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20 Best Nerf Guns to Arm Yourself for Cubicle Combat

The D.O.D. reports that cubicle insurgency is on the rise. It is estimated that by 2021, everyone in your office will have at least 4 Nerf weapons on hand, with inter-departmental drop points where further armaments can be attained by various factions on maneuvers.

Satellite footage shows that the Accounts Receivable platoon has already stockpiled a cache of foam munitions, and whispers in the war room say that they’re planning a coup against HR, though that’s nothing new.

Best Nerf Guns For Fun and Combat

If you want to make it in this rat-race, then gunslinger, you’d better lock and load with at least one of the 20 most awesome Nerf guns around.

1. Stampede ECS-50

Stampede ECS 50 nerf guns 960x640 20 Best Nerf Guns to Arm Yourself for Cubicle Combat

Rapid Response: Fully automatic, the ECS-50 will crank out three rounds per second, without requiring that you load up and cock the gun. Slap in a magazine, and let it chatter away. 18-round banana clips provide as much ammo as you care to carry.

Purchase: $275

2. Zombie Strike Doominator Blaster

Zombie Strike Doominator Blaster nerf gun 960x583 20 Best Nerf Guns to Arm Yourself for Cubicle Combat

Cock ‘n’ Rock: Maybe one of the most fun Nerf guns on this list, the Doominator has a front handle that can be mounted straight down or on either side, which rotates in a new ammo drum when you’ve burned through one, or adds a pump-action element for Slam-Firing.

Purchase: $75

3. N-Strike Elite RapidStrike CS-18

via spicyfireballs.wordpress.com

No Waiting: 4 darts a second make this even faster than the Stampede listed above, though you’ll encounter a few jamming issues as a trade-off for dealing damage with such speed. Clip-like loading and a tight shoulder stock offer up accuracy and ease in a tight little body.

Purchase: $75

4. Vortex Praxis

via street-tag.blogspot.com

Quick Change: Rather than using foam darts, the Praxis loads up with green discs that enhance accuracy and carrying capacity. You can swap it from two-handed to one-handed blasting by extending or dropping the stock, depending on your style and the combat situation you find yourself in.

Purchase: $60

5. Elite Triad EX-3

via nexus-nerf.blogspot.com

Against the Wall: There’s a couple of Nerf weapons smaller than the Triad, but each one carries a single shot; not ideal in a no-win scenario. Keeping three darts on a rotation, with the Triad, you don’t need to adhere to the “One Shot = One Kill” rule.

Purchase: $18

6. Elite Mega Thunderbow Blaster

via youtube.com

Robin Hood: Though it isn’t as big or as sleek as some of the newer Nerf bows you’ll find on the archery range, the Thunderbow combines range, accuracy, and portability in a way that would make Daryl Dixon think about ditching the cross for a longbow.

Purchase: Collectible on Amazon

7. Rival Khaos MXVI-4000 Blaster

via youtube.com

Death Dealer: The Rival line of Nerf is intended for older kids, which is why it’s ok that it pops out 40 balls in 11 seconds at 70 mph each. A motorized flywheel gives the Khaos it’s edge, and will turn the toter into a one-person army.

Purchase: Get on Amazon

8. Mega Mastodon Blaster

via coolthings.com
via coolthings.com

Heavy Artillery: 6 D batteries give this a lot of heft, and nearly four feet in size give it a lot of girth; hence the shoulder strap for toting it to the battlefield. Similar to the Khaos, but not quite as heavy duty, you’ll get the standard softer Nerf darts, but a similar deadly flywheel action and automatic fire.

Purchase: Get on Amazon

9. Elite Pocketstrike

via toyland.gizmodo.com

Last Resort: Here’s the tiniest addition to the Nerf line. Incredibly slim, yet surprisingly powerful, you can keep this on hand like a Derringer for supreme concealment that offers a nasty surprise.

Purchase: Get on Amazon

10. N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire Blaster

via ebay.com

Fixed Position: Carrying around the Rhino-Fire with it’s dual 25-round drums will make you a walking target, but mount it by your basecamp and you’ll have a nasty turret that feels like a foamy 50-cal mounted in the back of survival truck.

Purchase: $80

11. Unity Power System

via youtube.com

All Inclusive: Part rapid-fire, close-quarters pistol; part precision mid-range field fighter, the missile launcher is merely the super-destructive cherry on top of this deadly sundae. It takes a little practice, but experts with the Unity are forces to be reckoned with.

Purchase: $120

12. NStrike Elite Rampage Sonic Ice Series Blaster

via urbantaggers.blogspot.com

Thinking Solider’s: A primer on the handle lets you prepare the Rampage for combat with ease, and the slim frame allows for easy movement, even when you add in the 35-round drum on the side. A single-shot weapon, smart Nerf veterans can make this far more dangerous than any automatic ammo-waster out there.

Purchase: $54

13. Rival Atlas XVI-1200 Blaster

via coolthings.com

Powerless: The Atlas uses a pump action to shoot, but it still provides the same 70 mph foam attack power that made Rival the weapon of choice for serious firefights. Lighter than its similarly-equipped, mechanized brothers, the Atlas is good for recon, but a capacity of 24 rounds makes it a solid go-to in a straight shootout.

Purchase: Get on Amazon

14. Swarmfire

via fobbymodworks.blogspot.com

Overwhelming Odds: The Swarmfire is fun to strap on as an oversized sidearm, if you don’t mind the 6 C batteries. Extend the stock, and you’ll get a whole array of steady shots to put your adversary in their place with a quickness.

Purchase: Collectible on Amazon

15. Elite Stratobow

via coolthings.com

Hand-Speed: The Stratobow is what every lady or lad wants when they ache for the elegance of a bow, but demand the capacity of a rifle. Clip-fed, you can whip out darts as quickly as you can pull the string and reload on the exhale.

Purchase: Get on Amazon

16. N-Strike Elite Strongarm Firestrike Blasters

via street-tag.blogspot.com

Side Piece: This is a dual pistol set that can’t be beaten for use as a sidearm arrangement. The Strongarm has Slam-Firing capability to throwing down fast, while the smaller Firestrike easily tucks into a waistband for adding the finishing touch to an opponent.

Purchase: $70

17. Zombie Strike Brainsaw

via coolthings.com

Close Cropped: 8 darts fired with the pump action mechanism allow you to hit targets as they move into range – though exact aiming is impossible – but the obvious story here is handling anyone or anything that’s trying to give your brains a nibble.

Purchase: Get on Amazon

18. N-Strike Elite Hyper-Fire Blaster

via nerfhaven.com

Seconds Count: Spray and pray is the strategy here. The quickest Nerf blaster you can put your hand to, the Hyper-Fire chews through its 25 round drum in a flat 5-seconds. Though a bit unwieldy, for a mass-shooter it’s balanced well, offering more accuracy than you’d expect.

Purchase: $110

19. Alien Menace Ravager


via https://i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/igu1mxuegvipsby82eg5.jpg

Invading Force: We’ll admit, the Ravager isn’t the finest weapon when it comes to firing, since the large head is the opposite of streamlined, and the 8-round capacity doesn’t impress much, but for style and intimidation, it’s 5 by 5. It doesn’t hurt that it’s inspired by the Halo Needler.

Purchase: Get on Amazon

20. Doomlands Double-Dealer

via coolthings.com

Cross Your Heart: Either a crossbow with the soul of a rifle, or the other way ‘round, the Double-Dealer is a pump-action feast of carnage. Dual 12-round magazines mounted on the sides keep you stocked with ammo and make reloading a breeze, while the lack of batteries to weigh you down is manna from heaven.

Purchase: $230

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