Centurian Mega Blaster

Nerf Rifle A3700 Centurian Mega Blaster
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The Man on the Hill: When it comes to cubicle combat, not all Nerf battles call for close combat. The A3700 Centurian is the perfect ranged weapon for picking off the opposition and winning big without breaking a sweat.

Complete with a folding bipod stand, you can shoot darts with newfound accuracy as the accounting department readies their advance. This Nerf rifle’s clip fits up to six darts and boasts a firing range of up to 100 feet.

10. N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire Blaster

Nerf Gatling Gun | N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire Blaster
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Fixed Position: Carrying around the Rhino-Fire‘s dual motorized blaster will turn you into a walking target. However, if used at basecamp (i.e. the watercooler), you’ll gain a nasty blaster akin to a foamy, 50-cal turret mounted to the back of a survival truck.

This bona-fide Nerf gatling gun’s drums can carry twenty-five rounds each, equaling fifty rounds total to outperform rival blasters. Perch high or stay low and unleash hell upon the office.

11. N Strike Unity Power System

Nerf Blaster + Pistol Combo | N Strike Unity Power System
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All-Inclusive: One part close-quarters pistol, one part mid-range field fighter, this Nerf blaster + pistol combo is no joke. Genuine destruction is impossible, but the foam missile launcher is sure to make the enemy sweat.

Plus, you can depend on its rapid-fire to turn the tide of Nerf battles. The Unity takes a little practice to get used to, but once you’ve got the basics down, you’ll be a force to be reckoned with.

12. N Strike Elite Rampage Sonic Ice Series Blaster

Nerf Assault Rifle | N Strike Elite Rampage Sonic Ice Series Blaster
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Thinking Solider’s: Another member of the Nerf N-Strike Elite club, the Rampage is sure to become a favorite.

Smart and versatile, this Nerf assault rifle’s handle primer is easy to prepare for combat. Don’t be misled by the large drum; its slim frame and quick reload time offers easy movement and accurate single-shots. Load up on elite darts and outperform any automatic ammo waster on the field.

13. Nerf Rival Atlas XVI-1200 Blaster

Nerf Rival | Atlas XVI-1200 Blaster
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Powerless: The Atlas uses pump-action to shoot, but it still provides the same 70 mph foam attack power that makes Nerf Rival guns the weapon of choice for serious firefights.

Lighter than its similarly-equipped, mechanized brothers, the Atlas is good for recon. If that’s not for you, the twenty-four-round capacity is also ideal for everyday Nerf shootouts.

14. Swarmfire

Automatic Nerf Gun | Swarmfire
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Overwhelming Odds: If you don’t mind the weight of six C batteries, the Swarmfire is fun to strap on as an oversized sidearm.

Extend the stock, and you’ll get a whole array of steady shots to put your adversary in their place. Did we mention it’s a fully automatic Nerf gun too? 

15. Nerf Elite Stratobow

Nerf Elite | Stratobow
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Hand-Speed: The Stratobow is what every lad or lady wants when they ache for the elegance of a bow, but demand the capacity of a rifle.

Clip-fed, you can whip out elite darts as quickly as you can pull the string and reload on the exhale. One of our favorites from the Nerf Elite line, you’ll stay nibble while keeping a safe, 85-foot distance from the enemy.

16. N-Strike Elite Strongarm Firestrike Blasters

Small Nerf Guns | N-Strike Elite Strongarm Firestrike Blasters
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Side Piece: These Nerf N-Strike Elite dual pistols can’t be beaten as a sidearm arrangement. The Strongarm has Slam-Firing capability to throw down fast, while the smaller Firestrike easily tucks into the waistband for whenever you’re face-to-face with the enemy.

17. Rival Nemesis MCVII-10k Electric Nerf Gun

Electric Nerf Gun | Rival Nemesis MCVII -10k
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Fully Motorized Blaster: Forget pump-action and disc-shooters. If you’re looking for the best Nerf guns, then the Rival Nemesis is a cracking choice.

This electric Nerf gun offers a 100-ball capacity, perfect for suppression fire. Revive the classic Reds vs. Blues rivalry and mount an over-the-top charge, backed by intense precision and (figuratively) deadly Nerf Rival rounds. 

