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    Zendome: a Modern Outdoor Habitat
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Zendome: a Modern Outdoor Habitat


If you like the idea of having your own little escape without having to leave your property, Zendome should certainly be on your radar.  That “second space” can add quite a bit to your lifestyle, be it for an outdoor den, a guest house or a point of focus for your back yard patio.  The Zendome is the next milestone in the evolution of the traditional yurt, this one with a focus on modern design sensibility.

The Zendome is shipped with 161 powder-coated steel poles, hexagonal joint pieces and an all-weather Ferrari-material membrane.  You can place this unit wherever you desire a second space, be it on a natural setting on acres of open property, on a raft like the image below, in your back yard garden area, even as an office in a high-ceiling warehouse.

We spend our work days in a home office, and the urge to get away is a common emotion.  To have a second space would be a new room for creativity, a place to separate our job from our home and to work at a relaxing pace on these breezy autumn days.  The price is a bit steep for something that appears to be so simple, $18,500 for the Zendome.20 Home Edition shown above, with 20 square meters of space.

Zendome Gallery