By M. W. Byrne

13 Beautiful Indoor Plants That Also Filter The Air

Here’s the 13 most stylish, safe, smashing indoor plants for any home.

English Ivy

NASA uses plants as air filters. Their favorite plant for this job is English Ivy due not only to the efficiency with which it scrubs the carbon out of the sky, but also because it grows quickly, is easy to transfer, needs little attention to stay alive, and looks good with starburst leaves that are fetching, but not overbearing.



Aloe plants are beyond non-toxic and are fully medicinal with an interior gel that can be used to salve burns and treat injured skin.



A small indoor tree with playful leaves that shine, the Ficus is beloved in part because it looks like a fake plant, offering a level of polish that adds professionalism to an office, adds gravitas to a home, or brightens up a dreary apartment.


Peace Lily

Able to survive in shade and one of the finest filtration plants around, the Peace Lily adds pure beauty to your home with the white accent flowers which unfurl elegantly for a look that’s at home in a rustic cabin, a high rise, a skyscraper, or your undersea bungalow.


Rubber Tree

So easy to grow you may have already had one spring up in your house. A tremendous air purifier that seems able to survive with limited water, sunlight, and can even survive temperature extremes.


Ponytail Palm

Technically part of the agave family, this isn’t intended to grow to full tree height, so don’t sweat the transplanting.