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    The 10 Best Unisex Slippers for Cozy Feet
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The 10 Best Unisex Slippers for Cozy Feet

A pair of cozy unisex slippers is a must-have for your foot care especially if you spend most of your time indoors. A fluffy warm pair will do you good for the cold seasons, while slippers with a more open-design upper will keep your feet well aerated during summer weather.

But we get it, finding the ideal slippers can be a headache. With so many designs to pick from, so many brands cropping up, and such varied prices, where do you even begin? The answer is right here. In this article, we’re going to list the best hand-picked unisex slippers you can buy today.

Unisex slippers for men and women

Let’s get right into it.

Top 10 Best Unisex Slippers

Your slippers should be easy on your feet, provide comfort as well as support. Below are some of the unisex slippers your feet will fall in love with.

1. Glerups BR Slippers unisex model

Glerups BR Slippers unisex model

Made in Denmark, Glerups Slippers are a joy to wear. The uppers are made of a combination of felted Merino Sheep wool and Gotland Swedish wool. This combination provides superior warmth retention in winter and ensures the slippers remain breathable. In summer, they keep your feet cool. What’s more, your feet will remain dry due to the moisture absorption quality of the wool.

The natural rubber sole makes these unisex slippers flexible and their anti-skid feature is a much-appreciated quality. Though they are shoes you’ll typically wear indoors, they’ll definitely survive trips to the back yard. Just be sure to let the wool air out if it gets wet from dew or rain.

Another advantage is the range of colors available meaning everyone can get their preferred hue. From blue denim to black denim, grey to black, forest to cranberry, the options are numerous. No wonder the Glerups Unisex Slippers is considered one of the best unisex slippers!

Lastly, caring for your Glerups Slippers is a breeze since they are machine-washable.

2. GettyGears Unisex Cross Slippers

GettyGears Unisex Cross Slippers

For that laid-back look, it is hard to beat the GettyGears Unisex Cross Slippers. The crossed band upper is a woven blend of linen and flax for a comfy, breathable, and cool feel. The fabric on the insole is sweat absorbing, allowing the soles of your feet to cool down when it is too hot. This also makes the slippers great for people with sweaty feet.

These slippers have a synthetic sole with an ergonomic design. The sunken footbed provides stability and support for your foot and allows the distribution of your weight evenly for extra comfort. The sole also features an anti-skid bottom. 

Whether you want to take a walk on the beach, take a relaxing break while in the office, or just chill at home, eco-friendly GettyGears slippers will keep your feet happy. Since these slippers do not use animal products, they will appeal to vegans. Their price is also quite pocket-friendly.

As a house slipper, these slippers are not recommended for outdoor use when it is cold. However, in summer, they will pair well with your casual wear and add a touch of color.

3. Ultraideas Memory Foam Slippers

Ultraideas Memory Foam Unisex Slippers

For the Ultraideas Cozy Memory Foam Slippers, comfort comes in three layers of memory foam. There is the insole, the memory support layer, and the anti-shock EVA. These create a bouncy feel when you walk in them, and reduce fatigue when walking and standing.

Pliable rubber soles ensure that your slippers do not lose their grip on slippery floors. In addition, they cushion the foot when you are walking on uneven surfaces. The Ultraideas Cozy Memory Foam Slippers incorporate synthetic coral fleece, which gives the interior a velvety feel. The lining of the slipper is even more fluffy, and nice and toasty at night.

If you are comfortable with a chunky design, then this Ultraideas slipper will serve you well. For starters, the large and rounded upper ensures that your toes have plenty of wiggle-room. The back is open which makes it easy to slip them on and off.

Since these Ultraideas slippers come in several colors, it is easy to find a pair that will sync with your favorite pair of pajamas or evening wear. 

4. Giesswein Unisex Veitsch Lodge Slippers

Giesswein Unisex Veitsch Lodge Slippers

The name of this Austrian-made slipper can be quite a mouthful for an English speaker. However, this should not discourage you from trying them out. The company has had over 50 years to perfect its craft.

A major selling point of the Giesswein slippers is their versatility. With their thick crepe sole, the slippers can be used both indoors or outdoors. So, a stroll on your lawn after relaxing on your couch will not require a change of footwear.

