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    Wanderlust Hotel of Singapore
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Wanderlust Hotel of Singapore

DesignHotels have opened a delicious new dreamscape for the Singapore-bound traveler– the Wanderlust Hotel.  Wanderlust is a boutique hotel like no other, a design where no two rooms are alike, each envisioned with a childlike imagination.  One room features a rocket ship, another an overgrown typewriter, another features furniture that appears to be drawn on the wall by hand.  The kid in you will feel very much at home at Wanderlust, and the adult in you will have a hard time prying yourself away.

Beyond the rooms themselves, the Wanderlust Hotel features a wide-open bar and lounge with as much wonder as the rooms themselves.  When hunger strikes, pull up a tin chair at a table at Cocotte, Wanderlust’s pretense-free restaurant with fine French cuisine.  At Wanderlust, the goal is care-free lounging in one of Asia’s cultural gems, a hotel that is a destination in itself for the design-minded traveler.  Rooms start at $135 USD, an easy-going price for an easy-going hotel.

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