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    Vintage Beauty: Brigitte Bardot
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Vintage Beauty: Brigitte Bardot


At TheCoolist, we try to stay up on all trends, be them design-centric, auto-focused, architecturally-oriented or otherwise.  When it comes to our coverage of the world of beauty, we like to look back as much as we look forward.  To start off our vintage beauty segment, we look to none other than actress, model, singer and animal rights activist Brigitte Bardot.  She was a truly complete woman, one who could match wits with politicians, musicians, artists and otherwise, all the while maintaining her focus on enriching the quality of life for the animal world that cannot defend itself.  While she has taken some rightfully-earned criticism for a lack of cultural sensibility, her status as an icon in the world of art and beauty is unquestionable.  [thanks to some inspiration from a post by cyanatrendland]



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