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    Topographic Projections by Jim Sanborn
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Topographic Projections by Jim Sanborn

3D projection mapping has been one of the fastest growing art frontiers of this young decade.  While projection art is new to many, its history dates back even to mid-1990s with the photographic work of Jim Sanborn.  Sanborn’s series titled “Topographic Projections and Implied Geometries” imposes geometric forms on large geographic landscapes.  The artist traveled across the American Southwest and the coastline of Ireland to find the right natural backdrop upon which to project the perfect pattern.

Sanborn traveled with a generator, a large format projector and camera equipment to create this series.  The generator and projector would provide a steady light source upon the subject while a camera would capture a long exposure of the scene.  The result is a collection of eight magnificent photographs of natural and mathematic art.  Today’s projection mapping artists could find a lot of inspiration in these early, still images.  Most projection mapping is performed in cities on architecture, and this throwback to nature’s architecture is inspiring indeed.  [via designboom]

Topographic Projections by Jim Sanborn Gallery