By M. W. Byrne

15 Beautiful Wire Sculptures That Redefine the Art of Twisting

To celebrate this ancient craft and the stunning pieces it creates, we found 15 of the most beautiful and intricate wire sculptures of today.

‘Wishes Fairy’ by Robin Wight

Inspired by a real-life encounter, this fantasy creator from Staffordshire, England has many fairy-based and mystical pieces.


‘Mona Lisa’ by Seung Mo Park

Able to capture the enigmatic smile as well as the chiaroscuro of Da Vinci’s masterpiece, no one can accuse this of being derivative.


‘Scorpion’ by Juan Ortiz

What the insects of Juan Ortiz do that is so striking, and captured so aptly in this piece, is to create a sense of menace that these deadly creatures carry.


‘The Kiss’ by Sophie Ryder

Made to appear solid, alterations in light and dark will change the feeling of this piece from utterly ethereal to shockingly real. 


‘Reclining nude’ by Richard Stainthorp

The featureless face but incredible recreation of the body’s form is at once horrifying and arousing, with depth of purpose that requires reflection on the nature of human and machine when so intertwined.


‘Blue CJ750’ by Shi Jindian

It can be difficult to believe that this is not a virtual recreation, but the years of effort that went into painstakingly constructing the CJ750 in this way is something no machine could have done.


‘Scribble Sculptures’ by David Oliveira

What could easily be irritated scratches on a page lend suffering to works when rendered in wire in three full dimensions.