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2015 Mini Hardtop 4 Door Packs a Spacious Punch

The Mini has always been small in name but big in spirit, and the latest Mini is no exception.  The new 2015 Mini Hardtop 4 Door is designed to continue Mini’s reign as the king of compacts, with a surprising bit of space and speed under the hardtop.  It is the second arrival from Mini’s 3rd generation, a car that does little to shake the successful formula that makes Mini so desirable to so many.

Mini Hardtop 4 Door

The 2015 Mini Hardtop 4 Door features the same styling and engineering features of its 2-door sister revealed earlier this year.  It adds 6.3-inches in length compared to the coupe, providing more legroom in the second row and storage room under the hatch.  Technically, that hatch makes this a 5-door Mini, and it happens to be referred to as the 2015 Mini 5 Door for the European market.  Potato/po-tah-to if you ask me, but the fact that this Mini has a hatch is pretty important to a city driver.

The fifth door in the back makes the 2015 Mini Hardtop 4 Door a spacious little devil that can do a bit of hauling when needed.  Sure, we’re not talking about a half-dozen 4×4 posts in the back, but it can carry a small load of furniture or hardware over shorter distances without much fuss.  That’s something that not every compact can provide, and an important distinction when considering that the 4-door Mini really does feature a nice swinging hatch in the back.


Like its 2-door sister, the 2015 Mini Hardtop 4 Door will arrive with two engine options to start.  There’s a turbocharged 1.5L three-cylinder engine that provides 134 hp, or a larger 2.0L four-cylinder with 189 hp, also turbocharged.  Those numbers may not leap off the page, but remember, that’s a lot of power-to-weight for such a compact vehicle.  Like its predecessors, the new 2015 Mini Hardtop 4 Door will be a speedy little devil.

The latest Mini will be arriving in January 2015 for a slight increase over its 4-door predecessor.  Yes, there will be convertible options and likely a few more iterations from Mini’s 3rd generation, but to date, the 2015 Mini Hardtop 4 Door is the most exciting Mini yet.

2015 Mini Hardtop 4 Door

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