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ThreadSpot Month in Mens Gear 01/11

Spanish model Sheila Marquez graces the catalog of Blanco Jeans 2011, straddling a candy apple red Ford Mustang.

Ya know, we humans pick a rotten month to kick off the new year.  Since we’re going to celebrate 11 days after the solstice anyway, why don’t we just go ahead and choose a month we can all see as pleasant?  No matter your hemisphere, this “new year” started with a lot of refreshment in the world of mens gear.  Below are ten items which had us excited over at ThreadSpot this month.  Head over there to see the full coverage, or scope our highlights below.  And ladies, don’t fret– our better halves will begin sharing a woman’s perspective on the month soon enough.

Phantaci New Balance x Green Hornet

New Balance and Phantaci got dirty with the Green Hornet film release this month with a pair of surprisingly fresh Green Hornet sneakers.  Seth Rogen not included.

Ca Cest Gang Tees

Voulez-vous coucher avec moi t-shirt?  These french tees from Ca Cest Gang Tees are dope across borders.

Uniforms for the Dedicated Collection

Nope, you’re not looking at a video still from a Grizzly Bear music video, you’re looking at the rather insane look book from the Uniforms for the Dedicated Collection.

Alexander Olch How to Tie a Tie

If you don’t know how to tie a tie (and if you do, pretend you don’t), this video by Alexander Olch on How to Tie a Tie is worth watching before every formal affair.  Trust us.

Ozkar Gorgias Life of Graffiti

For 12-years, photographer and graffiti artist Ozkar Gorgias has been painting walls both legal and underground.  These shoes tell his 12-year story, having carried him throughout that journey.

Oliver Peoples 2011 Spring Summer Collection

Put down the book, hot Liz Lemon, and give us a look at those specs.  Hot Liz Lemon delivers the Oliver Peoples 2011 Spring Summer Collection on ThreadSpot.

Dont Tell My Tailor T-Shirts

There are typographic tees, and then there are the shirts by Dont Tell My Tailor T-Shirts.  Hand-written fonts and quirky expressions make these tees as fresh as they come.

Incase Ari Marcopoulos Camera Bag

Just about everybody and their big sister has a DSLR nowadays, but few carry it properly.  The Incase Ari Marcopoulos Camera Bag is the right start.

Irina Shayk for Ory Swimwear

Step One: launch womens swimwear line.  Step Two: hire Irina Shayk to model it.  Step Three: Profit.  The venerable Irina Sheik/Shayk returns to model Ory Swimwear.