By The Coolist

Glove Box Hero: 18 Best Car Gifts for Men

Since many guys love their cars, and the ones who do really do, it’s important you pick the right present to fit in. To help you pick, we’ve found the 18 most amazing car gifts for men.

Okra Universal Headrest Grip Mount

Peanut Gallery: A restless backseat passenger can ruin an otherwise lovely road trip. To help keep unruly kids or any backseat driver quiet and entertained, give them a tablet with this simple grip mount.


Drive Car Garbage Can

Junker: Don’t let anyone drive around with a plastic bag stuck on their shifter like a bumpkin.


Scosche USB Car Charger

Speedy Delivery: When it comes right down to it, car chargers are all basically the same. What makes the Scosche different is the speed it throws down when pumping out the volts.


Contigo Autoseal West Loop

Built for Bumblers: Any man who can’t seem to keep his favorite hot beverage out of his lap needs the Autoseal for commuting with coffee, minus the 3rd degree burns.


AutoExec Wheelmate

Workaholic: For the captain of industry who can’t seem to drop his job, and needs a mobile workstation to keep his clients happy, this handy steering wheel desk will give him an easy place to put his laptop.


BESTEK 200W Car Cup Power Inverter

Power Play: A USB charger will keep your portable gear prepped for action, but for bigger items that call for more wattage, you need a real outlet.


iClever Himbox HB01

Fingerless: Making the jump to Bluetooth didn’t used to be easy, but the Himbox allows almost any car to have total hands-free operation.