Made of 100% fabric uppers, Giesswein slippers look and feel comfortable. The boiled wool has the smoothness of felt and the breathability of natural fiber. Even during the cold season, they ensure your feet remain cozy. And in warm weather, the wool wicks away sweat and moisture, thus maintaining a cooling effect.

Since some versions have a cork footbed and others a leather one, you should ascertain which type you prefer. This difference results in a slight price difference. The arch is high which some people find uncomfortable. To its many fans, however, it is among the best unisex slippers that money can buy.

5. UGG Tasman Unisex Slipper Chestnut

UGG Tasman Unisex Slipper Chestnut

UGG’s Tasman Slipper‘s braided embroidery contrasts well with the suede and will look fabulous with chinos or jeans. This texture contrasts with but complements the smooth suede upper. The Tasman b An embossed logo of the UGG brand completes the slipper’s stylish look.

These slippers have an ergonomic slip-on silhouette. The rugged sole means you can wear it outdoors for a laid-back casual look. This, however, does not mean it is unsuitable for indoor use–as it is a plenty comfortable pair of unisex slippers for all-day wear.

In cold weather, the UGG slipper covers your toes in warm fluff courtesy of its sheepskin lining. The plush traps warm air while wicking away moisture, and feature a foam footbed that absorbs the impact of walking. Added comfort comes from the Treadlite™ outsole.

A word of caution: it’s advisable to go for a slipper that is one size bigger especially if you have wide feet. The extra room is adequately taken up by the fluff. Furthermore, the slipper is likely to shrink a bit with its first washing. In addition, if you need to wear socks, the extra room will protect your toes from getting squeezed.

Lastly, die-hard fans know UGG slippers provide good value for money because of their longevity. They rank it among the best unisex slippers and we agree.

6. Haflinger Adult Classic Hardsole Slippers

Haflinger Adult Classic Hardsole Slippers

Haflinger’s Classic Hardsole Slippers have a German origin and the company that manufactures them has more than five decades of experience. When you have been around for this long, you are bound to get some things right. 

Boiled wool makes the slipper cozier than one made from regular wool, and the inside features felt lining for enhanced comfort. At this level of warmth and comfort, indoor use is definitely and liberally recommended!

A cork and latex footbed provides pressure relief from the wearer’s weight. The two materials support the arch and also mold themselves to match the contours of the wearer’s foot.

If there’s one gotcha with the Haflingers, its the raised seam along the upper. To some people, it is a source of irritation and itchiness, to others, it is a line of weakness that breaks following prolonged use of the slipper. The best way to cope with the irritation is to wear these slippers with a pair of socks.

Furthermore, taking care of your Haflinger Adult Classic Hardsole Slipper is easy. They are machine washable but at low temperatures and with a mild soap. (A higher temperature could destroy the soles.) The first wash also shrinks the fibers a bit which makes the slipper cozier. Any slipper that gets better once you wash it deserves to be on the best unisex slippers list.

7. Parachute Classic Slippers

Parachute Classic

The Parachute Classic slippers come from a Turkish manufacturer who knows how to make luxuriant self-care wear. These unisex slippers are made to match the company’s equally plush bathrobes in both texture and color.

Inspired by spa slippers, they have a closed toe but an open slip-on heel and rank highly in comfort. Made of 100% cotton, Parachute slippers pass the breathability test with flying colors. And, their Terry fabric ensures that your feet keep warm without being sweaty.

The ribbed rubber sole provides a good grip on slippery ground or floors–a good bet for steamy bathrooms after a hot shower! However, since the sole is also covered in fabric, the farthest you should wear these slippers outdoors, is your patio.

Parachute classic slippers are easy to clean. Simply pop them into your washing machine in a low-temperature setting. Use a mild detergent that doesn’t damage cotton. You can dry them in the sun provided it is not too hot or use a dryer.

8. Acorn Unisex Slipper Sock

Acorn Sock

The Acorn Slipper Socks have a special appeal, in that they combine aspect of boots, socks, and slippers.

They bear a suede sole and leather sidewall for a stylish look. For safety, the sole is non-slip to safeguard against falls. The Cloud Action™ footbed uses memory foam that conforms to the contours of your feet. This guarantees superior comfort and support for your arches.