18. HyperFire Blaster

N-Strike Elite Nerf Gun | HyperFire Blaster
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Seconds Count: To top off our favorites from the Nerf N-Strike Elite line, we give you the Nerf HyperFire. Spray and pray is the strategy here. The quicker you can put your hand to the blaster, the faster HyperFire chews through its 25-round drum.

Though a bit unwieldy, this Nerf gun is well-balanced for a heavy weapon, offering more accuracy than you’d expect. Plus, you can’t go wrong with its 90-foot firing range.

19. Alien Menace Ravager

Cool Nerf Guns | Alien Menace Ravager
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Invading Force: We’ll admit, the Ravager isn’t the finest weapon when it comes to firing (due to its large head), but for style and intimidation, it’s a 5 by 5.

It also doesn’t hurt that this cool Nerf gun is inspired by the Halo Needler. So, if you’re a gamer at heart and need a touch of nostalgia, then the Ravager is for you.

20. Doomlands Double-Dealer Shotgun

Nerf Shotgun | Doomlands Double-Dealer
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Cross Your Heart: A Nerf shotgun with the soul of a crossbow, the Double-Dealer is a pump-action feast of carnage.

Dual 12-round magazines mounted on the sides keep you stocked with ammo and make reloading a breeze. Meanwhile, the lack of batteries won’t weigh you down if you decide to make this blaster your signature weapon in the office.

FAQ: Nerf Guns

If you’re having trouble picking the best Nerf guns for your needs, then check out this quick FAQ we’ve put together.

Why Would I Need a Nerf Gun?

Nerf guns have been on the market for over thirty years. They’ve provided fun and mayhem for kids, teens, adults, and bored office workers ever since.

If you have school-aged children or are a big kid at heart, then investing in a Nerf blaster or two could be the start of a wonderful hobby.

What Type of Nerf Gun Do I Need?

As we’ve detailed in this article, there are many different options to choose from.

If you’re just playing around with your kids or buddies in the backyard, then a smaller Nerf gun would probably be ideal.

However, if you want to take things more seriously, then consider an automatic blaster from the Nerf Rival or Nerf Elite series. You might also check out the Nerf Ultra line, such as the Nerf Ultra Pharaoh Blaster or Nerf Ultra One Motorized Blaster (not listed here.)

At the end of the day, it’s all about having fun. Whichever Nerf gun you choose is guaranteed to provide plenty so don’t overthink your selection.

Do I Need to Spend a Fortune for the Best Nerf Guns?

Some Nerf guns have a higher price tag than others. Unless you’re taking your Nerf game to the extreme (which we doubt), you do not need to worry about remortgaging your house or living out of your vehicle to fund your playtime.

Nerf offers an extensive line of items to suit all budgets. Furthermore, pump-action toys tend to be cheaper than motorized Nerf guns. If price is a concern, we recommend starting there.

Will My Nerf Blasters Need Batteries?

That depends on the product you buy. Some of the newer Nerf guns are fully motorized and therefore require batteries.

If replacing batteries doesn’t appeal to you, there are plenty of other Nerf items that offer unmotorized chaos. In which case, we recommend a classic pump-action Nerf gun or a bow.

Should I Wear Protective Clothing?

Protective clothing isn’t essential, but it’s always a good idea to play safely with Nerf blasters of any variety. Nerf darts are made of foam, but they are projectiles.

Consider investing in a pair of safety goggles for you and your co-workers. Nerf also offers tactical vests, face masks, dart holders, and other accessories so your kids may play safely as well.

Best Nerf Guns: Conclusion

As you can see, you’re not the only one who takes foam firepower seriously. We’ve covered a range of Nerf guns to satisfy both casual combatants and veteran office assault troops.
Whether you’re in the market for a compact Nerf pistol or a high-powered Nerf Rival blaster, the perfect foam-firing weapon is out there for you.

Although we’ve by no means covered every Nerf gun available, you should have a pretty good idea of what’s for sale these days.

Got any harrowing tales of Nerf gun combat? What were your favorite old Nerf guns growing up? Have you ever shelled out the big bucks for one of the big boys? Drop us a line in the comments below—we’d love to hear from you!

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