by Alexandru Ion March 21, 2023

Art of the Masses

Most Striking 3D Sidewalk Art Ever Made

Tracy Lee Stum


Not only is Tracy one of the few female artists to choose this medium, she’s also the only one to begin making 4D augmented reality paintings that add new depth and challenge to our perception.

Eduardo Rolero


Enigmatic and prolific, Rolero is largely considered the Salvador Dali of the 3D sidewalk art world. His pieces range from outright hysterical, to darkly satirical, to utterly macabre. 

Kurt Wenner


Kurt uses a lot of classical styles, borrowing heavily from every era and spanning multiple genres, with inspiration both contemporary and traditional.

Edgar Müller


Müller comes from the bucolic town of Straelen where he began capturing the pastoral wonder around him in art. At 16, he found a calling for street art and has been making it ever since.

Joe Hill


Poppy, modern, and fun, Joe Hill’s portfolio is rife with engaging pieces that have an almost cartoon quality to them, like a child begging you to play.

Nikolaj Arndt


Born in the hinterlands of Russia and educated at the Pedagogic Artist College, Arndt has a clear love of the natural world which he brings to each piece placed, ironically, within the most urban of atmospheres.

Julian Beever


A former busker who learned to ply his trade on the mean streets of the UK, Beever is a self-taught master of the medium with a  sense of whimsy and self-awareness.

‘Chalk God’ Mr. Hou


China is not often kind to artists who go outside of the state-approved lines, but Mr. Hou, the rebellious figure known as the “Chalk God” has managed to still capture the attention of the world.

Leon Keer


Warhol has nothing on the pop artist Leon Keer, who borrows from every piece of contemporary culture to devise relevant and striking artwork that refuses to be ignored.

Manfred Stader


Trained at the prestigious Städelschule school in Frankfurt, Stader could spend his days making glorious masterpieces, but instead he chooses to make oddly realistic masterpieces that have a frolicsome sensibility.