The sock component of these slippers should keep your legs toasty during cold weather. Acorn uses boiled ragg wool which has a felt feel and an attractive flecked look. This is one reason why the Acorn socks are considered some of the best unisex slippers.

Whether you are out camping or keeping indoors because of the cold, the Acorn slipper sock is your best bet for warmth. Did you know NASA astronauts also wear Acorn Slippers? Serious, google Sally Ride in 1982! This should tell you something about their pedigree.

9. Mahabis Classic Slippers

Mahabis Classic

Mahabis Classic Slippers have the sole of sneakers with the uppers of comfy slippers. They are equally at home indoors and out. Another duality is their sleek outline is not only stylish but also modern.

The uppers consist of woven wool that is soft to touch, and makes the slipper breathable. To prevent scratching, the edges of the uppers are covered in soft sheepskin. Moreover, there are several colors you can choose from.

The Mahabis Classic Slippers have a PU foam footbed. The outcome is a slipper that conforms to your weight and the contours of your foot for stability. Your slipper, therefore, feels like personalized comfort.

In addition, the sole is a versatile hybrid. The slipper is great indoors but will take the punishment of the outdoors with ease. So, you don’t need to change your footwear when you go for errands.

10. KUBUA Men’s and Women’s Slippers

KUBUA Men’s and Women’s

These modern shoes from KUBUA are a blend of slippers, moccasins, and sneakers. This combination makes the shoe highly versatile. To turn them into a slipper, you just fold down the back panel at the heel and slip them on.

Because the shoe is designed with a lot of outdoor use in mind, it is fairly rugged. Leather at the toe gives the shoe structure while protecting the wearer’s toes. The upper has a polyester puffy exterior that is water-resistant. This means you can wear the KUBUA when there is a drizzle and it will still be none the worse for wear.

The interior lining is soft and warm; microfiber provides this comfort. While the sole is made from rubber, memory foam in the midsole provides cushioning to your feet. The rubber sole has anti-skid features to ensure you do not lose traction on slippery ground.

Whether you are on a hike, camping in the woods, on a road trip, or mountaineering, carrying a pair of these slippers is a good idea. A downside of this slipper is that it can get sweaty in warm weather as it lacks somewhat in breathability. In cold weather, it easily ranks among the best unisex slippers.

Unisex Slippers Buyers Guide

There are important considerations when shopping for your best unisex slippers:

The Material Used on the Upper

The material used to make the uppers is an important factor to note. Natural material in slipper uppers includes animal products such as wool, leather, and suede. These are good at keeping the foot warm and breathing. However, these materials may get damaged by too much water. Cleaning them might be difficult if they are not machine washable. The exception to this rule is cotton which is washable and has good moisture-wicking capabilities.

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Synthetic fibers such as polyester can retain warmth and are soft. Their major weakness is that some of them retain moisture which can lead to sweaty and smelly feet.

The Material Used on the Sole

It is the sole that comes into contact with the ground and also protects your feet. The materials most soles are made of include foam, rubber, and leather. Memory foam is a material that conforms to the contours of your feet resulting in a comfy feeling.

Discomfort mostly results from poor structure e.g lacking support for arches and heels. Hard, non-flexible material used in the sole can also result in an uncomfortable pair of slippers.


How long your slipper lasts will determine how much you are willing to spend on it. A well-stitched slipper made with high-quality materials should give you several years of service. It should also retain its comfort levels after a long time of use.


Slippers are as varied as their users. If you are going to use your slippers for long periods or you spend a lot of time on your feet, you need to consider slippers that will give your feet the support or comfort they require.

Style and Design

While this is mostly an aesthetic factor, the design of the unisex slippers you choose can also determine how comfortable and functional the shoe is. For example, a slip-on design is ideal for indoor slippers since they are easy to put on and remove.

Slippers with a closed upper are ideal for use in cold weather places to ensure your feet remain warm and cozy.

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Wrapping It Up

Buying a slipper is an investment that can bring you years of comfort and joy. However, this is only true if you buy the best in the market. Making a wrong choice, on the other hand, can cause you pain and even foot health issues. Hopefully, this review of the best unisex slippers has armed you with the information to make the right decision the next time you go shopping for slippers.

Do you have any favorite unisex slippers we didn’t include in our list? Tell us about them in the comment section below.